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They started to head back to the house when they heard the screams, both boys ran up to the nearest stone wall and watched as a large group of masked men came out of their house as flames licked the house and bursting through the windows. They watched as the Death Eaters disappeared leaving their home burn to the ground “We should go.” Fred said as he grabbed his brother’s arm and disappeared themselves.

They arrived back at the shop and made their way up stairs where they found a guest waiting for them. They froze seeing Remus sat in their living room as he drunk tea “You two took your time.” He said as he looked up seeing their panic and fear on their faces “Fred? George? What happen?” He asked them as Fred caught his brother as he slumped in his arms
“W…We just seen Death Eaters burn our home down. With-With mum, dad, Ginny and-and Ron.” Fred said as he placed his brother in a chair before George threw up on Remus shoe.
“S…Sorry.” He whispered
“He’s been sick a while.” Fred said as he cleaned his brother’s mess up as Remus watched then
“Are you sure they were inside?” Remus asked “And I thought Ron was with Harry and Hermione?” He asked. The twins looked at each other before looking at the wolf in front of them
“Ummm well… Ron is…was a little shit he wanted to save his own hide and gave Harry and Hermione to-to Fenrir.” Remus face paled even more than before.
“Fenrir?” Remus whispered “Stand up you two are coming with me. Can he travel?”
“Yeah just badly.”  

They arrived at Fenrir’s camp and Remus watched how some of the other wolves were not looking at him in the eyes. He frowned but before he could say anything George collapsed onto the ground with Fred screaming his name in panic. Remus bent down by his side and looked him up and down before resting his hands on George’s stomach. There he found a small swell and movement that fluttered under his hand he turned and looked at Fred “Was he dating someone?” Fred nodded and bite his bottom lip
“H…He was killed by Death Eater 3 to 4 months ago. Why?” He asked
“Your brother is pregnant.” Remus said as he scooped the red up in his arms and walked over to the healer’s huts.

Before he even made it close to the healer’s hurt he saw Bill coming out of Fenrir’s hut and running towards them in panic “George oh my god what happen?” He asked as he took him out of his mate’s hold
“He is pregnant.” Remus said as he looked at his mate “Where are they Bill.” The red head looked up with a sad guilty look
“I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know where you were or if it was safe to tell you.” He whispered as he looked at the hut
“You take your brothers to the healer.” Bill nodded as he and Fred moved together with George in his arms.

Remus walked up to the hut and stepped inside the moment he did he could smell Hermione and Harry in the room. He saw Fenrir by the bed as he saw both teens huddle together in flood of tears. “What the fuck did you do to them?” Remus snarled as he walked up to Fenrir. The alpha stood up and towered over Remus with a growl down at him
“I took my mates! They aren’t crying about that at the moment they are crying at the fix that the Dark Lord his Harry’s Grandfather and Hermione is your daughter!” Fenrir yelled at him as Remus stopped onto the bed and looked at the two pups that were looking at him with tearful eyes
“Oh fuck.” He whispered as he crawled over to them “It’s okay come here.” Remus whispered as both Harry and Hermione buried their faces in his chest as they held onto him.

