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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Nick must have passed out after Monroe sunk his teeth into his neck, because when he woke up he was laying in the Blutbad’s bed naked as said Blutbad was licking the bite “Ummm my sweet little Grimm just begging to be mine.” Monroe growled into his neck as his hot rough hands moved over Nick’s naked form
“Monroe.” Nick whimpered as those hands moved down his chest pinching his nipples as he raked his nails down his chest over his stomach bypassing the Grimm’s hard member making him whimpered and moan as he back his backside up against Monroe very hard and very long and thick member.

Growling softly into Nick’s neck Monroe pulled Nick’s leg up exposing his tiny open “Going to fill you until you burst.” He rumbled as he started to rut against him making Nick moan as he felt the large organ breech his entrance
“M…Monroe.” Nick cried out
“So wet not even in heat yet.” He told him as he pushed himself into the young Grimm as he held into him as he sunk himself deeper into him
“Ahhh!” Nick cried out as he felt the Blutbad’s cock bury itself deep inside of him
“So tight Nick. I’m going to tie you to my bed and keep you naked so I can fuck you any time I want.” He growled as he started rocking his hips into him getting a screams out of Grimm as he continued to rock into him at his own pace lapping up the wonderful moans and cries that came from his little mates.

Nick couldn’t move he was pinned to Monroe’s chest as the his large cock drove deeper and deeper inside of him, his body hummed like a violin and he screamed and tried to bow his back as he battered his sweet spot making him see stars as he felt the Blutbad turn him onto his stomach and bite down into his neck and started ramming into the Grimm without mercy until Nick climax screaming Monroe’s name as he blacked out once again just at Monroe’s knot bloomed.

It seem hours later before Nick woke up he was still warped in Monroe’s arms and he could still him inside of him and the ach of their joining still burned deep in their bones. “Ummm are you okay?” He purred onto Nick’s neck
“Y…Yeah it was amazing Monroe it was the best sex I ever had.” He smiled as he nuzzled into the arm that he was using as a pillow
“I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” He whispered, Nick could hear his worried tone as he spoke to him
“Nothing than being waited on hand and foot for a couple of days by my handsome mate won’t cure.”  Monroe chuckled as he nuzzled into his neck licking the edge of the angry looking bite
“Ummmm I think I work something out.”

Couple of days later…
Renard turned up at the house again and notice the bite mark on the back of the young Grimm’s neck, he felt a wave of anger wash over him as he turned to the Blutbad that was walking into the living room with the tray of coffee “You couldn’t wait until his heat set in couldn’t you, what a surprise.” Renard said, the Blutbad snarled at him and looked ready to flip out on the man. Nick blinked in shock at his Captain  
“Captain!” Nick yelled as he turned to looked at dark haired man
“Nick I came here to tell you that if you go through your heat ‘alone’ then there was a chance it could have broken the spell but instead this animal dragged you into bed!” The Captain snarled again looking as if Monroe was a bad smell.

Monroe himself looked hurt that he could have just cost his mate everything he wanted back all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. He looked down and ways from the other man and looked towards his mate who looked like he could kill Renard “Don’t be rude to my mate Captain, I made my choice with Monroe and I don’t regret a single moment.” Nick said as he went quiet for a while
“Nick I’m sorry.” Monroe whispered as he walked over to his Grimm and warped his arms around him and pulling him to his chest as he nosed his neck, Nick sighed as he rubbed Monroe’s hands softly
“It’s not your fault Eddie, what’s done is done and I won’t change us for the world.” He whispered as Renard watched in frustration Nick was going to be stuck as a 16 year old because of that damn wolf. He left not long after they started making gooey eyes towards each other and the broke in to kissing.

