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Two years later….

When Harry dropped Eggsy off that School, that morning he had no idea that the rest of his day would be hellish. He was called in for a meeting about the next mission and by the looks on Merlin’s face he knew he was going dislike what was going to be said. “Ah Galahad how is Eggsy this morning? Well I hope.” Arthur asked, that is when he knew this was not his day.

He didn’t like Arthur’s idea and as he spoke about what he wanted his son to do it sent warning bells off in his head. The Head of the table wanted his 16 year old son to go uncover as a 14 to 15 years to being out a wealthy drug dealer who was hiding behind his money. The man’s one particular weakness and that wass young slender boys and this had not only Harry yelling at Arthur but Merlin and the rest of the Kingsman’s agents. “You can’t be serious sure the boy has training but not like this he could get hurt?” One of the other agents said
“You know what that Man does to boys of Eggsy age this is no mission for a child.” Harry argued “Can’t we get him though one of his contacts?” He almost pleaded
“Galahad your son had been training with us since he was 12 years old. We have no other way to flush this man out.”
“Arthur! Please don’t do this? What if I can’t get to him in time before Bal hurt Eggsy?” Harr just about lost his cool, he couldn’t have his son hurt not by this monster
“Make sure he knows the risk.” Was all Arthur said, as he dismissed the table.

Harry looked up at Arthur feeling his hand ball into fists “If my son so much has a bruise Arthur I will have you wrote up, we have never had children do our child they are always over 18.” The dark haired man said as he stood up and walked out. He was feeling sick as he stood in the bathroom next to the kitchens at the Kingsman. The dark haired man was breathing too heavily and to quickly when Merlin finds him. “Tell me this is a nightmare or Arthur is going out of his mind?”
“I would love you Harry but it seems he has made his mind up. Eggsy is 16 now and I am sure he has… “
“I believe he has but this isn’t the point? Bal is known for hurting these boys he is known for likening them young. Younger than Eggsy. Hell Merlin he isn’t and agent this is just-just…” He couldn’t find the words
“Arthur won’t change his mind.” The bold man said quietly, Harry looked up though the mirror and watched the other man shifted as he held out his table and show it to Harry. The man pushed his glasses back up his nose and looked down to see his son getting off the small bullet train
“Son of a bitch.”

He found Eggsy taking up target practice trying out one of their new guns maybe not the best place in the world to have this kind of talk with him. “You need to lower your aim.” Harry told him as he smiled weakly at him
“Thank dad, so what’s up I was called out of School?” He asked putting the gun down. …Where to being?…Harry thought
“Arthur wants you to go on a mission.” The boy’s face lights up like when he got his first samurai sword. “However this mission needs you to be 15 years old and you may end up being…”
“Someone rent boy?” The boy asked
“Umm well yeah if you want to put it like that?” Harry mumbled as he looked at his son’s face “He likes to hurt them Eggsy and I know you are tried to kill a man with a toothpick but I rather not have you hurt.” Eggsy looked at him smiled weakly
“Is there a choice in there or had Arthur made his mind up?” the 16 year old asked, the older man let out a sigh “I see, well you need to tell everything about his man before we get there and I promises you if I am hurt I will give you a code word.” That made Harry raised his eyes to the boy who smiled
“Do I even want to know where your learn that?” He asked
“Best not to ask.” Eggsy smiled as he Harry handed him Merlin’s table.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Week later …
Scott was pissed, well his wolf was pissed off. He paced in front of Deaton his shifting not behaving like it should because the wolf is pissed off, he turned to the vet and looked at him his mouth filled with fangs “Why am I do angry about this! I didn’t know Stiles was a human Omega even as a wolf why am I know like this!” He growled as he felt his claws bury themselves into the palm of his hand.
“Because your wolf knows you lost an Omega.” Deaton told him for the hundredth time that week
“Why? I never notices before I didn’t even care?” He asked as he wiped his hands on his jeans before looking up at the older man
“You didn’t notices because you have no need to notices, Stiles has been your best friend since you were children and you’re… brother thought thick and thin and also he is your right hand man you didn’t notices because you didn’t need him to be that. Derek knew from the moment he met him even Peter knew born wolves always know.” Scott lowered his head and snarled a little before looking back up
“But he is part of my pack!” Scott snarled at him
“No he is part of two packs, the Hale’s and the McCall’s. Scott once you see Stiles again you will not be feeling this anger and disappointment will fade.” He smiled at him as he placed is hand on Scott’s shoulders.