It was hours before anyone could talk in that time Fenrir has to go out and do his duties as an alpha and Fred, George and Bill came back to the room and joined them on the bed. “Soooo Hermione is what I step cousin?” Fred asked as he hugged his brother
“Don’t forget Harry, Remus think of him as a cub to.” The pale looking George said, Harry smiled weakly as he felt Remus touched his shoulder
“He is right.” He told him “I have always thought of you as my cub. Both of you.” He said as he looked at the brown eyed witch who was resting her head on Bill’s shoulders “Now mind telling me what Fenrir did to both of you so I can kill him with a reason?” He asked. Hermione looked at Harry who looked down at the bed sheet
“Well… he wolfed out on us and declared we’re his mates and we didn’t have much time to…to do anything before he…”
“Before he mated with us and made us mate with each other.” Hermione said, she sugar coated it for Remus and Harry thinks they should have just said that the alpha wolf forced them to fuck each other as he fucked them. But Hermione was just trying to save the peace for now.
“And we’re pregnant or at least should be.”  Harry added…forget the peace…he thought. He turned to Fred and George who were not their normal happy selves “Why did Remus bring you here?” He whispered to them
“We were planning on coming here to being with couldn’t stand mum and the others mooning over Ron. But… the Death Eater’s attacked the house, we think that mum, dad, Ginny and Ron was inside.” Harry and Hermione stiffen and looked at each other
“I…I’m sorry but we asked Voldemort to kill Ron.” Harry whispered “We are so angry at what he done to us that he led us to Fenrir before running for the hills. He left us here with him.” Harry told them now feeling guilty as he warped his arms around himself.
“We’re not mad at you they were all in Dumbledore’s pocket.” Fred said, “My job is to look after my brother.” He said looking at George who looked miserable as he turned his face into his brother’s chest
“Who is the baby’s father?” Bill asked seeing George stiffen
“We only met him the once, he was hiding from Death Eaters and well him and George hit it off. I didn’t know they slept together until he heard he was killed.” Fred said as he heard his brother cry.
Anyone else having problems with FanFaction site?

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Chapter 3
“HARRY!” Viktor yelled, the teen moved to the door away and poked his head out and looked down to see his mate kneeling by his potion teacher. “Proffers Snape?” Harry gasped “Bring him in.” Harry said looking up and down the hall as he pulled the blanket around himself more. Viktor picked up the potion master and carried inside into the chambers.  Harry was warped up in a bed sheet and was looking scared as Viktor placed Snape onto the sofa. The teen walked closer to the sofa to see the dark haired man shake “He’s been crucio.” Harry said, knowing the effect quite well
“I shall call my school’s healer he is the best.” Viktor said, as he walked over to the fire place as Harry knelt in front of the older man and took his hand and felt the man squeeze it tightly and open his eyes. Harry thought he would see the normal dark orbs that often showed him hate and anger but instead his eyes turned amber slits
“Viktor?” Harry called out as he turned to look at his mate.

The hand tighten around his wrist making Harry looked back at him with wide eyes feeling his wrist ache “VIKTOR!” Harry yelled again. The wizard Dragon rushed into the room and watched as scales rippled across Snape’s face “His face!” Harry said in shock and panic as Snape pulled him closer to him
“My son my beautiful boy please forgive me.” He whispered before he passed out on the sofa. His hand loosen and dropped from Harry wrist as the dark haired teen looked up at his mate in shock as he looked back at the potion master as he laid there shivering in pain.
“I…I…” Harry couldn’t finish what he was saying he was lost for words as he just looked at Severus.

Viktor stood almost frozen to the spot as he watched his mate as he wanted to panic and wanting to ask questions. Before he could got to his mate the fire place light up in a green light as a very tall man walks into the room his hair was plated down his back and looked unhappy to be woken up. “Viktor?” The man said
“In here Aleksandar.” The man walked in and looked at the scene before him and looked up at the dragon wizard with and then to the man on the sofa and then the young pregnant boy knelling by his side
“Who am I seeing?” He asked as Viktor moved closer to Harry and helped him stand up and whimpered in his hold
“The man on the sofa his name is Severus Snape, Aleksandar he is a dragon Wizard take good care of him.” Aleksandar raised an eye brow at him as if to say ‘you doubt me?’  But bowed any way
“Of course Viktor, may I ask can I see you mate first he seem to be in distress.” Viktor hummed at the healer and nodded as he placed Harry in his lap as he sat down.

