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“I understand why you did it.” He whispered as he looked at the dark haired man, Icarus snapped his head and looked at him with wide eyes, he could see it now the sad look on Pythagoras eyes the hurt and broken look…he knows… Icarus thought.
“You knew.” He said feeling tears roll down his eyes
“I knew.” He said numbly, he moved closer to him reaching out to touch him only to have the gingery blonde pull away from him
“I need to save him.” he cried to him
“You would have let us die? Jason, Hercules and Ariadne…”
“Pythagoras I…”
“You would have watched as they killed me?” He said, his voice was shaking as fat large tears rolling down his cheeks and he looked like as if his heart would brake
“Please.” He whispered as he walked over to him and cupped his cheeks as he rested his forehead against the young man’s head “Please.” He cried as his lips ghosted over the gingery blondes
“I can’t Icarus…I can’t forgive you.” He whispered as he turned away from him.

Icarus grabbed his wrist and forced him to look back at the dark haired man with sad eyes “Pythagoras please I can’t lose you.” He begged him, but as the smooth hand was pulled out of the others hand he watched as the other hand fell to his stomach
“You lost me when you betrayed me.”
“There was no other way!” He cried out waking his father from his painful slumber
“There is always away!” Pythagoras choked as he walked away from
“PYTHAGORAS!” He yelled as he followed to him to the door to watch him run out of sight into the dark.

He had run back to Jason and the others, tears burning his eyes and his cold cheeks. He notices that Hercules and Ariadne were sat talking in the low light of the candles looking out of over city he didn’t want them seeing him in this state as he walked quietly thought the shadows as he returned to his own chambers. He wasn’t looking where he was going when he bumped into someone he felt himself bounce back and start to fall but as he waited for the cold hard floor to connect to his body he was shocked to learn that someone was holding him.

He open his eyes and looked up at Jason and blinked in shocked as the man helped him stand on his own too feed “What is wrong?” Jason whispered seeing the red swollen eyes as tears still flowed down them
“N…nothing.” He lied, as he pulled out of the man’s arms “It was my own fault.” He whispered as he wiped his eyes
“Is this about Icarus?” Pythagoras looked up at him and blinked in shock “I kind of knew something was going on between you two.” He whispered to him as the blonde man started to break down
“I understand why he did it, he was trying to save his father but…but I thought he loved me.” He cried harder as he fell into Jason’s chest as the hero warped his arms around him
“He must have felt trapped to do something like this.” Jason whispered to him
“I would have watched me die! Me and…” He stopped and looked away his hand was back onto his stomach and Jason frowned as he reached out and placed a hand on Pythagoras stomach feeling a small mound under the man’s shirt
“Why didn’t you say something? Holy shit you could have lost it!” The was no time in Jason’s mind to think this was weird because he has seen it before in this place anything goes.
“I wanted to but with everything that was going on I… I…”
“Come on let’s getting you back to your chambers and no more fighting to you.”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
3 months later…
“I’m pregnant.” Stiles said as he stood in front of the three alphas, Peter and Derek looked up with smiles on their faces while Scott passed out because this is not what he thought Stiles was going to say. He has been so angry at Peter for lying to him and using the ‘magical green pregnancy cream’ on him that Stiles hadn’t spoken to any of them thinking they were all in on it. “I thought I should tell you in person.” He said as he looked away from them as Peter picked up Scott and put him on the sofa.

Derek walked slowly over to Stiles seeing the tears in his face the bond between them all has been hard to ignore and with Stiles being angry at them the bond started to hurt them “Stiles I know what Peter did was wrong, but believe me when I say that Scott and I didn’t know about the cream. Please let us do our jobs and comfort you, love you.” He whispered as he reached out and touched Stiles cheek and the teen gasped at the touch of his hand before he broke down into tears. Derek grabbed him before he could drop to his knees and held him as he cried “Shhh its okay know, you have been so strong my sweet human.” He told him as he carried him over to the sofa where Peter was cuddling Scott.
“Stiles.” Peter called to him softly.

