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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
“SLYTHERIN!” The hat shouted, the sliver and green table cheered loudly as Harry Chernyy slipped off stool and walked over to the table Padfoot at his heals as he sat down next to the blonde that was already was placed Slytherin. Harry looked up at the teachers’ table and saw the old white haired man looking down at him as if he was trying to read him. Harry turned back to the blonde who smiled at him and held out his hand “I’m Draco Malfoy.” He smirked “This is the best house you could be in.” He told him
“So I heard, I’m Harry Chernyy.” He told him lazily, and there was a bark “Oh sorry this is Padfoot.” He smiled as he rubbed the pup’s ears. Draco grinned at the small black dog and reached out and stroked his head
“How big will he grow?” Draco asked, Harry shrugged and put a plate down with some food for him
“Not sure it depends how big Dimitri spell works.” Harry said as went back to his plate.

Dimitri walked into the headmaster’s offices and started stroking the fire bird as he waited for the headmaster to turn up. “Aren’t you a pretty thing?” He hummed as Fork made a shrilling nose of happiness, the boy laid his head on the demon’s hand and nuzzled it making Dimitri chuckled at him
“I didn’t think he would be so friendly to a demon?” Came the voice, the dark haired demon turned around and looked at the old man with a slight smirk
“The phoenix and I are kin and we have the same power however the Dark Phoenix wants to punish the bad where the Phoenix purrs for the good. He said as he looked at the old man.

Dumbledore sneered at him as he moved to sit behind his desk, his eyes never leaving the demon as said demon sat in front of him “You stole a child from his loving family…”
“Loving please don’t make me laugh old man, they were no more loving than you were to your mate.” He said “How is he doing by the way? Is he still alive?” Dimitri asked seeing the anger bubble under the headmaster’s skin
“What do you want?” Dumbledore growled, the demon leaned back feeling the pin prick magic on his skin Dimitri tilted his head and looked at him with a lazy smile
“My son is still in training his powers are at a tender stage and need to be looked after. You will receive a visitor once a week to help him train and if he doesn’t get his training he will leave the school and enrol into another school that will allow him to train. I hear Durmstrang Institute is lovely this time of year.” The white haired wizard frowned at him as he leaned over his desk keeping his withered hands on the table gripping it tightly until his knuckles turned white.
“You can’t take him out of this school. He’s been signed up for this school before he was born and I WILL BE DAMNED IF A LOW LIFE DEMON WILL TAKE HIM OUT OF HERE!” He screamed waking up some of the old headmasters in the portrait “And another thing I will not allow him to have that mutt here.” Dimitri looked at him as if he hadn’t said a word  
“Where ever my Harry goes Padfoot follows, if I was to remove the dog you will have trouble on your hands and for the fact about taking him out of School ummm yes I can. I am his legal guardian and I will not you have deny him his lessons.” Dimitri said with a smirk as a couple of glass object busted behind him  
“Fine this teacher may teach him, now get out of my offices.” The demon stood up and bowed
“It’s always a pleasure talking to you Albus, we must do this more often.” He smirked again
“I SAID GET OUT!” Dumbledore screamed at him as the demon walked out of his offices.

The glamour he wore to cover his tattoo was driving him batty, he could feel it itching where it was laying over his mark and the only relief he gets this itching is when he’s in bed alone. Draco was trying to find out all of Harry’s secrets but the young phoenix only told him what he wanted to tell him that was very little …it’s going to be along year…he thought as he picked up is school back and turned around and bumped into someone.

He fell on his backside with a thud as did the other person, he groaned a little before saying “Sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” He mumble, as he open his eyes to looked at the scared girl in front of him  
“No-no it’s my fault.” She said as she tried to gather her books but the hole in her bag kept ripping bigger
“You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t fix that hole here.” Harry pulled out his wand and waved it over the bag and it stitched up the hole in seconds
“You can do wordless magic?” She gasped as Harry helped picked up her books and papers. He smiled at her
“Umm yeah my dad taught me.” He said seeing her eyes light up in wonder and needing to know how “I’m Harry.” He said
“Hermione.” She said “You know you’re nice for a Slytherin.” She smiled at him
“We’re not all dicks, well some more than others.” He nodded to Draco who was telling a really bad muggleborn joke
“He’s just putting on an act.” The bushy haired witch said, Harry grinned
“Aren’t we all?” He helped her up and held out his hand “It was nice talking to you Hermione I hope that because of our houses that we can’t be friends, I need someone normal to talk to.”
“We could be study buddies? The girls in my house aren’t that smart they only want to look pretty.”
“Their 11?” Harry said with a frown
“Well yes the ones in my year are but the older ones…” She started to say before someone jumped in
“Hermione get away from the snake!”