The teen looked towards Severus as Aleksander pulled Harry’s shirt up over his bump and started to touch and felt the baby’s magic reach out to him “Well the child is fine he is strong. Your mate however need some potions by the looks of him.” The healer said as Harry looked at him
“What do you mean?” Harry asked, frowning
“I’m just worried at how thin you are.” He told him with a smile as he pulled out small potion from his pocket
“I do eat I promises you! It’s…It’s just that the muggle family I was forced to live with didn’t feed me.” Harry said looking down at his mate’s knee as the healer handed him the potion. Viktor growled at the thought of those muggles as Harry took the potion
“I see and were they your family?” The healer asked, Harry shook his head as he handed him the empty bottle back
“No.” He whispered, feeling the corners of his eyes burn from tears he knew it was because of the hormones. Aleksandar reached up and hooked his fingers under Harry’s chin and him look up at him even tho he could feel Viktor growl at him
“Then why were you placed there?” He whispered “Where is your family?” Harry shrugged and looked away from him to Snape
“My mate doesn’t know who his really family are he was taken from them, we believe that Lilly and James Potter were either looking after him at the time of the attack or they took him.” Viktor tells the healer. Aleksandar nods before he stands up with a hum on his tongue
“Take him your bed and make sure he is resting I will be in to see him shortly after I dealt with Mr Snape.” Standing up the Dragon wizard carried Harry towards the bed room.

After a few hours Aleksandar walks into the main living area after he removed Snape to a spare room he looks at Viktor who was waiting for him. “The potion master will live, he was cursed with one of the unforgivable but it also broke the memory block.”
“I thought memory blocks can’t be unblocked on their own? He asked the healer
“Umm it can if he’s been held under the Cruciatus curse long enough it started to crack like glass until the final push and it all came bursting out. All the memories that have been hidden from him floods his mind.” Aleksandar said, as he sat down
“He called Harry his son, is there a chance that this is true?” he asked

The next day…
Severus staggered about from the spare room and looked at Harry and Viktor at the small table eating breakfast. The older Seeker stood up “Would you like some toast and coffee.” He said
“I should be…”
“No please sir stay, you need to eat something.” Harry said, standing up with a small smile on his face. Snape moved slowly towards them and sat himself down between Harry and Viktor. They sat there in awkward silence eating, Harry didn’t know how to being up the subject that Severus is his father and Snape didn’t know how to tell him he remembered telling him. Viktor on the other hand had no problem asking
“So you’re my mate’s father.”

Severus choked on his coffee and glared at Harry who turned his head down and looked at his plate “Don’t look at him like that! If you are his father then you must accept responsibility of your actions over these years.” He said as ate his breakfast
“Accept my responsibilities? You have no idea what my responsibilities are and to this child!” He hissed as he stood up
“I know that memories that have been blocked are now free and you called my mate your son, my healer confirmed it.” He told him as he looked up and tilted his head and looked at the potion master.
“Yes he is my son and Dumbledore blocked my memories of him and changed the ones he couldn’t.” He said as he watched Harry as he picked at his food “This are difficult and my mind is full of confusing things I just need time to adjust to it.” He told Harry as he reached out and touched his hand. The teen looked up with large eyes and smiled weakly “I’m just ask for time to sort through my thoughts.” He smiled softly
“I can do that.” He whispered to him.

