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Severus took Harry back to him home, even tho Dumbledore was pitching a fit over the vampire taking Harry away from the hospitals and healer. Severus handed Harry to Remus and told them to go to his home he turned to Dumbledore and snarled at him his eyes turned dark as night “I begged you to find out where he was! But you did nothing The Dark Lord dogs broke into the school cursed and hex children before he kidnapped my ward and you sat there and did nothing!” He snarled, not caring who heard him shout.
“I was waiting for the Order Severus.” The old man tried to calm him down but the vampire wasn’t going to have any of it
“HE’S 15 YEARS OLD AN NOW A VAMPIRE AND YOU THINK THAT WILL MAKE UP OF WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” With that he spins around and disappears.

When he returned to his home he found Harry was cleaned up and in bed looking pale and sickly, the vampire walked over to Harry and sat on the bed letting his hands run thought the teen’s hair. “You both are more than welcome to stay.” Severus said as he looked at the red scar on Harry’s face and chest
“I tried to heal his wounds but they wouldn’t the best we can hope for they just scar.” The wolf whispered
“Thank you Remus.” Severus said. Sirius walked into the room and placed a jug of water on the bed side table along with a small glass
“What did old snake face want with Harry anyway?” The dark haired man asked, the vampire looked over his shoulders at them and sighed
“The blood he took from Harry might have altered his thoughts and feelings towards him. Killing him isn’t his first thought any more maybe bedding him is.” He said with a strain in his voice.

Year later…
He watched Harry grow up to be beautiful young man, it seem that the vampire blood had worked  his magic on the boy giving him slight curves in his hips and the oval face with the jet black hair that framed his beautiful face with little flicks and curls. His green eyes were so much brighter and Severus now worried that other will start to notices him.  He could feel

It was a week before the 6th year and Harry and Severus were at his home Spinster End. Harry wondered down the sitars in a PJ bottoms and tank top, he smiled as he walked into the kitchen and started to make breakfast for him and Severus. He touched the radio that sat on the window still and it started to play music as he cracked some eggs into the frying pan as he went to get some bacon form fridge. A song started to fall from his lips as he swayed hips. He didn’t hear Severus come out from the his lab from the basement to hear the music from the kitchen and it made smiled as he walked into the kitchen to see his ward swaying as he plated up the food.  “I have no idea how you got that muggle crap to work.” Severus said, Harry turned and smiled as he placed the plate on the table.
“It’s nice to have some music while I cook.” He said as kissed Severus on the cheek as the man sits down.

Harry smiled as he sat down in the seat next to him and started to eat his breakfast. The older vampire notices that Harry’s plate of food was larger than normal and he saw how Harry was eating “Harry why do you have such a large amount.” He asked as he sipped his coffee. The dark haired teen shrugged and smiled brightly
“I don’t know I just feel hungry today.” He told him as he crammed French toast into his mouth making cheeks puff out like hamster’s cheeks.  Severus looked at the boy seeing the off colour scar on his ward’s neck from the curve of his chin to the dragged down to his collar bone. The older vampire shivered at the scar remembering holding Harry as he bleed all over him and the only thing Severus could do was give him the small bottle of human blood and feed it to finish off the turning process he started when Harry was 11. He hated that he had to take the choice from Harry but the thought of his future husband dying his arms before he got the change to tell him he loves him would have killed him.

He saw Harry smiled at him his little fangs poke out from under his lips as he open his mouth to take a bite of something. Severus felt the knot in his stomach as the boy looked at him with his large green eyes “Is there something wrong father?” He asked as he tilted his head
“I just worried for you my little vampire.” The teen blushed “I have seen the letters that so called ‘suitors’ have sent.” He hissed as he stabbed his food
“Oooh their nothing I don’t even read them.” Harry said as he sipped his tea “Why are you worried?” Harry asked him as he rested his head on his hand “And why are you reading my mail?” He smiled, the older vampire didn’t look like he was sorry for that
“I’m just fearful of those taking advantage of your sweet nature.” Harry giggled at him as reached out and touched Severus hand.
“Severus listen to me none of those silly boys are of interest to me.” He said before he stood up and walked over to the sink and put their plate in.