Nick had become very quiet after Renard left and Monroe had stood there watching him as Nick sat on the sofa and curled himself up under a fluffy blanket “Nicky.” Monroe whispered as he walked in carrying a cup of coffee for his mate. Nick looked up at him and smiled as he passed him a cup of coffee and knelt in front of him “Nicky I know you’re up set about what happen that we mated before your heat and you could have had a chance at being back to normal.” He told him, Nick looked into his coffee feeling the warmth of the cup spread though his hands before he looked back at Monroe
“I don’t blame you, we both wanted it and Renard came to us with that bit of imfo a bit late didn’t he?” Nick told him as he placed the cup down and cupped the Blutbad face and kissed him on the lips “Yes I am a bit sad but I get to spend my life with you.” He smiled
“I feel like I trapped you I just want the best for you.”
“I still be a Grimm and do my job I know Hank and Renard will help me?” He smiled, Monore nuzzled Nick’s hand as he looked at him
“I don’t think Renard has your best interest in his heart did you smell him he was so angry that we mated.
“Monroe… he just upset that he losing a good cop that’s it.” He smiled “Nothing else okay.”
“I don’t know Nick very he’s around you he smells like he’s wants you.” Nick just smiled at him and kisses him
“I’m yours.”
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Week later…
Snape turned up at the wolf pack sight, Fenrir wasn’t thrilled about having a double spy turn up especially as Harry was here. Fenrir walked up to him making sure Harry didn’t see the man as he nodded to Snape to move into an empty hut. Once the door closed Fenrir stood towering over the slim man “What do you want Snape.” The Alpha growled at him
“I know Harry’s here I want to see him.” Snape said, his voice was slightly broken as he spoke
“Is he?” Fenrir asked
“Tom told me.” The wolf looked him over, he looked a wreck his hair was slightly wild there was bags under his eyes his normally smart clothes were mess
“And why should I let you anywhere knew him?” Fenrir asked crossing his arms “How do I know you won’t take him back to that hazbin Dumbledore?” Snape looked at him with dark eyes before rushing towards the wolf snarled at him as he pushed his wand into his throat
“Because he’s my son you great big fur ball!” Snape snarled at him, Fenrir pulled the wand out of Snape hand and pushed the vampire back before throwing his wand back to him
“I know that I can smell it but that doesn’t me I trust you with my mate and cub.” It took Snape all of 5 seconds to realised what he meant and it didn’t at all make him too happy

From out of the hut it sounded like an epic battle happening the whole hut shook Remus stood watching with a heavily pregnant Harry watching as the empty home look like it about to splinter “Dad what’s happening?” He asked
“Fenrir is fighting someone.” He said, Bex stood next to them as he ate nuts from his hands
“Vampire, one of the Dark Lord’s vampires came to the camp.” Bex told him as he looked down at Harry who was rubbing his bump
“Why is there a vampire here?” Harry asked “Why would Voldemort send a vampire to us?” He as panicking. Remus warped his arms around Harry and nuzzled his neck
“Shhhh cub it will be alright Fenrir won’t let anything happy to you.” He whispered as he tried to comfort him.

A few seconds later a dark clothed man was thrown out of the window and landed in front of Harry and Remus in the mud. The teen jumped and held onto Remus tightly as he was the vampire pushed himself onto his front and looked up at the green eyes teen “P…Professor?” The dark haired teen whispered as he looked into the dark onyx eyes of Severus  
“Harry.” He whispered to the boy as he reached out and touched his face “What has that monster done to you.” Remus pulled Harry back and shield him way as he looked at Snape
“No you can’t take him you can’t have him.” Remus snarled, Harry looked frighten as the rest of the pack watched waiting.

Fenrir stepped out of the hunt and looked as Remus was protecting his cub and Fenrir mate. “SNAPE WILL YOU STOP PUTTING STRESS ON MY MATE!” Fenrir yelled as the vampire looked back at him
“MY SON WILL BE COMING BACK WITH ME AND AWAY FROM YOUR DIRTY HANDS!” The vampire growled as he stood up looking back at Remus whose eyes were bright amber and looked ready to change into a wolf. “Remus please our son need taken some where safe please…”
“Harry’s safe with me and his mate.” Remus said as he looked down fright green eyed teen “I’m sorry my beautiful cub but Snape is your Father but he rejected me and you when I told him about you.” Remus told him, Harry looked back at Snape who was watching them
“He made me forget Remus, he made forget please I …your my mate and he’s our son I’ve sent to much time  being something I’m not please Remus.” Snape pleaded “Harry has to be thought of this is not the place for him.”
“You are not takin my mate!” Fenrir snarled “Inka and cub came back to me this is there they belong not in your messy war.” The wolf told him.