Later that day…
Harry smiled when he see Remus walk up to him and large black dog trotting next to him, Harry was worried about what they would think a 14 years old boy pregnant  and mated to a dragon Wizard. Sirius trotted up to him and whimpered seeing the bump and nuzzled his head against the bump. “Hello Harry you are looking well.” Remus said as move somewhere more quiet and private.
“I’m okay, this is still all new to me.” He smiled as he sat down on the sofa, Remus sat with him as did Remus
“I’m shocked you’re not put there cheering your mate on?” Harry sighed and looked down at the sofa’s golden patterns
“He doesn’t want me out there in the cold at with Dumbledore trying to kill my baby he thought it would be safer inside the castle.” He told them, Sirius growled and rested his head on Harry’s lap making the young teen smile as he ran his fingers though the dog’s fur, Remus frowned as he reached out and hooked his fingers under Harry’s chin and looked at him
“You’re telling me the truth right?” He asked, Harry pulled himself away from Remus and looked at him with worried eyes.
“Of course I am! Why do you think I’m lying?”  Remus sighed and held his hand up to calm him
“I’m sorry cub I didn’t mean like that. Dumbledore told us that Viktor forced you to mate with him and you are carrying a child you didn’t want?” Remus said, he saw Harry’s reaction and saw the panic on his face.
“No- no it’s nothing like that! He is a dragon wizard and so I am. We just reacted he mated with each other and I WANT THIS BABY! THIS IS MY BABY AND I WILL NOT LET ANYONE TRY AND TAKE IT OR KILL IT!” He yelled his skin rippled to show his scales before they faded back under the skin
“Easy cub I’m sorry we are just telling you what Dumbledore told us.” Sirius said when he changed into his human form and pulled a blanket around his waist
“You believe me don’t you?” He whispered, as he felt tears roll down his cheeks
“Of course Harry, we just have to make sure cub please don’t cry.” Remus whispered to him as he open his arms to him. For a second Harry stood where he was before running over to him and Sirius and hid his face in the wolf’s chest and cried.

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Stiles looked at the clock on his phone, and counted down the seconds “5…4…3…2…1” He whispered as he heard the bed room window open and the muffled huffing of the hybrid unable to get though his window
“Still using Rosemary Stiles.” The teen turned around and looked at Theo who was sat at his window. Stiles grinned seeing it rain as he kept to the other side of the room
“You know I am gonna have to start letting my dad know about your nightly visits maybe he will let me use his shoot gun.” Stiles told him as he picked a metal baseball bat and played with it. Theo licked his lips seeing Stiles run his fingers up the silver bat before looking up at the blue eyes
“Come on Stiles sooner or later you are gonna have to forgive me.” Theo purred “For our baby’s sake he will need a daddy.” Stiles snorted and laughed as he rubbed his fingers up and down the slight swell
“I’m not going to ever forgive your turning Scott against me, almost killing my father sending Lydia to that loony bin oh and for raping me and forcing me to kill Donavon.” He snarled.

Theo groaned and pulled his hoodie closer to his body before looking a Stiles, he did love the way he looked with the soft curves of the small swell of the baby bump and he loved Stiles fingers and how they make even holding a pencil look provocative. “How many times am I going to tell you are not going to be part of my child’s life?” Stiles wasn’t going to tell him he is having two pups, hell he was hoping that Theo or himself would be as far away when they are drew to be born.
“Oh come on! They planned this! They drugged me I was planning on wooing you first but you’re so fucking stubborn.” Theo yelled, Stiles turned his back to him and the walked over to his Void draw and open it before pulling something out before walking over to the window before looking down at Theo
“I will brake very bone in your body Theo before I even let you smell my pup and if Scott is still an arse by the time he or she is born then I have others in the que to be a father before you and quite frankly Peter is higher on the list then you even the fucking Demon wolf is higher than you. Fuck I think Scott’s father is on there, Chris even some of the fucking assassins are higher up the list. You Theo are not even written down.” He growled before he jab something into Theo’s shoulder “Shit I miss the heart.” Stiles grumbled as Theo gasped and moaned
“Fucking hell will you stop hurting me? Stiles you will be my mate and that pup will know me as his daddy.”
“Fuck why do you think it will be a he?” Stiles growled at him.

“HEY GET AWAY FROM MY SON’S WINDOW!” Theo turned and looked down to see the Sheriff standing there in jeans and shirt holding a shotgun
“I told you we had a shotgun.” Stiles purred as he watched his father line up the barrel to Theo “You should run my dad is a good shot.” Stiles smirked as Theo moved just a little too late. The sheriff fired the shotgun and watched as Theo let out a howl of pain before running off.