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The teen stood in the bed room, he could feel the manor shake as the battle went elsewhere he stood by the bed his hand resting on his stomach watching the door waiting for the handle to rattle. He knew he could defend himself but as he is with child he wasn’t allow to use powerful spells. He heard a hiss and a clunk and he looked down to his ankle where his master’s mark used to be warped around his ankles. They were on the ground hissing and wiggling as if they were real before they turned into a puddle of gold, to the teen it mean that his master has freed him to leave the house and grounds or his master was dead.

Suddenly the door flew open and in came Lucius he closed the door before warding to stop whoever was behind him from entering. “Where is he?” The teen called out, the blonde spun around and looked at him. The dark haired boy gasped in shock seeing the gash across his face, the blonde looked down at the teen’s ankles to see the bonds gone before he looked up at the boy that was hardly wearing anything at all. He turned to the wardrobe and flung the doors open almost braking them off the hinge “Where is master!” The teen yelled as Lucius pulled out some warm clothes out and walked over to the teen
“Dead. Tom is dead.” Lucius said as he held out the clothes to the teen “Please Harry you can’t stay here.” He pleaded as he see the tears well up in those green orbs “Tom wouldn’t want them to get you, not after all the trouble he went thought to see you safe my little fox.” Harry looked up at him with tears running down his face.

Harry took the clothes and took off his clothes that his master had him wear, Lucius turned his back to watch the door as the teen dressed “I know none of this has been easy for you Harry, but Tom wanted nothing but the best for you. After losing James it broke him and Dumbledore was parading you around after you defeated him he went crazy.” Lucius stopped after he heard a scream from outside the room “The I am trying make is he felt like a part of him was human again that he could breath and see the world clearly again.” He turned to look at Harry was stood there still crying but now dress and looking warm.  “He loved you even if he made you call him master.” He told him as he walked over to him “He really loved you.” The blonde said as Harry flew into his chest and cried. “We must leave now, I have a safe place.”

By the time Order brakes into the room Harry and Lucius were gone. They looked around the room wondering what was so special about the room that it had 5 death eaters outside the room and the door itself was warded. 4 of them walked into the room wands at the ready encase anyone jumped out. A tall red haired man walked over to a cot that stood there unused “I don’t think I saw any pregnant Death Eaters.” He said
“It must have been the Dark Lord’s whore.” A crazy eyed man said as he walked over to the bathroom.
“Madeye who ever that person is I think was kept here like a prisoner look.” The pink haired woman said, as she pointed her wand at the golden puddle on the floor. Waving her wand at it they changed back into the snake anklet bands
“They were his slave.” The red head said with a gasp “That baby must have been the only think they were looking forwards to.” He muttered
“How could think look forward to having that monster’s child!” Moody hissed as he looked around the room.
“No Moody he is right.” The white haired wizard said “Whoever this poor soul is was treated with care. This room had all the creature comforts anyone could ask for, the cot is placed where it’s protected from first sight into the room but you can see it from the bed.”
“OH GOD.” The pink haired witch said as she stood at a desk.

The others walked over to the desk where they could see potions books, defence against the dark arts books and many other books for education “Oh Merlin it’s a child!” The red head groaned
“Look.” She pointed to something on the desk there on the desk was photos of a smiling teen rubbing his bump and giggling at the man behind the camera “That is Harry.” She said, Dumbledore picked up the photos and looked thought them
“Albus you told us Harry was dead! We stopped looking for him because you told us that he killed him!” The red head yelled
“For Merlin sake tell me we didn’t leave an innocent child with that monster!” He yelled louder
“ARTHUR!” Albus yelled back at him making him stop “I realised my mistake is costl….”
“COSTLY COSTLY WE LET HIS MADMAN KILL A 17 YEAR OLD BOY AND TAKE A 14 YEAR OLD BOY AND USE HIM AS HIS PERSONAL SLAVE!” The man yelled as he turned to storm out the room before turning around “You’re the real monster Albus Dumbledore!” He hissed before leaving.