Both Harry and Hermione turned around and saw a red headed boy stomp over to them with a few other angry lions, the bushy haired witch stood straight and glared at the red head “Did he hurt you?” The red head asked
“Honestly! No he did not Harry here has been every nice and he helped me fixed my bag.” She said holding it up
“He doesn’t want to help you he just wants you to think he’s nice so he can get… you know.” Ron said, Harry and Hermione shared a looked between each other before she looked back at Ron
“No Ron what does he want?” She snapped at him
“Well you know a bit of that.” He said turning redder than his hair. Harry sighed and rolled his eyes
“One I’m a 11 your idiotic boy and two I was being nice just because I wear the sliver and green doesn’t mean I can’t be nice and finely 3 I have nothing against Hermione being a muggle born so was I until adopted. If you or my house don’t like it then stick it up you’re….”
“I hope you’re not going to finish that Mr Chernyy.” Harry tilted his head back and looked up at the man behind him.

Severus Snape the head of the house of Slytherin a stone faced man with a long beak and greasy hair, his attitude makes Harry thinks he had a rode of his arse. “No sir, I was just trying to point out to…Ron is it? That I would also like to make friends outside of Slytherin. I don’t see the harm of having other friends with different views. One sided view is very dull.” Black eyes bore down into Harrys own green and red eyes before the man looked up the Lion house
“He has a point Mr Weasley having friends is ‘other’ places can be of use to you in the future.”
“I wasn’t putting it like that sir…” Harry started to mutter before Snape looked at him
“If Mr Chernyy and Miss Granger want to be study together then who am I stop them, but if this is going to course Trouble I will not hesitate to take points from both houses, do I make myself clear?”
“Yes Professor.” Voiced the group.
F*** this day and all it's bulls*** insh, every little thing is making me so mad and right now it's hearing my mum eat like a bloody cow... why can't she chew normally! and then there was my dad I asked him nicely though a text 'will it be okay for a pick up at 12?' how clear is that right? so my dad sent me 'Maybe also maybe no?' What the F***  a yes or no would be f***ing good.

sorry about my rant but I am so cheesed off at the moment I just want to murder the loud bloody eater next to me.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Allison had stormed up to Stiles, the teen was with the others of the Derek’s pack talking about the films they were going to watch “STILES!” She yelled as she walked right to him as he turned around
“What?” He asked as he felt a hard sting to his face. He didn’t move as he felt the slap he just open his eyes and looked at her as she held her hand, the whole hall way was quiet as they looked at the small group
“Oh your head now pretty!” Erica snarled
“You sent the fucking police to my house! They are going through everything! They hulled my dad out of the house and in to the fucking police car. Why are you doing this to me?”  Stiles blinked at her as she screamed at him
“You Grandfather raped me twice and I am sure I’m not the fucking first. I’m not doing anything to you I’m trying to fucking live!” He snarled back at her before he and the other walks away leaving the dark hair huntress lone with everyone looking at her.

Isaac watched Stiles as he sat on the benches at the back of school, he was quiet and was looking out over the field as Erica threaten to murder Allison by digging her claws into her gut “Erica can you stop for a bit.” Isaac asked as he sat next to him and placed his head on Stiles’ shoulders sniffed his neck as he nuzzled it
“Sorry Stiles but that bitch had no right to slap you. You should let me and the wonder twins here push her car into the pond or up her ar…”
“Erica leave it she allowed to be angry.” Stiles said in a tried sigh
“Like fuck she is! It was her fault her and Scott they knew what that he was going to kidnap you and did nothing, she thinks she queen been.” The blonde argued as she stepped up to Stiles and pressed her face into his lap and purred up at him. Stiles smiled weakly and ran his hands though her hair
“I know you want to protect me and I like that but don’t start a war with Allison even if she acting like a bitch.” Stiles told her as she battered her eye lashes to him. “Tho I guess a couple of scratches on her car wouldn’t hurt.” He said looking back up to see Derek lurking near by
“Thank you mummy.” Erica grinned as she jumped back up and nodded to the others, Isaac hesitated as he kept close to Stiles
“You coming Isaac?” Boyd asked
“Go on Isaac I won’t be alone.” He smiled as he nodded to Derek walked up to him.
“Okay mummy.” Isaac smiled as kissed his cheek, Stiles blushed and looked confused at them as they bounded off towards Allison’s car.