Stiles came down stairs and helped his dad back into the house taking the gun off him and warping a blanket around him before sitting him down “I wish you hadn’t done that.” Stiles mumbled as he looked at his dad’s wounds that still look nasty but healing nicely
“I heard yelling and saw that little shit at your window.” Stiles didn’t have the heart to tell him that said little shit visited him very night at the same time.
“Don’t worry the rosemary will keep him out?” Stiles whispered as he picked up the cream Deaton gave him and started to rub on the scar.
“God that stuff stinks.”
“Yeah I know but it helps heal wounds.” Stiles whispered softly.

Stiles and his father sat there in the living room both of them had a cup of hot chocolate and they were just enjoying being alone “I asked Derek to kidnap you the other day.” John said looking down at the marshmallow bobbing in the milky chocolate liquid. Stiles snorted into this drink and it made him smile
“Were you on your pain killers?” He asked
“And the whisky.” He mumbled
“Nice and what did big and sour wolf say?” John frowned as if he tried to recall the memory as he sipped his drink
“Say when and where and he will do it.” Stiles nodded to his father and smiled
“Okay well at least I have a backup plan to get away from this mess.” Stiles mumbled tiredly as he leaned on his father’s shoulders.

Later that night Stiles was curled up in bed a sleep when Scott climbed through the window, he saw Stiles sleeping and he toed off his shoes and walked over to the bed and curled up behind Stiles. “Bad dogs belong on the floor.” Stiles mumbled as he grabbed Scott’s arm and threw him over his own body and onto the ground.
“Stiles?” Scott groaned as he pushed himself back up and looked at Stiles as he flashed his bright blue eyes at him
“No Scott I told you what will happen if you up set me, your luck I am still letting you in the house or even my bed room.” Stiles told him as he threw a pillow at him “If you stay you sleep on the floor.” He growled
“Do you feel guilty for what you did?” Stiles looked at him with wide eyes
“My eyes are fucking blue of course I feel guilty you arse hole!” He snarled at him before he looked sad “Why did you think I wasn’t? He attacked me Scott he was going to hurt me or even kill me to hurt my dad it was an accident what happen I didn’t mean to do it. But what does it matter now he’s fucks alive!” Stiles yelled at him
“I’m sorry...” He said as he knelt in front of Stiles and rested his head on lap which made Stiles flinch a little “I’m sorry your dad got hurt, I’m sorry that I wasn’t a better alpha to all of you and I’m sorry I let things go so out of control.” He whimpered as he started to cry “I know you don’t need an alpha but you need a brother a best friend and a mate.” He told him as he looked up with his sad human eyes “I love you I really do and I want to be there for your pup and…and I want to be there for you.” He sobbed as he nuzzled Stiles slightly bump.

The teen sighed and rubbed his tried eyes as he ran his fingers though the wolf’s thick dark hair as he looked out his bed room wall “I’m having twins.” Stiles whispered, he felt Scott move his head and looked up at him with wide eyes
“T…Twins?” He whispered, Stiles nodded and he had a small smile.
“Yep aaaand you should know I have had Derek in my bed.”
The Darling Doctors PT10
Any one got any ideas what I could do for a pic

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‘All around me the bridges are burning and I can’t see the woods for the trees.’

Month later…..

The Dread Doctor’s disappeared, teens stopped disappearing and people stopped being killed and scared. Siles was worried that once he got close to his due date will the doctors come back for him and his baby.   Theo was still in town and he was still trying to get Stiles to forgive him but Stiles can’t believe a words he says especially as he put his dad into hospital.

“You don’t need to baby sit me, I am 40 years old Stiles.” John crumbled as he winced sitting down into a sofa, the teen frowned at him
“Your 46 and you still have stitches.” Stiles told him with a small growl as John picked up some files and started to go through them as he smiled at his son
“You’re the one who is pregnant couldn’t you at least stop looking like you are doing everything?” He asked as he took Stiles hand. The teen smiled weakly at him as he picked up cup off the floor
“Derek say he be by later.” He told him, John nodded and let Stiles wonder into the kitchen
“You know I was thinking that maybe that Theo is really Peter’s son and everyone was wrong about Malia. I mean she doesn’t even look like him.” John said Stiles rolled his eyes knowing the pain killers have kicked in once again.
“Well as much as that sounds believable she is and he isn’t.” The teen said walking back into the room with a fresh cup of coffee
“I hope your baby doesn’t look like Peter.” John mumble
“Dad Theo isn’t Peter’s son.”  Stiles weakly as he took the file out of his dad’s hand and watched him lay back down onto the sofa falling asleep.