Lucius appeared at villa supporting Harry whose knees buckled as they stood in front of the large white stone home. “Come on little fox let’s get you in side with the others.” He whispered as Harry held onto him his eyes are red and puffy from crying and he doubts it will stop anytime soon. The blonde walked into the house and moved Harry into the living room where 4 other are sitting.

A dark haired man stood up and watched as his friend bring the pregnant teen into the room. “Tom is dead, I brought Harry here for his safety.” He said as Harry moved to the sofa where a dusty blonde man sits and two 18 year old twins sit all huddle together. They open their arms to him and let the boy curl up between them.
“I am shocked he didn’t flea the moment those bonds dropped off.” Snape said as he pulled out a small potion bottle and handed it to the blonde “Your mates are fine a bit shook up.” He told them as he looked over at Remus who give him a small smile as he kissed Harry on the head as the teen buried his face into the wolf’s neck.
“Don’t be so mean Severus look at him.” Remus said as the twin warped themselves around Lucius for comfort.
“I’m sorry but I had my doubts.” He mumbled as he sat on the chair. Remus took the bottle from Lucius as he was stuck in his seat by the Fred and George.
“Here my cub.” He whispered. Harry looked up at him as the teen took the potion before curling back up.
Remus brought Harry into his and Severus’ bed room, as much as Severus hated the idea but he did agree that Harry was taking this really hard. He took the sleeping teen from his pregnant mate’s arms and carried him up to the bed room. Remus kissed the twins on the forehead good night before thanking Lucius for saving his cub. When the 6 months pregnant wolf reached the bed room he found Severus using his wand to change the teen’s clothes into PJ’s. “I think we should call a healer in tomorrow to make sure that the stress hasn’t course any harm to the baby.” Remus raised an eye brow as he started too undressed.
“Knew you cared for him.” They climbed into the bed Harry laying between them the wolf warped his arm around the teen when the boy started whimpering. Severus did the same and looked up into the amber eyed wolf and smiled
“You know I care for him.”

The next day Harry was sat in the living room a blanket warped around him as he rested his head on the sofa. Remus walked over to him and sat down holding out a cup of hot chocolate to him “Thank you.” Harry whispered. The wolf smiled weakly as he looked down at Harry’s ankles seeing the marks that those golden bands made.
“Pup do you remember how you ended up being Tom’s lover?” Remus asked softly, Harry held the cup close to him and looked up to the amber eyes.
“I try to forget, those were bad times.” Harry mumbled as he sipped his drink, Remus curled up close to him so they could look at each other

…flash back…
The grave yard was cold that it made his finger tip numb as he held onto the body of Cedric Diggory, he was crying into the older teen’s chest when he felt a blinding pain in the back of his head and then nothing. He came to when he heard the ending of the words “Rennervate.” Harry gasped as he open his eyes and then sat up feeling his head swim and his stomach was churning he stood still wanting for the world to come back to normal before he could see who deep shit he was in.