The teen glared at him but at least he was look at him the older wolf smiled at him softly and reached out for his hand filling his connection with the bond to him before he placed Stiles’ hand on Scott stomach “You’re not the only one mad with me love, Scott isn’t too impressed that I knocked him up to.” Stiles blinked though his tears as he looked down at his best friend/lover stomach where his hand rested
“Can you feel it?” Derek whispered as he rubbed small circles on Stiles slight bump. The honey brown eyed teen nodded
“I…I’s the spark?” he whispered
“Of course it’s a werewolf child from two alphas.” Peter grinned “Imagine what ours will be like, you will have an essences of three alpha sparks with your own spark growing inside of you.”  Peter told him as Scott started to come to. “Hello sleeping beauty.”

He didn’t trust Peter he should have never let him put that cream on him in the first place but what done is done. He is pregnant with three pups. But to have a feel of their bond around him made him feel happier and he could forgive Peter but where is the fun in that. He thought to himself as he dozed in Derek’s arms while Scott nuzzled into his side. He wasn’t happy that he was pregnant himself he was an alpha. “Are you made at me?” Scott asked him
“No I’m mad at Peter.” He whispered as Derek rubbed his back.

Stiles found it harder and harder to hide the bump than Scott did and he groaned as he looked in the mirror at his biggest T-shirt didn’t really cover it. He heard the window open and Scott popping though the window “I would like to see you do that at 6 months.” Stiles said as he dropped onto the bed with a groan
“It’s hard enough doing it like this.” He said and he sat on the bed next to Stiles and looked down at him “How are you today?” he asked
“I’m fat none of my shirt hid this, god I’m only three months and I looked like I’m 5!” he cried out feeling his tears burn and sting his eyes. “And let not talk about triple the symptoms the morning sickness it worst, I can’t keep anything down.” He cried as Scott placed his hand on Stiles’ bump and rubbed soft circles
“How about we speak to my mum first? I seem to remember her saying that there are some women who have really bad morning sickness and they end up on the drip.” He said
“Oh wonderful… it’s not like I can walk into the hospital with this now is it?” He whispered as he wiping his eyes
“No but we know a yoda vet.” Scott smiled as Stiles gave him a weak smile “Come on let’s go and see mum and then we can talk to Deaton.” Stiles nodded as he stood up.

He stopped and put his hand to his stomach before running to the toilet, Scott got up and followed him quickly as he saw Stiles run into the bathroom and then him throwing up. “Umm I get mum and Deaton to come here.” He said as he pulled his phone out. Stiles would reply but what little he had for breakfast “Mum I need your help Stiles isn’t doing too well. No no I think the babies are okay he can’t seem to keep anything down. Okay yeah I’m going to call Deaton to.”

The teen now laid on the sofa under a blanket sleeping, Mellissa smiled at him and ran her fingers though Stiles hair before looking up at Scott “He’s going to be okay it’s just because he has three babies growing inside of him it makes morning sickness a lot worst.” She told her son, Scott nodded and looked at Deaton who handed him a small bottle
“One for you and one for him.” He smiled “This will help morning sickness but I think it time for Stiles to spend more time with him mates it will help reduce the other symptoms.”  Scott looked at the bottles “Take one 2 times a day and maybe three times a day for him for the time being.” He told him as he patted his back “This is a brave step for any alpha but it show strength and in your case it show real strength fathering a child and becoming a mother as well.”
“Wait what? Fathering a child?” Mellissa said looking up at them “I thought Peter just…”
“Ummm funny story me, Peter and Derek knocked Stiles up.” Scott said wincing as his mum looked darkly at him
“Do I look like I’m laughing?” She asked as she stood up frowning at him as she stood in front of him “You didn’t tell me that Stiles is pregnant with your child.” She said
“W…well no because I didn’t know until last night.” He said, “Stiles hasn’t talked me or the others in three months because he thought we were all in on Peter’s plot and and the bond that we have has been pulled and it’s hurt him…”
“Calm down Scott.” She told him as her son looked like he was on the verge of panic.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Seti had been ill for a long time, since his fall on the chariots he had been come fragile and rumours have started to fly about the kingdom that if his eldest son does not marry before the Pharaoh dies there will be fight to claim the throne. Seti looked up at his Queen Tuya and saw the trouble look in her eyes “He is old enough to take his place.” He said, to her this has been their arguments for many months now since Seti become ill.
“I know he is but I am worried, Rameses has been known to be a rough with his lovers. I don’t want Moses to get hurt.” She pleaded with him. He shook his head and put down his cain making it echo around the room
“Tuya. We agreed that when we took Moses in. He would marry Rameses when he was of age and he was of age 3 years ago.”  She was quiet and looked down at her king before
“Yes my Pharaoh, but may I just ask if I see one bruise or hear anything that sounds like Moses is unhappy I will want his husband dealt with.” She asked, Rameses maybe her son by blood but she will defend Moses if she has to.
“I promises.” Pharaoh Seti said as he kissed his wife’s hands.