When Derek finely met up with Stiles he sat next to him and pulled him onto his lap and nuzzled into his neck making Siles sigh happily at his mate. “Isaac called me he was worried.” Derek whispered in to his ear
“Yeah… I give the pups permission to key her car.” He said as he looked down at the dark haired wolf who was smiling up at him “Can you tell me why they are calling me mummy?” He asked, the alpha chuckled as he kissed his neck sniffing his neck again
“It’s because they can smell me all over you and they can smell you all over me. We are like their mummy and daddy to them.” He smiled up at him
“Oh, it’s cute.” He whispered as he felt Derek’s chest rumble in delight.

They sat there holding each other listening to everyone around the school grounds, until the bell rang and after a few moments Stiles made no sign to move “Shouldn’t you go to class?” He asked
“I rather not.” Stiles muttered as he buried his face into the man’s neck
“You should you have missed a few days my wolf.” Stiles growled in Derek’s skin making the alpha chuckle “Okay how about we go to the lift and rescent each other?” Stiles pulled back and looked at him
“I thought that is what I’ve been doing?”  

If there was a problem with Stiles leaving school in the middle of the day no one said so. Derek took Stiles back to his loft and before they even got into the lift they were attach each other lips, the older wolf had lifted Stiles up and kissed him along his lips and down his chin to his neck where he nip and sucked on the skin making the teen giggle and gasp as his large hands held Stiles hips and the cups of his bum cheeks “Gonna fill you with my pups.” Derek growled in Stiles ear getting another positive growl back to Derek as he warped his legs around Derek’s hips.

When they got into the loft they were still kissing and Stiles was still warped around Derek, they didn’t see Peter was sat there watching them until he coughed. Derek turned his head and looked at his uncle and groaned “Fuck.” He growled as Stiles just buried his head into Derek’s neck hiding his blushing face
“My dear nephew I know you want to impregnate your mate but can’t you wait until he finished School?” Peter asked with smirk, Derek snarled as him and tried to keep Stiles out of his sight
“Mine, my mate!” He growled flashing his red eyes before taking Stiles up the stairs. Peter chuckled at Derek’s wolfed out state but left him to do it.

Derek dropped Stiles on the bed and crawled up to him pulling his jeans and his shirt up so he could kiss and mouth at his stomach. Stiles whimpered and moaned his name as he felt the wolf lick his stomach “My mate.” Derek growled again as he yanked Stiles jeans down the teen’s legs making the boy’s trainers fly off his feet
“D…Derek.” He moaned arching his back letting the wolf undress him in a hurry as he kissed his way up Stiles body. The teen found himself naked and looking up at the wolfed out Derek Hale he cupped the alpha wolf’s cheeks and kissed him before grinning at him a large smile that Derek hasn’t seen on his mate for a long time now and he was so happy that he kissed back harder.

Peter had left the loft and got into his car and headed to Chris’ house, by then the hunter was back home and was trying to relax with a bottle of whisky. Peter walked into the house with a key that he had made as he walked into the living room “Hello darling missed me.” He smiled, Chris looked up at him and groaned
“What are you doing here?”  He snarled as Peter pick up the bottle and looked at it before Chris could grab it
“Tut tut Chris its bit to early isn’t? It any how I’m here to see you. I think I know why your dear old dad keeps going after my love sick nephew’s mate.” The hunter stood up and looked at him his hands ready to punch the wolf regardless if he broke his hand.
“Well?” He snarled again
“He wasn’t going to kill him he was going to take him, like another little boy I seem to remember going missing when he was 10 years old. Tell me Chris how long have you know that you are not the son of Gerard Argent.”