“What did you hit him”” Came the angered hiss, Harry tried to open his eyes but found the pain was far too much to hand so he just tried to breath
“I…I…I’m sorry master I just…”
“What? You just what? I gave your orders take some blood from the boy but don’t harm him any further than that!” The raspy hiss came, then there was a shriek and Harry turned his head and winced before he threw up. A moment later he felt something pressed to his lips forcing some liquid into his mouth. Harry knew that taste it was Snape’s healing potion so he let the foul liquid roll down his throat, he coughed as he started it to make him feel better he looked up to the red eye man looking down at him. The dark haired teen almost didn’t recognised the dark brown haired man but it wasn’t hard to figure out that this man was the dark lord. Harry shivered at the cold air round him and he suddenly started to cry it was so tried and sore, his friends won’t talk to him Dumbledore is cold towards him and has hurt him more than once since his name appeared out of the cup and now this Voldemort has been reborn. “If you’re going to kill me just do it quickly.” He said as he wiped his eyes,
“Do you want to die?” Voldemort asked as he bent down and looked into frighten green eyes that looked back at him. The teen shook his head as he warped his arms around himself
“I don’t want to die.” Harry said, as more tears rolled down his cheek “I don’t want any part of this stupid war, I don’t want to be the boy who lived I just want be Harry nothing else!” He screamed.

Voldemort took his cloak off and placed it around Harry’s shoulders making the teen flinch at him before the Dark Lord hooked his fingers under Harry’s chin and forced him to look up at him “Do you know Dumbledore’s greatest secret?” He asked the boy softly, Harry sniffed and pulled his head away
“He isn’t the good guy.” Harry said to him, Voldemort chuckled
“A year before you were born he kidnapped James from his lover’s arms and he kept him prisoner in an unknown location. He forced himself on James until he become pregnant with you.” Harry’s eyes widen as he looked at him and shook his head
“N…No your-your lying!” Harry cried out
“I swear on my magic these are the words I speak.” He whispered as he reached out and touched Harry’s face. “When I found James he was dying, he killed Lilly but not before she mortally wounded him. Then I saw you and he begged me to save you to protect you but I was so anger as I looked into that sweet innocent face. That the moment James died in my arms I lost all of my sanity that I tried to kill you.” Harry was sobbing harder now “”But now I have my body back it feels as if my fragmented souls are pulled themselves back together that I can see you for who you really are.” Harry looked back at him still shaking but not from the cold “A beautiful boy who looks so much like my James.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed Harry on the lips.

The raven haired teen pulled away the moment he felt Voldemort’s lips touch him “I…I’m 14.” He whispered as the man touched the scar on the teen’s forehead
“I am aware of how old you are and you have my word that I will not touch you until you’re of age and read because I can see the fear in your eyes. What if I’m lying to you? I also swear this on my magic.” He said, Harry let out another sob as he pulled the cloak around him tighter
“W…What will I have to do?” He whispered in defeat before he looked up at him “What do you want from me?” he asked as Voldemort stood up and looked around at his Death Eaters
“You need to rest first.” He waved his wand and before Harry wanted to know what will happen but he started to feel the sleeping spell start to affect him and he slumped into the ground.

When Harry woke up next he found himself curled up in soft warm sheets, he laid there feeling too afraid to move fearing that this is comforting warm illusion will fade. After a little while he moved and sat up in bed looking down at the pj’s he was wearing and was happy that he wasn’t wearing anything revealing or that he was naked. He moved his legs and felt something around his ankles and as he pulled the pj’s trouser legs up over his knees he gasped seeing two gold bands that looks like snakes warped out his ankles.

He didn’t hear the door to the bed chamber open and someone walk in, the red eye man looked at the teen as he looked at his ankles and his anklets “They are bonds to tie you to me.” Harry looked up at him with wide eyes “I have an image to up hold my sweet fox and I will need you to call me master.” The teen frowned as he pulled the bed sheets back over his legs “Bonds were made when lords has slaves, they not only tie you to me but they protect you. You will not be able to leave this manor unless I wish you to and the only way those will come of if I let you go or I die. It also prevents a master from harming his salve.” He said, Harry was still frowning as he looked down into his hands trying to his eyes. “Do you understand my little one?” He whispered as he reached out and touch the teen’s face
“Yes.” Harry whispered “Master.”
…End of flash back…

Remus smiled at him as Harry looked up from his drink as the teen started to cry again as he pressed his hand to his bump “He’s gone Remus, he’s left me he promises me he won’t!” He cried as he moved closer to him and the wolf warped his arms around him and kissed the top of his head
“My beautiful cub I don’t think he died just to hurt you, he was trying to keep you safe and away from that man.” He said as he ran his fingers thought Harry’s shoulder length hair.