It was midday and Rameses had been looked for his brother all morning, no matter who he talked two no one had seen him. It had worried him, he liked to know where his brother is at all time and who he’s with or what he’s doing. He sighed as he headed towards the throne room it was his Birthday and it was the day his father showed him his knew consort. He wondered what princess he picked out for him he shuddered to think he wanted Moses and that is all he ever wanted.

He walked in and stood in front of his father “My son come here I have a little gift for your birthday.” Seti smiled as he Rameses took his seat next to his father’s throne.
“Thank you father I look forward to seeing my gift.” He told his father as he looked up when the large doors into the throne room were pulled open by two guards. There were a two rows of beautiful women walked in dropping white and red flowers on the floor as a tall slender figure walked down the hall towards them. The 20 year old leaned forward with deep interest as the woman parted to reveal his beautiful 16 year old brother. …The gods are smiling on me today…

He watched his brother Moses walk up towards them his skin had a glowing shin to it and there was gold bead in his hair. Rameses just groaned at the sight of him and licked his lips as Moses bowed in front of Seti “My Pharaoh.” His voice was dry and scratching to his throat
“My son.” Seti replied with the nod of his head, and then the curly haired boy bowed to his brother
“My Prince.” He said,
“My brother.” Ramses purred as Moses stood next to his brother. Rameses look up at his brother and smirked as he reached out and placed a hand on Moses’ hip and squeezed it gently as he looked from his flat stomach before looking up to the curly boy’s face.
“Well what do you think?” Seti smiled lazily from his throne
“I think it’s a wonderful idea father.” He smiled “I’ve been wondering where you been all day.” He whispered as he let his hand drifted over Moses’ stomach feeling the muscles ripple under his touch
“I think it was times for Moses to take his place by your side.” He smiled looking at his two sons with pride and joy.

The curly haired teen turned his head blushed at the thought of what’s to come, he was only 16 while his brother was 19 Rameses has been hinting about this happening for a while but Moses always thought he would be older. But their father had become unwell of late and the fear was if he died before he had everything in place for Rameses then the gods would frown at them. The older one of the two stood up and slide his hand up Moses’ cheek and leaned forward and pressed his lips to his brothers enjoying the warmth of his touch.

Rameses turned to his father and smiled “Can I?” He asked, Seti nodded letting his sons move in front of him and in front of the court.
“You’re both blessed by the gods and to be blessed further we must watch as you Rameses take Moses as your queen.” The young teen frowned as he knelt in front of him and watched as his brother pulled his cloth away to show he was already hard. He looked up at Rameses before he licked the full length of the member before he took him into his mouth.

He started to move his head up and down taking as much as he could, he was aware at how many people were watching them he didn’t like it but he didn’t wasn’t to go against his father. Rameses grabbed a handful of Moses hair and started rocking his hips into him building up speed of his hips pushing more of himself down his little brother’s throat and groaning at the feel of the heat of Moses’ mouth. Tears started to appear at the corner of his eyes as he felt that he couldn’t breathe as he was held still his nose pushed against the coarse curly hair.

Rameses pulled him back and pushed him on to his back, he expected to feel the sting of the cold floor hit his back but instead he felt the soft cushions that were placed there for him most likely by the slaves after all Moses is a prince and going to Rameses’ consort, next to the Pharaoh the Queen/Consort was taken more cared of because they will carry the next heir to the line. He let out a puff of air and looked up at his brother and swallowed thickly before the priest stood over Moses “Drink this.” He said Moses did without protest as he swallowed the foul tasting liquid as two slaved spread scented oil all over his body making him feel like a fresh wiggling fish being brought out onto land before its head gets bashed in.

