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He wasn’t allowed back to his new Bungalow, he had to stay on this base which he didn’t mind it so much it’s just they won’t even let him through the gate. Both he and Teal’c pointed out that pregnant women have been going though that gate for millions of years but it fell on deaf ears. General Hammond puffed out his chest and told him he was putting his foot down when Daniel tried to argue with the man again. It took another 3 weeks before he even allowed to go back to his own quarters on base. The only way he go to and sleep in his quarters was to promise Janet that he would see her very day for a check-up.

Jack walked into Daniel’s offices where he found the Archaeologist working as he rubbed his small bump though this shirt “We’re going to tell them.” Daniel said to Jack as he stood there with his new craving green apple and mint jello with chips covered in peanut butter.
“I know.” Jack said as he looked at the printed photo of the scan of their child that was on the desk, he smiled at the little girl they were having “Wait do you mean about me being the baby daddy or the fact that I’m still bonking you?” Daniel leaned back in his chair and looked at him as he pushed his glasses back up his nose
“Both I guess and I would like to leave the base at some point even if it’s is for some fresh air.” Daniel said as took the bowl he smiled and leaned in and kissed him on the corner of his lips before sitting back down and bring a spoon up to his lip and open his mouth putting the spoon in side and humming happily
“I know.” Jack smiled as he watched Daniel eat “You know I think Sam and Teal’c know.” Jack said as he nicked a chips only to have his hand slapped by the back of a spoon ‘Awo’ he mouthed as he popped it into his mouth
“I would be shocked if they didn’t.” He mumbled as he swallowed a mouth full.
“Hey here is a question?” Jack called out
“Ummm?” Daniel looked up at them with a mouth full of peanut butter chips
“Why do babies look like…Thor?” He asked as he picked up sonogram
“Jack you better not be saying that my baby looks like an alien.” Daniel asked as the older man looked at him with side eyes

5 and half months that is how far along he is now, and he could see the bump was starting to show though his shirt but it was still easily hidden under his shirt and jacket.  He was still allowed to do his job but as he wasn’t allowed to go off world missions he just had to make do with photos but it wasn’t the same as going there feeling the ruins with his fingers or breathing in the alien air seeing the world they has built even under the painful suffocation of the Goa'uld. Granted running from the Goa’uld didn’t sound so much fun in his state.

Moving over to the book shelf he picked up large old book that almost had him wobble back on his feet “Whoa there!” Sam said as she took the book off him and guided him towards the chair and looked at him “You alright there?” She asked softly touching his shoulder
“Ummm yeah...” He mumbled rubbing his head as he looked up at the blonde.
“Good no more heavy books.” She told him as she put the old book onto the table with a sight bang that made Daniel wince
“I still want to do my job Sam, I can’t leave the base I’m stuck here.” He grumbled unhappily
“Well I have some good news then I got permission to take you top side for a couple of hours.” She smiled, Daniel looked up at her as he pushed his glasses back up his nose
“Really?” He asked, Sam chuckled at the hope in his voice
“Well General Hammond couldn’t argue when we said you were going crazy being on lock down. However I got to go with you.” She smiled at him
“Is that a problem?” He asked as he looked at her cocking his head to the side
“Nope.” She smiled “We won’t do anything taxing just some lunch and baby shopping?”
“I would like that yeah.” He said with a smile, she smiled back at him and moved towards the door “Hey what about Jack?” He asked Sam
“General Hammond won’t let him come with us. Be ready in 5.”  She grinned and then walked off.

After spending the half the day out Daniel was looking forward to go back to his quarters to where his nice warm soft bed was. He and Sam shopped in a lot of baby store looking at different items he would need to get, he put some on order to be picked up later on but he brought something back with him to show Jack. He was still unsure on Jack, the older man still thought that he attacked Daniel and was on a whole guilt trip about the whole thing.

Walking into his quarters he stopped at the door when he saw Jack was sat there waiting for him “Jack?” He called to him snapping the older man out of his thoughts. Jack looked up at him seeing him holding bags of baby things.
“Been busy?” He asked
“Sam took me shopping.” He said as he walked more into the room closing the door before placing the bag on the floor
“I see.”
“Jack, I did want you with me instead of Sam. This is something we should do together it was fun with Sam but it should have been you I picked the cot with.” Daniel tells him as he sits on the bed with a tried sigh, his feet was killing him and he was sure he will have Janet giving him a scolding tomorrow “I don’t blame you I’ve told you this millions of times Jack please stop beating yourself up about it.” Moving from the chair Jack cupped Daniel’s cheeks and softly rubbed his cheeks with his thumbs before leaning down and kissing him.