Harry was trembling as he looked at them and then he felt pain his stomach “Ahh!” He cried out as everyone look at him “Harry.” The teen looked up at Remus with frighten eyes as he felt something wet spread down his legs and pool at his feet
“D…Dad…” Harry whimpered
“Oh god.” Snape said as he watched his son clutch his swollen stomach, Fenrir rushed over and knelt by him and touched his stomach
“Aggy!”Remus called out as Harry’s gripped his shirt. The healer was there by their side in a flash
“His waters have broken, come on dear with me.” She told Harry as she and the other guided him away with the whole pack following.

Snape stood there shocked when Remus turned to him and frowned “If you want to be part of your son’s life then start bloody walking with is he’s about to give birth to our Grandpups.” He growled, Severus jumped and followed Remus blindly as they walk over to where Harry’s been building his nest, they stood outside with the others before Remus turned to him, his face was blank of any emotion with it comes to Snape “Stay here I will see if cub will let you in his nest.” Remus walked inside leaving Snape alone as he goes inside.

Harry is laying in his nest of blankets and pillow as his clothes being pulled off him, he grunted in pain as Remus walked over to him and took his hand as he ran his fingers though his damp black hair “Hey how are you doing?” He whispered to him
“It hurts!” Harry growled  
“Shhh it will but it will be worth it.” He smiled as he watched Fenrir pace “Do you want your other father in here?” Harry looked at him and nodded quietly
“You will stay as well right?” Harry whimpered to him
“Of course I won’t miss this for the world.”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Chapter one: Chaos Loves Misery
Campers have been going missing though Beacon Hills, then turning up dead with big chunks taking out of them only one turn up a live but died quickly due to the bite not taking. Beacon Hills’ Beacon Correctional Centre for Supernatural creatures was the town’s eye saw and the people who run it scared the living shit out of people, the Argents. They are not known for being nice or helpful but only three of them seem to have the psychopath streak. Gerard Argent the elder in the family plays the grandfather type to your face but in a heartbeat he would slice you in half and sell your body on the Black Market.

He runs the Correctional Centre like a maxim security prison. The Centre is put in to different Zone, Alphas in  Zone one and it called the Red zone and they were dark grey clothes, those with blue eyes  are in another area called blue zone and they were black clothes... those ones are normally beaten and could be put to death and those with amber eyes on their own in a zone called Yellow or the new born zone they were white, and  finely the last area is for those who are not wolves but are human or could be a witch or something else they wear ash grey, their zone is called the Pass though because they are normally in there for a day at the most.

To the rough wolf as the hunters don’t know who it was or where he was hiding they decide to round up all the wolves in Beacon Hill’s whether or not they could prove they weren’t not the rough. Scott McCall a newly turn wolf was dragged out of his school by the Blonde Bitch known as Kate Argent. Stiles eyes widen as he watched his step brother get dragged off and turned to the only other Argent in the school “You know he wasn’t there are you just going to let them take him to that hell hole?”
“Stiles…” The dark haired girl started to say
“No shove it Allison you no better than them!” He hissed as he ran after Kate and Scott as Allison hissed in pain. She pulled her sleeve up on her arm to see mark of a traitor in the eyes of Emissary
“No.” She whimpered as she ran from the glass room.