Derek and Stiles went to Stiles’ home to find the whole pack there and it made Stiles swallow thickly as he watched all the eyes on him “Crap I was hoping to sneak in.” Stiles said as he looked around at every one, Erica was smirking at him along with Isaac and Boyd. Lydia had a told you so look and looked like she was already plotting the wedding and the first child he and Derek will have. Then there was Kira and Liam who looked stun as Stiles had walked up to his son and sort of son-in-law. “Dad?” Stiles whispered
“My son is still in High school.”
“I know Sheriff, I was going to wait until Stiles was 18 but the hunter…”
“Fucked up.” John said as he cleared at Derek as Stiles looked between the two and was worried about what his dear old Dad would do. “You know he can become pregnant.” That had Stiles snapping his head back towards his dad and his mouth dropped
“He might already be.” Derek answered
“Death wish much.” Erica mumbled
“Wait you knew I was a human Omega and you didn’t fucking tell me? How many bloody alphas have I met? How many of them have tried to get in my pants? You didn’t think this was important to let your only son know that he is werewolfnip?” Stiles ranted his eyes didn’t turn amber, not even blue or blood red no they turned a nice shade of purple that had many in the room taking a step back.

John open his mouth and then closed it again as he watched his son growl at him “Stiles I’m sorry, I just never thought you would be dragged into the supernatural world.” He said as Stiles huffed and walked towards the kitchen
“I’m making dinner.” He mumbled as he walked away from his dad.
“Why was his eyes purple?” Kira asked before John could talk again
“He was a human omega and now he is a wolf their eyes are always a little different.” Derek said as he stared at the Sheriff who walked after Stiles into the kitchen.

“Stiles I didn’t think you would be running with wolves.” The sheriff told him as he stood on the other side of the counter, the teen turned his head and looked at him clearly showing he was hurt at his father’s secret
“No but once you knew you should have told me?” He told him as he went to the fridge
“I know I know, I was just scared if you know you would tell Scott or Derek. Your mother was scared shitless when she found out you were a human Omega, she masked your scent has things done to the house just to make sure you didn’t smell like one.” Stiles sighed and looked at him as he put some food on the table
“Dad, I have had many-many alpha trying to get into my pants from day one apart from Scott.”
“What about the locker room thing?” John asked, Stiles raised an eye brown and tilted his head
“He was still learning at that point.” Stiles muttered “And he hasn’t tried since.” He told him as he looked up at his dad
“You should have seen him when he found out you’re an Omega.” Stiles re-raised his eye brow at him as he got out the chopping bored. “It’s just I didn’t like the idea of you not having a choice Stiles, if an alpha found out that was it. You would belong to him and he could have taken you away.”
“Derek isn’t taken me away Dad and he’s been good to me this last week, I’m still going to go to school and I am going to go to college even if it has to be through the net.” He smiled at him before handing him a beer. John smiled and kissed Stiles forehead.