Daniel froze for a moment before he kissed back the older man’s soft lips, Jack pushed him gently down onto the bed and warped his arms around him holding him close “Its Charlie’s birthday today.” Jack said, Daniel froze again as he felt Jack hold onto him rubbing his stomach. Daniel turned to face him seeing the sad conflicted look in his eyes
“Oh Jack I’m sorry I…I…”
“Shhh you didn’t know, I just need to hold you and our little girl.” He whispered, Daniel rested his head on Jack’s shoulder as he let the man hold him
“Do you think he would have liked her?” Daniel asked, Jack smiled and kissed Daniel’s neck
“Yes he always wanted a sister.”  Daniel looked back at him and wiped the lone tear off Jack’s face
“We will make sure she knows who he is Jack I promises.”  He looked at the young Doctor with soft eyes and pulled him into another kiss putting all his feeling and love into it making him moan before pulling back
“I love you Daniel.” He whispered
“I love you to Jack.”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Thor just grinned as he picked Loki up and placed him on the bed, and knelt above him as he took in the raw beauty  that was laid out before him. The vampire looked up at him with a slight blush on his cheeks as he tried to move to cover himself “Why do you want to hide your beauty.” Thor asked as he moved to nuzzle his neck
“B…Because whatever has been said about me I have never being this close to anyone.” He whispered as he turned his head to look at the stain glass window as he felt Thor moved his head to look down at him
“You think I couldn’t smell that? I knew you were a virgin from the moment I saw you.” Loki turned to look at the blonde before said blonde started to kiss down his body.

He was a babbling wreck by the time Thor reach his member, Loki was shocked that the wolf could pleasure him in such way without being near his member or being inside of him “S….top teasing me and fuck me!” Loki screamed as he felt the large rough hand warp around his member and start to stroke him
“You want me to fuck you know without even spreading you open?”
“YES!” Loki sobbed into the sheets
“Oh beautiful I would love to but your my mate and I have to make sure I don’t rip you open.” Thor smirked as he licked along Loki’s neck
“YES YES RIP ME OPEN!” Loki screamed as Thor pushed a finger inside of him “P…Please!” Loki cried.

The werewolf smirked as he watched the vampire come undone by a few hand movements, he lowered his face to Loki’s ear and nipped the studded lob before whispering into his ear “I like this, I like watching you beg me to rip you open.” Loki whined as another finger slide into him, he could feel the stretching and the burn of his body as the fingers worked him open “I’m going to fill you I’m going to make you smell like me inside and out, going to let you ride my knot as it fills you with my seed.”
“Y…Yes!” He moaned and the finger disappeared “No no no!” Loki cried out at the missing fingers. Thor chuckled as he grabbed Loki’s hips and pulled his hips up and exposed Loki stretched hole. He smiled as he leaned down and started licking the rip “OI GOD I HATE YOU!” Loki yelled as Thor continued to drive the vampire insane.

What felt hours of tongue torture Thor pulled back and lower Loki down on the bed and looked at him, it seem Loki had came several times as his stomach, chest and even face was covered in gooey white cum. His body shivered as Thor moved his own achy hard member to watched the quivering hole “I hate you I hate you.” Loki whimpered as Thor pushes himself into Loki. The vampire had his eyes closed but when he felt the breached of the werewolf’s cock invade his body they shot open his mouth and cried out as the thick long member impaled into Loki
“Mine.” Thor growled as he held the vampire down.

Loki was too far gone his mind was blank as Thor started thrusting into him an unforgiven pace sending sparks off though he vampire’s body. The werewolf growled at him as he held to his hips as he pulled back his member before slamming it back in getting a scream out of the dark haired beauty as he found his sweet spot “Mine! My vampire bitch!” Thor growled as he buried his face into Loki’s neck breathing in his scent and he jerked his hip
“T…Thor!” Loki cried out as he felt the knot start to grow
“My mate!”
“Y...YOURS!” Loki cried as a set of teeth sliced into his shoulder as Thor fucked him on his knot. The vampire screamed as he felt another orgasm forces itself out of his body as the knot grew inside of him.

Loki groaned as he woke up he could feel the heat of Thor behind him as they warped his arms around him, his hand was lazily rubbing small circles on the slightly swollen stomach “Ummm you’re a wake.” Thor purred as he licked the bite that now scared bite
“Urrrh hungry.” Loki whispered, Thor moved his hand and held it up in front of him
“Drink.” He smiled, Loki tiredly warped his hand around Thor’s wrist and then let his fangs sink into the werewolf’s wrists. He drunk his fill and then pulled back before looking up at the blonde wolf who was smiling at him “I will take care of you.” He whispered to him before kissing him, Loki hummed into the kiss before Thor pulled back and looked down at him.