His eyes sparked with anger and hate, tears threaten to bubble over and down his cheeks “How did you find out?” He whispered as he dropped to the sofa his whole body tried from everything form the lies from the hiding and from the hurt
“I’m 5 years older than you, and I was about 15 when I saw a man kidnap Joshua Michaels. I never put two and two together until I met dear little Allison. Couldn’t your wife have children?” Chris eyes widen as he looked back up to him
“Ho….How?” He whispered
“She smells like you and Gerard no matter long your wife hugged and coddled her, feed her, bathed her. She will always smell like her parents.” He whispered as he knelt in front of him.

Peter placed his hands Chris’s knees and looked up into the broken face “He was getting another boy wasn’t he?” The hunter closed his eyes as tears runs down his cheeks
“H…he said needed another son as I was going to out of his control he need another one to train up and then your sister stopped him and I thought thank god.” Peter knelt up and cupping his cheeks and then warped his arms around him and kissed his cheeks
“Shhh, the important thing we can protect him and you now.” He whispered as he kissed his forehead
“There is nothing left to protect for me.”
“Of course there is I will protect you, you don’t have hide anymore.” He leans in and kissed Chris on the lips.

Later on Stiles woke up with an arm around his waist and Derek’s face nuzzling his neck making him smile as he turned around to face him and kissed the wolf on the lips. “Evening my little wolf.” Derek purred
“Evening.” Stiles said his voice was scratched and dry and then Stiles sat up and got out of bed
“Where are you going?” Derek asked looking at Stiles and his peach bum that now had Derek’s teeth marks
“I need to pee.” He chuckled as he walked into the bath room. Derek smiled as he laid back on the bed and looked at his phone and saw a message from Peter, he flicked though the message as his eyes looked back at the bathroom door.
‘Peter: Gerard wanted 2 keep Stiles not kill him.’ The message said, Derek frowned as he saw Stiles walk back to bed wearing on of Derek’s tops
“What’s wrong?” He asked as he walked over to the bed
“Peter is planning on make Chris is mate.” Stiles cocks his head to side as he sits on the wolf’s hips and looked down at him
“And is that a problem?” He asked as he watched Derek put his phone down on the table
“Not really, but he will want to turn him I know Peter.” He sighed as rested his hands on Stiles hips and looked up at him with a smile on his face
“Would Chris agree to that?” He asked
“Ummm who knows, he’s a hunter the normally rather die.” Stiles nodded pushed his hands onto Derek chest and ran his nails down the skin making the alpha purr.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Harry fingered the burn on his skin, Dimitri stood behind watching his young ward touch the burn on his hip. It was painful even under the sleeping potion Harry still screamed Dimitri winced at the screams as kept his hand on Harry’s hip letting the dark fire consumed Harry’s mortal body and just liked a phoenix the boy rose from his own ashes. Snapping out of his thoughts he went to look back at the boy who was shaking the ash out of his hair “The burn will fade in a couple of days and it will be like mine.” Harry stopped shaking his head and looked up and watched as the older man pulled his shirt open and showed his tattoo of fire bird above hi heart.
“Why’s mine different?” He asked pointing to his right hip. The Demon walked over to him and knelt down looking at the burn and hummed, it was along burn that reached up around his back to his neck. Dimitri rubbed his head and turned the boy around and looked at Harry’s eyes.

He pulled Harry’s skin around his eyes and looked at them and saw a golden ring around the pupil. He stood back to give the boy some room as he handed Harry some clothes as his was burnt off when he became a demon. “Well yours is larger that is for sure. I’m guessing it has something to do with your magical core if you have a powerful core than it will would magnify you fire.” He told him
“Am I different to you?” He whispered, he didn’t want to upset his new friend, his guardian.  
“No you’re the same as me but more powerful.” He grinned as Harry put the cloths on hissing at the pain in his hip and back “I’m sorry it hurts little one, I will get some cream for it.” Harry smiled back at him went to hug him, Dimitri cheerful hugged him “Shhh don’t worry I’m not going to leave you or let you go my little one.” He purred softly kissing his forehead “Now once these are healed we will go and get you anything you want.” He smiled when he saw boy’s eyes light up.