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Derek walked into the bathroom he see is mate standing in the shower, his eyes were closed as he looked up into the hot water that sprayed water. Derek stood there watching him for a moment seeing the bruises on Stiles skin from where V held him too tightly and it made the wolf growled seeing the marks and it made Stiles turned to look at him. The glass started to fog up from the hot water as Derek walked up to the shower and open the glass door before walking in “Derek you clothes?” Stiles said as the wolf step under the spray and cupped his mate’s face.

Stiles held his arms as he looked up at him with his large whisky warm eyes, he could see the sad look in the wolf’s eyes that it broke his heart to see him like this “I’m so sorry Derek.” Stiles said as he felt those hot pin pricking tears “I’m sorry.” He whispered
“Don’t be.” He whispered back, as he pushed Stiles against the tiled wall and kissed him. The younger man moaned as he kissed back letting Derek have the control he needs at the moment. The emissary grabbed Derek’s shirts as he kissed back letting the tongue slip into his mouth making. Pulling back Derek looked down into his mate eyes and smiled softly “Don’t ever be sorry for something you had no control over.” He told him as he ran his fingers down Stiles front
“The baby… I know we have been talking about it but we can make it wrote right? V has a human body because of me he bound to start to feel needs.” He said
“Stiles I’m not mad at you, I just wished Scott didn’t force your hand.” The dark haired wolf whispered him
“Derek please make love to me.”

It was a couple of days later, Stiles was in the kitchen cooking breakfast humming to the music on the radio as Derek was just coming down the stairs rubbing his head with a towel when the doorbell rang. “I got it.” He called out as he open the door. He thought maybe it was the post man or the sheriff who was coming for breakfast so they could tell him about V’s deal and the baby but as he pulled the door open he frozen to the spot seeing V standing there covered in blood that was dripping off his fingers. “V?” Derek said, seeing the Nogitsune standing there with a large grin on his face “Stiles!” Derek called out
“Hey Derek did you miss me?” V chuckled as he walked into the house, Stiles walked out of the kitchen when he heard Derek calling him, he thought like Derek did it was his father so when he walked out the kitchen towards the hall away he was shocked to see V and a very tenses Derek standing there like he was waiting for a fight. “What are you doing here?” Derek snarled as V turned and smiled at Stiles
“I just came to say I just fished off the last of those pesky dread doctors and those weird hybrids.” He grinned as he reached out to Stiles’ cheek
“Go and have a shower.” Stiles told him as he felt the cooling blood pressed to his skin made him wince
“Whatever you say Vixen.” He chuckled as he turned and walked up the stairs.

Stiles walked back to the kitchen and straight for the sink he stands there wiping the blood off his face as he hears the shower turns on “What is he doing here?” Derek asked walking behind him
“I don’t know?” Stiles sighed as he turned to look at Derek “I don’t know.” He rubbed is eyes suddenly feeling very tried
“Stiles I don’t like this.” Derek said, he was worried that the Demon fox would take away his mate, the teen shook his head as he walked to the breakfast table and started to set another place “What are you doing?”
“Look I don’t think he will go back to that place any time soon so let him have a shower and let him eat with us. After all my father will want to kill him.” Stiles told him as he looked up at him “Are you mad at me?”
“No, I’m just disappointed that it’s not me that is the father.” Stiles walked over to him and warped his arms around him and kissed his own mating bite on Derek’s neck
“Is this a private party or can anyone join?” Came the rough voice, both Derek and Stiles turned around to see a very naked Void standing there
“Oh good god!” Stiles yelled as Derek covered Stiles eyes
“Oh come on big bad wolf it’s not he hasn’t seen all this before?” He grinned as he wiggled his hips.