In the coming months the pack learn that wolf Stiles as a think for black shinny leather or just dark clothes and they also learn that Stiles was bad arse when it came to protecting the pack. A female alpha came to town and had her sights on Derek regardless if he had a mate or not but when the pack got in the way she slice Liam and Isaac’s chests sending the mama wolf in to a frenzy. Stiles had not only ripped her throat out with his eat but he had ripped her a part until she was a pool of eeeew.  There was lot of cuddles that night from the whole back and then just Derek who fucks Stiles into submission.
Found a website to watch the new teen wolf and may I add.... WHAT THE HELL! 
I do not like that bit at the end where Stiles not moving from his up turned jeep!!!!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Harry blushed a soft shade of pink, as his hand was kissed by these Viktor Krum the Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team. He has seen the older teen’s poster at Hogwarts from other boys in his dorm room. Harry had no idea how he got here, one moment he was with Ron and Hermione snapping at Draco when the blonde boy was sneering at Harry. But god knows how he ended up in the locker rooms for the Bulgarian players.

Viktor looked down at the boy and smiled as he helped him stand up as Harry walked into him. Harry blinked at the man as he reached out and brushed his fingers over Harry’s oval face sweeping his fringe away. “Beautiful creature you look lost.” He told him, Harry felt himself shiver as a ripple of magic reached out to his core  
“I…I got lost I was with my friends and… I must have taken a wrong turning.” Harry said as he watched the older man’s eyes turned to ambery gold slits before it changed back to his normal dark orbs and then there was the scale that waved on and off his skin. The dark haired teen gasped as he felt the older teen pushed Harry up against the wooden panels of his changing room and then pressed himself against the teen as he lifted Harry up off the ground.
“Not many people can rile up my dragon. You’re either a rival dragon in the making or you’re my mate.” He purred as he bent his head into Harry neck and breathed in his scent. The teen gasped and moaned as he felt the Bulgarian mouth at his skin
“Oh god!” Harry gasped as he felt those sinful lips move up to his neck and over his chin until his lips hovered over Harry’s red parted lips
“Beautiful creature my I taste your lushes lips.” He asked and Harry nodded as the older Seeker kissed him.

Later on Harry stood looking in the mirror at his reflexion at the smiling bite on his shoulder, it was angry looking but Harry wanted to wear it like prefect badges. He reached up and touched it feeling Viktor’s magic ripple along the mark…have to hide this from Dumbldore… he thought. Viktor walked over to him dressed in his Quidditch clothes. He smiled at Harry as he warped around the half-naked teen and kissed the bite “It will heal leaving scale behind.” He whispered into his ear “I’m sorry if I was rough.” He told him as he thumbs the bruises he left behind
“Nothing I’m not use to.” Harry told him and this got Viktor to raise an eye brow
“Home life?” The teen nodded as he took the large that the older teen offered him.

He watched as Harry slipped it over his head and looked down as it reached his thighs and for once he didn’t mind the oversize clothes. “You’re young?”
“14.” Harry mumbled as he looked at his feet
“Very young, ummm this will making things more difficult if your mother and father …” Harry bite his bottom lips and realised that Viktor doesn’t know he is. “What is wrong?” He asked as he cupped his cheeks
“You don’t know who I am?” Harry asked as he looked up at the permeant dragons eyes. Now that Viktor has found is mate his dragon side as bleeding into his human feature.
“No?” he said softly
“I’m Harry Potter.” He said to him,
“Ah now I see. Don’t fear beautiful creature I only care for you and any children we may have.” Harry leaned up and kissed his cheek.
“Thank you.” Harry whispered with tear filled eyes.  

Viktor kissed the teen on the forehead and smiled brightly at him as he nuzzled his cheek “I hate that we have to part my beautiful one but for now we must. But we will see each other soon and I will take you home with me.” Harry smiled sadly and left the changing room as Viktor was called out. When he found Weasley Arthur was about ready to faint he told Harry not to disappear again otherwise Molly would have his… well she would have something important of his served up to him for lunch.

Hermione and Ron kept at him about Viktor Krum and Harry answered what he could he didn’t want to tell them about he spent the two hours of his life being screwed against the wall of the changing rooms begging the Bulgarian to go harder and faster. Then Hermione then asked him about Viktor’s dragon heritage but her answers would have to be put on hold as Death Eater’s attacked the camp site that night and Harry’s wonderful day ended quickly.