When he was covered in enough oil they moved away from him leaving him open and exposed ready for his brother. Rameses moved and knelt down in between his young brother’s legs while Seti sat there eating the fruit of the day looking lazily happy with himself as Moses let out a grunt of pain. There as a new theory for pregnancy around the kingdom now that if your bleed it means not only was your joining was successful but you stand a better chance at getting pregnant how Moses loathed those priests and their ideas.

He looked down at his curly hair brother and ran his fingers though the soft curls as he rocked his hips into him forcing his member deeper into him “Shhh little brother we talked about this just breath though the pain.” Rameses reassured him as he wiped the tears off his face
“It hurts.” The teen answered as he looked up into dark eyes of his older brother
“I know but it will get better.” He smiled as he moved his hand to Moses hip and started rocking in to him with a bit more force. Rameses started to move faster driving his cock deeper into him making Moses cry out the sound of their skin slapping echoed in the hall along with Moses moans and cries.  

The Priests walked around them chanting their spells to hope it aids the potion that Moses drunk to help get him get pregnant. It felt like it forever before the pain melted into pleasure and found him moaning as he rocked himself back down on Rameses cock letting themselves build up their speed and pooling heat in their guts was building with each thrust and it wasn’t long before Moses arched his back and screamed as he covered his stomach with hot sticky cum and it wasn’t much longer before Rameses groaned as he snapped his hips quickly as he filled his adoptive brother with his seed.

Moses moaned and closed his eyes turned his head to the side away from the sun light that came into the halls. Ramses still had his hands tightly on his hip panting as he let his brain start to kick back to life, he gently pulled out of Moses and sat stood up grabbing his clothe and putting it back on before ne moved back to Moses and picked him up. The curly hair prince snapped his eyes open and he looked up at Rameses smiling down at him “You may take your queen your room.” Seti said with a smile as he watched Rameses bow to him
“Thank you for birthday gift father it best I could ask for.” The old pharaoh smiled at his sons before letting them go.

Ramses smile to himself as he walked towards his chambers carrying his queen, he could feel Moses shivering in his hold and knew it was all too much for him he knew that Moses didn’t want to show off like that but law is law and poor Moses was in tears. “Shhhh my darling the worst is over.” He told him as he ordered the two guards that followed him to open the door. Once the doors were closed he placed Moses onto the bed and looked down at him seeing the bruises setting in from his hands and it did make him wince that his brother will be feeling aching and sore. “Moses.” He whispered as he cupped his cheeks wiping away his tears “I’m sorry if I was a little rough.” He told him softly
“Don’t make me do that again.” He told him, his voice was horse from crying and screaming.
“No never.”

Queen Tuya was not happy how the whole thing went and she stormed out of the throne room not long after her sons left. She marched to Ramses chamber to see them she wanted to see if her youngest son was okay she knew how scared Moses was having very one watches them as his brother made him his queen. She knocked on the door and waited as she thought Ramses open the door for her and smiled his mother “Mother I thought I would be seeing you, come in Moses is resting.” He tells her. She nodded to him and slips into the room and walk over to the bed and sit down gently touching Moses’ forehead brushing his curls out the way
“You were rather rough with him.” She said without looking up from Moses the older brother shifted a little and moved around the bed.
“I didn’t mean to be, you know how much I love him.” He tells her and she shook her head at her son almost pleading with her to believe him
“I know you have told me but Moses needs to be treated with care my son like a flower that sits in your hand, hold it too tightly and it will break.”
“Hold it too softly it be blown away.” He replies to her, making her frown before she looked up at him their rich eyes looking at each other
“Treat him with the care you think of yourself deserves.” She tells him as Tuya bends down and kisses Moses forehead watching the curly haired boy mumble in his sleep before she stand ups and kisses Ramses on the forehead with him as well.”
“I will mother.” She smiled at him before leaving.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Chapter 3.2: blessed the child of thunder