Derek turned up not long after the Sheriff fell asleep and he sat with Stiles in the kitchen Stiles was nursing a cup of tea while Derek was nursing a cup of coffee there was a slight dome to Stiles stomach Derek figured that maybe that Stiles was have more than one pup but he kept that to himself for the time being “Scott still not talking to you?” Derek asked as he looked up at the teen, Stiles growled as he poked holes at the sandwich he made for them
“No, he can’t get passed that I killed Donavan by accident dad understand it was an accident and still feel guilty for it.” He told him as he sipped his coffee
“Will you forgive him?”
“At this moment in time Peter has a better chance at being forgiven then Scott.” Stiles grumbled as he looked up at Derek “I told not to brake my heart.” Stiles whispered
“Stiles your young and beautiful and Scott will not only be your first heart break.” Derek tells him, Stiles looked up at him and smiled softly
“You think I’m beautiful.” He grinned at him as Derek looked down at his coffee
“I always have.”

Later on that day Derek walked over to Scott, he stood waiting for the wolf to open the but instead found Kira opening the door wearing nothing but one of Scott’s shirts. “Hey Derek.” She blushed as she brushed some of her hair behind her ears
“Hey Kira can I speak to Scott?” He asked, she smiled shyly and walked back into the house letting Derek in. Scott came down the stairs putting his shirt on he looked at Derek and frown seeing him standing in the house
“What do you think you’re doing? You tell your best friend you love him and you sleep with him but the moment you find out he killed someone in self-defences you act like a rightest prick!” The dark haired teen mouth dropped open as he looked back at Derek who was growling at him. Kira popped her head around the corner and blinked in shock at Scott
“You did what?”
“Did he not tell you he slept with Stiles?” Derek growled
“I knew he did that!” She said “But I didn’t know that he was being this stuck up about him killing Donavan!” She turned to Scott and hit him in the arm
“Awo!” Scott grumbled “And that isn’t it, yeah sure I was mad he kept something like that from me but I’m over that now. I just didn’t think he would want to see me for a while and well his dad almost die and all...”
“I swear to god Scott how the hell did you become a true Alpha! Stiles thinks you hate him you haven’t seen him once since his father was hurt he feels like your abandon him. You made a promise not to brake his heart.” Derek growled “Fix this Scott, Stiles is right about one thing he doesn’t need an alpha, Foxes don’t need alphas.” Derek growled as he headed for the door.

Next day….

Stiles was having a scan done by Deaton and they were looking at the screen when Stiles froze “Well it seems that there is more than one heart beat.” Deaton said as he looked at the screen a bit more
“H…How many more?” Stiles whispered
“Two by the looks of it.” Deaton tells him, Stiles hums as he watches the small formed of life on the screen and he purrs which weirds him out a little. Smiling at the teen Deaton hands Stiles a clothes so he could wipes his dome stomach. “Two strong heart beats, I will need to see you twice a week Stiles I don’t know how much stress this will put on your body.”
“Well I am the only male in the world who can carry a baby or two it seems.” Stiles mumbles, the vet hummed and looked like he was hiding something “Am?” He asked
“Not really, it’s just really rare at one point in it wasn’t rare but hunters and the church put an end to that. You will just have to be careful once the babies are born because any male wolf could knock you up again.” Stiles let out huff as he rubbed his stomach and he tilt his head
Any chance you can teach me how to be a Druid Emissary like you are, were no it’s are isn’t it.” The vet chuckled and smiled at Stiles
“I would love to.”
The Darling Doctors PT9 : months later
I am really in the mood to hate Scott at this moment 


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