He was battered and bruised and not just from Viktor he got into  hit by a cutting hex across his back he had fallen to the ground watching his friends continue to run without looking back to see who was missing in their group. He cried out as said Death Eater started to kick him. Until someone stunned the Death Eater making him fall backwards looking up at the snarling dragon man. Who walked over him and went right for Harry. The teen whimpered at the cut on his back and the kicks to his chest and stomach as Viktor picked up the small boy into his arms and held him close as h carried him to safety.

If Harry thought that was the being of his crazy week he was wrong, the first day back at Hogwarts was the start. He was listen to Dumbledore talk about Triwizard Tournament and it’s a contest held between the three largest wizarding schools of Europe: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Harry head shot up when he heard Dumbledore say the name Durmstrang and his heart ached as he turned to the door and watched and Beauxbatons float in like Earthly angels. The he saw him his Dragon they walked in like they were hunting and Viktor turned towards Harry and smiled at him as made his way to the podium. Harry watched as Viktor for most of the night as he sat at the table that there was people asking about his eyes and the scale on his face to which he said “I have found my mate.’ He looked up at Harry who smiled back at him.

It’s been two weeks since Harry saw him last and he was wanted so badly to see him again. So later that night after very one went to bed Harry snuck he didn’t know how he was going to see him he just had a feeling he was going. But as he walked passed an alcove two arms warped around Harry’s waist and pulled him back towards a shadows. “My beautiful creature look at you.” He purred as he pulled the teen’s PJ’s top to the side and licked the bite that was showing. Harry shivered and leaned back into his arms
“I’ve missed you.” Harry whispered as he clung to him. Viktor placed his hands flat on Harry’s stomach as the teen leaned his head back to kiss him
“I’ve missed you to.” He purred as he kissed him on the lips.

While they were kissing the older Seeker felt a flare of magic from his mate and it made him pull back and eye up Harry “Viktor what is wrong?” The dark haired teen asked
“You will have to forgive me little one but it seem out first embrace have caused you to become pregnant.”  Harry was quiet for a little while before he groaned and rested his head on larger teen’s chest and sighed
“You really don’t hold back do you?” Harry smiled as he looked back up to him
“This changes plans, you have to come back with me after the Tournament is over.” Harry tilted his head frowned
“What about my education I still want to study Viktor?”
“You can live with me during the summer and I will live with you during your school years.” The teen smiled at that plan and leaned up and kissed the man on the lips
“You make me feel safe and happy.”
“And you make me feel whole.”

They hid in the alcove for a little while longer both talking about what they will do. Harry sighed and pushed himself up onto the man’s legs looking at the golden eyes “I don’t think it had sunk in just yet.” Harry told him with a smile as his hand rested on his flat stomach
“It will soon as you start showing.” Viktor smiled brightly
“We need to tell Dumbledore.” He said unhappily, the dragon cocked his head to the side and touched Harry’s face
“Do you not trust your headmaster?” The dark haired teen looked far off for a moment before looking back at him
“No not any more, he hides too many things from me and tells me lies, liked my Aunt and Uncle care for me and they would never hurt me and you know what they are not even my real Aunt and Uncle God knows who the fuck I am.” Harry sighed as he felt his mate suck on his mark on Harry’s shoulder
“Then we don’t tell him until we spoke to my headmaster and my family.”
“I like that plan.”