Once the children were a sleep and Raven snuggly safe under the covers did she sit down, with a cup of coco in her hands. Nook walked back into cabin with his coyote behind him he was wiping his hands in a cloth  as he looked at his sister who let out a deep sigh after her first sip of hot chocolate “You alright Yatuk?” He asked, opening her eyes she looked at him and smiled softly at him
“What happen when they arrived?” She asked
“Dakota say when they got there Zeus made them forget…. However you wolfy boyfriend dropped the old git and ran off into the woods.” She nodded and frowned at him
“Don’t start.” She growled at him. He just smiled as he went to making himself a coffee
“What’s up?” He asked watching her eyes look far off
“Just…thinking about Raven. Zeus has never done anything like that… not for a long time anyway.” She whispered
“Well we know he marked him for a reason. There is something else you not telling me?”

They walk over to the sofa and sat down as Yatuk rubbed her eyes thinking back to when Raven and Ursa came running home to tell her about meeting two deers called Apollo and Artemis. “About 6 months ago Raven and Ursa were playing near the river and these two deers walked up to them one with Sliver horns and one with gold horns.” Nook blinked at her with wide eyes as he placed his cup down onto the table
“Like…” He started to say
“Like Apollo and Artemis.” She nodded to him
“What do they do?” Nook asked
“Nothing just play with them, they let Raven and Ursa ride on their backs and took them into the woods where they met Nymphs and Satyt’s and played with them. Until the Wood Trolls got upset by the noise and started to throw their weight about.”
“And the kids didn’t get hurt?” He asked as he petted the coyote
“No they were protected by the two deers who scared the trolls away.
“Do the kids know who they were?” Nook asked her as he watched Yatuk take a sip of her coco, she sighed and brought her legs up onto the sofa
“Raven did, he told me that he knew the moment he saw them and he told them.”
“I bet they had a fright.”

She nodded to him “It’s a sign Nook, I knew Raven is powerful when I collected him but for him to know the gods just on sigh in animal form. Then there’s the fact he can talk to snakes and you know how many people talk to snakes.” She said as she looked down at the reminds of her drink
“Ummm not many, not even in the wizarding world they killed most of them.” He mumbled darkly “I need a stronger drink.” He said getting up, Yatuk watched him stand and walk over to the cupboard to get himself some whisky. She felt sorry for Nook he has this girl he loved she was a witch and because she spoke to snakes a group of wizards killed her and he has never gotten over it.
“Then there is the storms of the oceans spiting up old ships.” She told him as the dark haired woman handed him a newspaper, Nook looked down at it seeing pictures of several laying on beaches
“He’s in a good mood then?” He asked
“Well it seems so, you know he said he will never return a ship to land.” She told him as he downed his drink.

Nook looked into the bed rooms where they children were sleeping soundly and looked at Raven who was curled up hugging a teddy bear that was missing an ear. “What does Zeus want with him?”
“His heir that is all I can think of at the moment, we have to keep an eye on him we don’t know how strong and powerful he will be coming.” Yatuk said with a worried look in her face
“Pretty powerful I think, you saw what he did to that old man his hand burning just because he touched his arm and he could smell dark hearts as well as the wind attacking him. When did you teach him that by the way?” He asked her, she looked up at him
“I haven’t they are still working on healing.”

They were quiet for the rest of the night Nook laid a sleep on the sofa with the coyote by his feet and Yatuk was trying to sleep in her bed, but with thoughts of the wizards attacking and Raven getting hurt she was worried about trying to protect him and the others from them.…Zeus can’t watch us all the time… she thought as she heard the bed room door open. Sitting up she looked down at the little boy look up at her “Raven?” She whispered
“I had a bad dream.” He said as he held his teddy bear
“Oh sweetie come on in.” She said to him as he climbed onto the bed and laid next to her “What to talk about it?” She asked
“It was a bad man with a white beard.” He whimpered “He hurt me.” Yatuk frowned and looked into the bright green eyes on the shaking child
“Do you mean today?” She whispered
“No Ma in my dreams… I was bigger and and he was mad at me.” He started to cry again and Yatuk rubbed his back soothingly as moved closer for comfort.
“I won’t let him hurt you again.”


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