The couple frown as the Nogitsune as he walked towards them, Stiles pulled Derek’s hand off his face so he could look at the grin madman “I should get you clothes.” Stiles mumbled as he ducked his head as his cheeks turned pink.
“They won’t fit.” He sang as he pulled at Stiles shirt “Yours are too small and his are too big.” He hummed at Stiles who started to leave the room
“I will just have to find something in the middle won’t I!” The teen hissed, V reached out and grabbed Stiles arm and pulled him back into the room making Derek growl.  
“Don’t touch him haven’t you done enough?” Derek yell as he pulled Stiles into his arms and held him close him. V rolled his eyes at them and stood there looking at them
“I have every right to him Mr Wolf. Not only am I part of him but I am the only one keeping him alive and that is my kit he is carrying!” He snarled at them his eye turning dark as he glared at them “I have rights to him.”
“AND I AM NOT AN OBJECT!” Stiles yelled, he glared at both of them before he walked to the oven and pulled out a tray and put it on the counter before turning to look at them.
“You want to know why I am here?” V said after a while of Stiles snarled at them. Derek looked at him as did Stiles “I’m here for you and you.” He looked from Stiles and Derek “I know I can’t have Stiles with you Derek and I know you will be a good father to my kit. You have to understand when my Vixen has a urge about something so do I. He wants children I want children.”

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Severus and Remus sat in Dark Lords’ offices, while Harry laid curled up on the sofa his head resting on wolf’s lap. He still wasn’t sure if this was a good idea as he kept his hand moving thought Harry’s hair. “Well isn’t this cosy.” Voldemort chuckled as he sipped his drink “What is going on here?” He asked as he waved his hands at them. Remus turned to Severus who squeezed his hand gently before he looked back at the Dark Lord.
“Sirius Black was a monster, he raped and murdered on the command of Dumbledore.” Snape said “He started to alter Black when he turned 12 at first he was ill and then he became violent ad he got older each of his victims he left alive he marked. I and Remus and a couple of others still bare those marks. A tattoo of sorts that bound us to him in some form. We were never sure what they were for because there was never any pull or need to go to him.” Remus stiffen as he held kept his eyes down on Harry “We thought… No we hoped that when he was locked up the madness would end we had no clue that Dumbledore had done keep his real weapon alive. As to why we’re here as of last night Harry lashed out and killed his muggle family. He turned up at Remus’ covered in blood and cuts and bruises after he washed the blood of Remus notices a pair of black wings on the boy’s back.” The Dark Lord turned to the wolf who was now looking up at him
“That was the mark Sirius left on us. He used the old muggle way it was rather painful but Harry’s one wasn’t made that way nor was it put there by magic. H…Harry said they appeared after Sirius dead. That would only appear if…”
“If Sirius Black is Harry’s real father.” Voldemort said, making the two men nod.  
“We don’t think Lilly was Harry’s mother, we think James was.” Severus said with a tried sigh
“Dumbledore had control over Sirius and we think that he ordered him to r…rape James to get him pregnant. Then when James found out he was pregnant he told Lilly and they went into hiding.” Voldemort frowned as he looked down at Harry’s soft oval face
“Do you think he raped Harry?” They nodded as Harry whimpered and curled up on his side.

The Dark Lord just looked at them before he looked down into his drink “Let me see these wings.” He asked, Remus looked worried but moved Harry show he could show him the wings. His fingers brushed against the wings that lay over the boy’s along the boy’s back curving from the shoulder blades down the rest of his back. “I know what Black was and I know what Harry is.” The Dark Lord said as he sat back down.
“What?” Remus asked
“An Angel. Well a type of Angel they are known as fallen angels or dark Angels. They are fighters and have incredible power. I am not sure what Dumbledore did to Black but I know it wouldn’t have been Dumbledore to make Black sire a child that would be a natural urge for a Dom like him. However Harry on the other hand is a sub…tho as he can take on fully grown Death Eaters and me makes me wonder.” He told them
“A Dark Angel?” the wold whispered as he looked down at the boy
“Do you think Sirius knew that Harry was his son?” Severus asked, Voldemort shrugged
“Should have done but if that old man fucked with his head then maybe…maybe his judgement is messed up.