A month later very thing was going all wrong. Harry trembled as his name as called out, Ron looked at him with shock and anger and then looked away from him Harry is the one who should be pissed at him for leaving him when he got that cutting hex to the back. But once again his name was shouted out “HARRY POTTER!” Dumbledore called out. The whispering grew like poison and got loud for whispering  as the 14 year old stood up and trembled his away up to the head master before walking to the door behind him heading down the stairs where the others stood waiting.  They all looked up at him each one eyeing him up apart from Viktor Krum who watched with worry.
“What are you doing here?” Cedric asked
“I…I don’t…”

Before Harry could even try to explain Dumbledore and Bartemius Crouch rounded on Harry backing him into the corner of the trophy room. The teen wince as his back was pressed against something that was sticking into his stilling healing back.  “What did you do Harry? Did you put your name into the cup?” Dumbledore asked, as he tighten his grip on the boy’s arm
“No! I didn’t! I swear to you I didn’t!” Harry yelled as he started to feel his tears well up, Dumbledore backed off and looked at Harry as the teen cried as he arm warping around his stomach. He turned to Crouch who stood there with a frown
“He is too young.” Dumbledore said
“His name came out of the cup he had to enter the games.”

“No!” Came the loud voice they turned to see Viktor walking over to Harry and warping his arm around the crying boy “He cannot enter.” He said as he held him closer “And he could have not put his name into the cup on his own because his body would not allow it.” He told them
“Oh and why is that?” Crouch asked
“Harry is carrying my child.” He told them. The room become quiet the only sounds that was made was Harry sobbing against the Older Seeker’s chest
“I don’t believe this.” Dumbledore snapped, he turned to McGonagall “Do the pregnancy spell on him.” He snarled, everyone was shocked at how nasty he become when he started snapping at Harry.

The Scottish woman walked over to Harry and stood in front of him “May I Harry?” She asked softly, the teen nodded as the tall grey haired witch waved her wand at the green eyed boy. A blue light lit up around the teen’s stomach and formed a large ball that looked like a start of a baby. Harry gasped and held Viktor’s hands as everyone stood back part from Viktor who stood there proudly “Harry is pregnant about a month long.” She turned back to the old headmaster and Mr Crouch “He will not be doing the Tournament at all, if he so much catches a cold I will blame you two.” She snapped at both of them.  Making Dumbledore and Mr Crouch step back from her
“You’re a month long.” Dumbledore said as he trying to work backwards “That means…”
“We met before I was about to play for my team.” He told him happily “My dragon called to me telling me this was our mate and we had to have him. My dragon is wasn’t going to let him go.”  He told them all as he bent down and kissed Harry on the lips.
“Well that’s that then Mr Potter you can go back to your dorm and do not worry about the Tournament you will not be part of it.” Mr Crouch said “And we will find out who put your name in the cup.”  
“T….Thank you sir.”
“No Harry will need a private room both for me and him.” Viktor said as he rubbed his hand up and down the teen’s back
“I don’t think so.” Dumbledore said
“Why? What else could do? He is already pregnant?” He challenged the old headmaster.

The dragon and the headmaster glared at each other for a long time before the old man caved in and nodded “Fine get them a privet room in the castle please.” He hissed, he turned to Harry who was watching the headmaster
“Why did you do it Harry your 14 years old?” He asked, the teen sighed and wiped his eyes
“I didn’t plan on getting mated or knocked up sir.”
Dragon's mate
ummmm this is what I got so far, I might add more to it.

so the idea is that Viktor Krum is from a long line of dragon bred wizards, they find their mind by scent, sight and taste 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
He stood looking down at the body of his alpha as he laid torn open on the ground. He closed his eyes and breathed in the air around him remembering the scene that happen hours ago. There was no voice only imprints of what happen the man Beck bite turned while driving a child sat in the car with him. The boy was a teen strong and lean and beautiful and he knew that Beck would want the boy more than the father. He saw the brawl of the father and son the boy showing his true colours as a spark…no wonder Beck wanted him…  he thought as he watched the father back away shaking his head braking the Alpha’s control.