Stiles ran outside towards his stepbrother and pulled him away from Kate, the blonde looked at him with a smirk “Back off kid, his kind isn’t worth it.” She said, Stiles stood his ground in front of Scott
“Scott was at work most of the night as Deaton and then he spent the rest of the night in the bed of…”
“I don’t care what sluts he slept with.” Kate said as she cut in almost snarling in his face
“Your niece.” Stiles finished, Kate looked at him wide eye before she raised her fisted and hit him in the jaw, Stiles twisted to the side and fell onto his hands and knees as he spat out blood on Kate’s shoes. He looked up at the blonde before standing. He knew he was pushing his luck “What don’t like the truth that your niece ALLISON ARGENT LIKES TO SLEEP WITH WEREWOLVES!” He shouted to get the whole school to hear
“Stiles stop!” Scott pleaded, he knew the teen was playing a dangerous game with the Blonde Bitch
“Allison has more taste than to like this mutt.” Kate growled as she grabbed Stiles and pushed him against the bus, this only made Stiles smirk at her
“Oooh what like you and the Hale boy, do you like being a Pedo Kate? Lusting after 15 year old boys is that what gets your hot a heavy.” That was the last straw for Kate and pulled out a taser and jabbed it into Stiles side
“STOP!” Scott yelled as he was dragged off by two other hunters onto some bus “STILES!” Scott screamed as he watched his friend fall to the floor shaking as he was dosed with a drug that knocked out werewolves.

Stiles groaned and rolled his head bashing it on something cold “Awo.” He whimpered as he open his eyes to find he banged his forehead on the window of the bus. His eyes widen in shock as he realised he was on the Centre bus. He pulled himself up and looked around at the dull grey bus, he could see three guards standing at the front not really looking at them. Scanning the bus he could see a few others on the bus but ones he recognised and then he saw Scott “Scott!” He whispered his name but the wolf didn’t hear him.

Frowning he tried to move but all that happen was his body jerked and nothing else, looking down he could see that he was chained down, his wrists were handcuffed to a metal bar “What are you doing wake?” One hunter snarled as Stiles looked up at him
“He isn’t a wolf he’s something else.” Another hunter said “It’s don’t matter we’re here now.” Stiles looked back out the window and saw the bus pass through the gates. He felt sick to his stomach as he watched the hunters start to pull the half sleep wolves off.
“Are you ready for some fun?” Came a voice, Stiles turned to see Kate standing there with smirk made only for him.

Once off the bus Stiles got a good look at the so called Centre, he felt sick everything was grey and black he could see the Betas that were behind the electric fences somewhere looking black and blue. It was now that fear was creeping in as Kate hand tighten her grip on Stiles arm as she looked to the other hunters “Get the striped put in to their colours and in their zones, I have to drop this one off at doctor Blonk.” She told him as she dragged Stiles off, Scott looked at Stiles with dazed eyes
“Scott!” Stiles called out as Kate pull him into one of the huts.

The man in a white coat looked up when Kate stormed in pushing in through the door until he hit the examining table with force “Doc Blonk I need you help this little bitch here thinks he can shot his mouth off and as we don’t know if he could be infected you should check him out and then put him in Ash and then dropped him in the red Zone.” She smiled as Stiles looked at her
“That’s the Alpha’s area!” Stile yelled at her as she stood there smirking, she bent down and hook his chin into her hand
“Oh sweetie you should just kept your pretty mouth shut.”
“You will be in trouble when the Emissary Council.” She puffed
“Those worthless gasbags what are they going to do?” She stood up and looked at Blonk “Check him for markings aaaand give him the Omega check to encase.” And with that she was gone
“You two help me strip him and then get him on the table.”  Stiles looked at the two large hunters looking at him like he  was a rabbit caught in a trap as they came towards him.
Marking the Emissary chapter 1
Okay soooo here we go I've started to turn it into chapters and I reallly could do with doing another pic (hint hint guys)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Loki was a prince of vampires, his father king of the most powerful vampire clan in the world he has ties to other smaller clans that will back him up in a heartbeat if he was going to war. He wasn’t next in lie to branch out and make a clan of his own like half of his 6 brothers. Loki was powerful in his own right not only was he a vampire but he is also a sorcerer and often feared on the battled field as he walks over the bodies off the dead in bare feet looking like a fallen angel as he walks up to enemy and kill him with his magic. Often he used knives poisoned with monk’s hood to kill a vampire he comes across.