At night while Harry slept Dimitri made plans to keep Harry, not only as his heir but maybe one day as his bride but that thought was for another day. He had Harry’s last named changed from Potter to Chernyy which means Black in Russian he smiled when he filled out the paper work filling in the details that Harry is his ward. Then there was that muggle family of Harry’s he didn’t like that they were still walking around not caring that he is missing so he’s been making their life hell.

He started with the son, he broke into the house and found the boy’s back pack and placed some items that would get him into trouble with the school and the polices and he would slowly drain the money out of their account until there is nothing left and he made out like Harry’s uncle was going out at night paying for sex with young boys while it looks like the Harry’s Aunt was over spending with clothes and shoes and what not’s. He will make this horrid family pay for what they done to his Harry.

Then the thought of schools came into Dimitri’s head, he knows of Harry Potter who hasn’t demon or wizard knows the boy by name alone and there was a big chance that Harry’s name was put down for Hogwarts. That thought alone didn’t please him being near that old chicken goat but the boy is a wizard and must go to school to learn to control it but must it be that place at one point Hogwarts was the best school there was those who went there came out on top but once Dumbledick took over it started to go downhill. Children started to get hurt more teachers disappear, attack by werewolves that roam the forbidden forests that have been known to grab children if they are out after dark. It had him worried that something would happen to Harry but he knew with his training Harry would take care of himself.

6 months later…
Harry was sat at the breakfast table and looked down at the letter that was dropped by and owl. He was nibbling on his toast when Dimitri walked in and kissed the top of Harry’s head before he sat down and started to pour himself a tea as he watched his ward’s frown “Harry what’s wrong?” He asked as the boy handed him a letter.
“This came this morning by owl.”  The demon took the letter and looked down at it with his own frown
“Ah your letter. We both knew this was coming little one.” Dimitri said, Harry huffed and looked at him
“Look at the date of when I have to be at the train.” He said, again the dark haired demon looked down at the letter and let out a snarl “We have no time to fight against it.”
“It seems so, we should get your school equipment as soon as we can seeming you have to leave tomorrow.”
“I haven’t even finished my lesson with Mademoiselle Bella.” He said, Dimitri smiled softly at him and touched his hand
“It will be alright, I promises you I speak to your professors about getting Mademoiselle Bella to come and visit you on your weekly lessons.” Harry dropped his toast and leaned back in his chair looking at him
“I don’t want to go.” He said
“Harry, you must your magic needs honing in.” The demon told him “Now eat up we must leave soon.”  

It was clear to Dimitri that Harry fitting the role of a Dark Phoenix and it made the demon proud of Harry and told him so. When they reached Diagon Alley Harry looked around at the busy street seeing last minute shopping by families for the school term “Oh the fun.” He hissed
“Now now little one this will be a learning curb for you to be around people you own age.” He told him with smile “Now let’s go to your bank vault.”
“Right different type of money here isn’t it?” Harry asked as they started too walked down the street not noticing they were being watched by a long haired blonde man and his son.

Harry was shocked when he learnt how much was left to him by his mother and father, he took what he needed and little more for the school year.  Dimitri didn’t like the smell it smelt bad but he knew it was the goblins they just stink any demon could smell it, it is like gone off cheese and dead things. After that they went shopping going from shop to shop gathering the items on the list. They went into the book shops and Harry looked at the shelves at old book “Little one don’t look now but we are bring followed.” Dimitri said as he pulled a book out to look at it
“The two blondes I know I’ve seen them out the corner of my eye. Do you think they know who I was?”  The older demon hummed as he pawed though the book before putting it on the pile
“I don’t think so but they will keep looking, if you can befriend the boy he looks lonely and might need a friend.” Harry turned around and leaned in the wall of books as he pretended into look into the book taking a look at the blonde boy.

He was stood talking to a tall lanky red head and it was clear the bleach blonde was a bully, Harry snorted and snapped the book shut before looking up at his guardian “He looks spoiled.”  Dimitri chuckled as he added another book on the pile
“Well the Malfoy’s are known for being spoiled brats.”
“Is that who they are?”
“Make friends, find out how much he knows about HJP.”  The demon whispered to him as he and Harry made their way to the tilt.
“Fine. But I am not buying an owl, toad or a cat I want to take Padfoot.”


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