Beck knocked the father to the ground and went after the boy, but what his dead alpha did first shocked him normally he would hold them down and… well fuck the them but this time around what Beck was bit the boy on the shoulder earning him a scream ripping its way out of the boy’s throat. Which only added to the father’s anger and sent him flying into a rage that not even his alpha saw coming.  The finely moments of this imprint he watched the teen run for his life.  Shaking the last thoughts away he looked around the area and frowned he like the smell of the boy he was different something new to him. “Excuse me, sir you cannot be here this is a crime scene.” The long haired man turned his head and looked at the policemen standing before him and he felt his lips curl as his teeth ached “Sir?” The police as said a little louder
“Forgive me officer but I think you have something I might need.” The man grinned as he flashed his red eyes.

Week later….

John watched his son flick out his claws and retract them he smiled as he looked up to his father who smiled lazily. Stiles bounded over to him and on the sofa curling himself around his father and giggled softly “You know kiddo if anyone was to see us all cuddling and cosy…”
“Let them think.” Stiles jumped in as he kissed his cheek before pulling away “I’m going to see Scott?” Stiles said, John turned his head and frowned thinking back to what Peter said
“Stiles why did you go to Peter and Derek instead of Scott?” He asked, the teen froze wondering what he could say before turning towards his dad “Don’t lie to me.” John said with a growl. Stiles licked his lips and walked back to the sofa and sat down
“Don’t get mad.”
“That depends what you are going to say?” John asked “And you don’t get someone don’t get mad because they will get mad.” He added. The teen sighed and looked down at his hands
“You know about my spark right? That’s what keeps getting me into trouble.”
“Yeeeah I got the low down from Alan.” The Sheriff muttered as Stiles bite his bottom lip
“Well I am part of both packs but I’m…” Stiles stops and looked away from his dad, John leaned over and hooked his fingers under the teen’s chin and make him look back at him “I’m sleeping with Peter and Derek.” He said. John stood up in a flash that his claws where out before he even stood and had scratched Stiles under his chin.

The teen wince and put his hand under his chin feeling the blood pool in his fingers and seep between the seams. John’s eyes glowed red as he snarled into the heir around them. Stiles growled at him as he looked up at dad who stormed out the house! “DAD!” Stiles yelled as he jumped over the sofa and ran to the front door getting blood on the wall. He stood there panting watching his dad drive away.  He pulls out his phone can calls Derek “My dad just found out I’m sleeping with you and Peter and he’s pissed and close to turning fully cat.”

By the time Stiles gets to the floor Scott and the others were standing there watching the Sheriff spar with Derek. Peter was already nursing cuts to his side even Scott had a cut to his arms “He’s really pissed off.” Scott mumbled
“No shit. He just learnt his 17 year old son is being banged by two older men.” Stiles said flatly as he watched as Derek tries not to hurt his father while his father was all out to hurt Derek. Snarling Stiles pushed passed Scott and growled as he jumped onto his father’s back.

John who was full pissed off that these wolves would dare touch his son was all alpha out and now a full out snarling cheetah. Then someone jumps onto his back and he started trying to get this person off him. John could hear screaming and yelling but it was fogged muffles as he digs his claws into the other beings back and throws them clear across the room and it was only then as he is panting that he could smell the blood. It was Stiles and he looks down into his own hands before looking up to see Derek kneeling next to Stiles along with the others. “Oh god.” He mumbled as he staggers back only to be caught by Peter who was still wincing “Don’t touch me! John yelled but Peter holding onto him tighter
“Don’t fucking run! Do you have any idea how many time Scott has hurt Stiles when he first wolfed out? Or how many time Stiles had limped away because one of us was a bit too rough…” John growled at the thought “…thought training. You’re new at this at being an alpha you need to breath and Stiles will be fine.”

Stiles is groaning at the pain on his back and with the pain at being thrown across the room, he could feel warm soft hands on his face and he smiled painful up at Derek “Is it bad?” Stiles asked
“More blood than anything. We will get Deaton to have a look at you.” The wolf smiled as he looked up to see Pete trying to calm the sheriff down
“She my dad still here?”
“Yeah Peter isn’t letting him leave.”


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