Harry woke up with a cry from his nightmare he looked around the room in a panic before he spotted Remus sleeping sofa. He looked around bed room and frowned realising that this wasn’t Remus Walsh home. He saw the wolf was starting to stir and wake up his amber eyes looking right at him “Harry.” He whispered as he sat up and moved to the bed
“Where am I?” He asked
“Somewhere safe so I’ve been told.” He smiled as he ran his fingers thought the boy’s hair, Harry looked up at him his green eyes holding a gold ring around pupil “How are you feeling?”
“I don’t know.” Harry said “Everything is confusing, my head hurts and the rest of me.” He told him softly. Remus leaned over to the bed side table and picked up a small blue potion bottle
“Here drink this.” He whispered, Harry took the potion bottle into his hands and then downed it before wincing at the taste. “I’m so sorry Harry that you have to go through this.” Remus said as he warped his arms around him and held him close
“It was Sirius wasn’t it? He did something to me?” Harry said quietly as he rested his head on the wolf’s chest. The wolf closed his eyes as he kissed the top of the boy’s head as he felt his own eyes burn with pain
“Don’t say his name.” Harry whispered as his hands tighten around the man’s robes, Remus felt his chest tighten as he pulled the teen onto his lap.
“The headmaster did something to Sirius and…it changed him for the worst he become a monster Harry and we think Dumbledore was going to try the same thing to you.” He told him as he felt the child shake in his arms
“I am a monster I killed my relatives.” He said dully.

Remus pulled Harry out in front of him and looked at him in wide eyed “No no you’re not a monster you are a beautiful boy, don’t ever think of yourself as a monster.” Harry eyes widen as he looked at up at the werewolf and saw the tears in his eyes
“Only if you don’t think of yourself as a monster.” Harry smiled weakly, Remus nodded and smiled weakly back.
“Okay Harry now this part is important I had to call Severus…” He saw the boy’s face slip into a panic look “…He knew about Sirius because Sirius hurt him as much as he hurt me and James. Over the years we decide to keep what Sirius did to ourselves and find out what happen to make him like this. He is helping us Harry him and The Dark Lord.” Harry lurched himself off the bed in a tangle of bed sheets “HARRY!” Remus yelled as he watched the boy trying to escape from him “Please he isn’t going to hurt you!”
“No he just going to kill me!” Harry screamed as he scramble into a corner.

The wolf moved off the bed and knelt in front of Harry who had pressed himself against the wall, his chest was heaving like a frighten rabbit. “Harry my pup listen to me, he won’t hurt you not as long as I breathe. He took a wizard oath that if he ever harmed you or tried to kill you he will lose his magic.” Harry eyed him with a frown before he slumped down onto the ground.  
“He took an oath?” Harry whispered
“Yes pup.” He smiled as he knelt on the ground and looked at him.


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jgndhdshgfisoa Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hello how are you
darksidermonents Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
I'm good and u
jgndhdshgfisoa Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Good, did my cards come yet
darksidermonents Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
no not yet
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ShadowDancer89 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
I don't comment very often, but I would like to let you know that I have been enjoying your stories. You do a great job. Thumbs-up.
darksidermonents Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Student Filmographer
thank youHatsune Miku-06 (Smile) 
jgndhdshgfisoa Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
Hey how are you
darksidermonents Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Student Filmographer
tried and achy and yourself
jgndhdshgfisoa Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
Tried and some what in pain. Why is you 
darksidermonents Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Student Filmographer
been working long hours and my wisedom took is growing and it hurt
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