On one particular war while Loki was using the poisoned knifes against the werewolves when he came across Thor the son of the Werewolf king he let a smile crossed Loki’s bloody lips at the thought of being home the head of the prison of wolves to show to his father…such a shame to waste a wonderful body… as he watched the large wolf cut the heads off his fellow vampires. His lips curled in disgust. He moved closer to him holding his knifes in his hands ready to strike, walking over the body’s letting the blood soak up in his clothes. He knew just one little nick from his poisoned knives and this beast would die slowly and painfully it could take days or weeks for him to die but Loki wanted his head.

He stood behind Thor and watched his muscle move as he but just as Loki raised the Knives the large brut pulled his elbow back knocking him in the face. Loki stumbled back everything become double vision and then he saw nothing but blackness as he fell backwards and lay unconscious when Thor turned around to see what his elbow collide with. He looked down to see the dark haired beauty a fallen angel in his eyes, he knew he was a vampire just by the smell “Take this one back home.” He ordered to one of his pack. He picked up Loki and threw him over his shoulder “Careful I want to keep this one.” Thor snarled.

When he came to Loki found himself tied up and gagged laying on a pile of furs, he pulled on the robe that was around his wrist. It drawn on him quickly that he could feel the furs against his skin which means one thing, he looked down to see he was naked. Panic was setting in slowly as he realised he was in someone’s bed chambers. The sounds of heavy boots echoed and vibrate though the stone floor before they come to a stops as the sound of the lock on the door opens up. Loki forced himself to sit upright and looked at the blonde wolf that stood looking at him. “What A sight for sour eyes and beautiful creature waiting for me.” He said as he closed the door behind him “Your army has been destroyed and you are my spoils.” He grinned as he stripped himself out of his clothes.

Loki watched him with indifferences as the naked wolf stood in front of him. Thor knelt down in front of him and reached out and brushed the long black locks out of his face “Just beautiful.” He whispered as he pulled the gag out of the vampire’s mouth
“My family will hunt you and your kind down for touching me.” Loki snarled, Thor looked at him blinking at him before laughing. The vampire frowned as the wolf barked out “And what is so funny mutt?” Loki asked, Thor took his chin into his large hot hand
“Who do you think told us where to find you, your father was worried about your power and asked us to kill you but I think it would be a waste of magic and beauty.” He told him, Loki shook his head and pulled his head away from him
“You lie!” Loki snarled as he tried to bite him.

Thor tilts his head and pulled out a letter from his pocket “This was just encase I didn’t kill you.” He said, Loki looked at the letter and saw it was in his father’s hand writing and there was his the gold wax seal.
“I’m kind of tied up mutt.” Loki hissed, Thor still has a smile on his face as he broke the seal, Loki knew that no one else would that seal it not even his brothers
“Do you want me to read it or…” Loki snarled at him
“I will read it.” Thor held up to his face, he watched as vampire prince read the letter anger and hate in his eyes and then his eyes widen and changed they widen become full of shock and pain and then hopeless, his eyes looked way and down to the fur’s that he was sat on.

The werewolf moved closer to him and untied his hands and legs, Loki moved his hands and rubbed his wrists “Hey down don’t cry.” Thor whispered as he see pink tears fall down his cheek
“I…I gave him everything, he took everything.” Loki whispered as he felt the large arms warp around him warming him
“It’s his own fault for losing such a wonderful creature.” Thor told him as he pulled him into his lap and nuzzled into his neck “I will look after you, you’re my fallen angel.” He purred licking his neck “Become mine.”
“What would the Great All Father think if his son was to snag a vampire for a mate?” Loki whispered
“It’s not his choice, it’s mine.” He told him, Loki was still for a moment enjoying the warmth coming from Thor’s body
“Well… then… the first thing we’re going to do is get me some clothes and and a bath for you.” Loki said thinking of things he will need in the place of flea bags
“Anything else my mate?” he purred again as he rubbed his large rough hands over his stomach, he couldn’t wait to have this beauty bent over the bed and knot him breed him and watch his stomach bloom with life
“Yes… you’re not getting on the bed in your wolf form I don’t want fur everywhere.”


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