Thor came out of bath room and stood looking down at his mate he was laying under a blanket sleeping peacefully. Thor pulls on his clothes and walked over to him and kissed his forehead, pulling back he saw the vampire’s eyes flutter open and green orbs looked up at him “Where are you going?” Loki asked
“Just going to see my father don’t worry go back to sleep I will bring you something to eat.” Thor told him, Loki smiled sleepily at him and closed his eyes to go back to sleep.
Be mine2
So here we are
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Chapter 2: You broke our spirit

Stiles felt like he would never trust another doctor again, Doctor Blonk had exam him inside and out and the Omega exam was unnecessary it had Stiles wincing pain as the man was rough and he only stopped when Stiles told him it was rape well that or it was the electric shock he got from Stiles. Blonk looked at Stiles shockingly for a while as he wrote down what he found out about the teen before he got his two goons to force the shaky teen into ash grey clothes and then dragged him off to the red Zone.

He was pulled towards the zone even tho the teen had tried to pull himself away from the two goons but they held onto him like a vice grip on his arms, they looked up to the hunter in the tower who open the Zone door and  then the meat heads threw him in. “OI!” Stiles yelled as he pushed himself up off the pavement floor. He looked back at the door as it closes and frowned he could feel the collective power of the alphas in the area and gulped …Good thing I’m not an Omega… he thought as stood up and turned around and caught the sight off the alphas as they stood there watching him, he could feel his heart rate start to raise as they move closer to him.

One Alpha had a hard grip on Stiles chin forcing him to look up at him, but when Stiles refused to look at him in the eyes the alpha growled and started to dig his claws into the teen’s hip “Back off!” Snarled the female wolf as she grabbed the alpha twisting his arm back and sending him flying back into some of the other alphas “Get yourself together you alphas!” She growled at them sending the other male alphas off, Stiles just looked at her as he held his hip he could feel her old magic come offer her in strong waves it was an enough to see off some of the other Alpha’s running. She turned back to look at the teen “These young Alphas are all ran by hormones.” She said as she held Stiles stand
“Thank you.” He said quietly.

The Alpha was Asian her hair was starting to grey in some places and was tied back in a bun, to any one look at her she could be someone’s grandmother…she most likely is…Stiles thought…She gave Stiles and once over looking at him up and down, he took in the shaky look and some of the bruises that started to darken on the boy’s skin but she could see something else about the boy “How long have you been training as a Emissary?” she asked, Stiles looked at her with wide eyes before looking down
“Just under 3 years.” Stiles told her, she nodded at him
“My name is Satomi, what’s your name?”
“Stiles, just Stiles.” The teen said with an achy sigh
“Alright Just Stiles let’s see if we can get you out of here you should be in the Pass though zone.” She told him, Stiles sighed and rubbed his arms
“I don’t think they will let me out of here I bad mouth the Blonde Bitcb.” Satomi looked down at him and frowned as she looked up at the watch tower
“Called her a perve did you?”  Stiles nodded “We got to do something there is a full moon in 2 days.” Stiles looked at her with wide eyes and held onto himself tighter. She saw him pale and tried to with draw on himself
“Can’t I hide with you?”
“You can stay close to me and some of the other females until the full moon then they move all the female alphas out of here before sun set. Who is your alpha I know you haven’t been marked?”

Stiles rubbed the back of his neck and was about to open his mouth when he saw alpha standing not far off from where they were. He was wearing sun glasses and seemed to be looking in his direction, he felt his blood run cold as he remembered this Alpha from when he was 14 “He’s in here?” Stiles whispered, Satomi looked to where he was looking and frowned  
“You know Deucalion?” Stiles nodded shivering at the memory
“I wish I didn’t, before I started training I had to be picked by an alpha.” She nodded
“A normal rout to go.” She told him as they moved away from the wolf watching them
“He was one of them, all I had to do was talk to each of them alone and the first 3 where fine but Deucalion… the moment the doors was closed he jumped me, I still have the scars on my back where he tried to mount me.”  Satomi frowned as they stood near the back of the Alpha zone. By now all the Alphas would have been able to smell that there was something ripe and fresh wondering around there area.
“He does like them young, he’s kept away from the betas but I think the hunters let him in the beta zone, it’s their way to keep them in line.” Stiles shook his head as they stood by a new bit of fences “Who is your tutor?”
“Deaton.” Stiles said as he looked down at the floor noting the blood stains, Satomi hummed her approval of the man
“A good man Deaton. I heard he was training someone but I didn’t think it would be someone so young.” Stiles smiled weakly “Who is your alpha?”
“Peter or Derek?” She asked him, Stiles looked up at her and bite his bottom lip
“Derek I think but mainly for the Hale pack in general, I know they are in here that is why I have never really met them, only the once when they were pulling  Demon wolf off me.” Satomi looked around them
“Okay this is what we are going to do, we will try and get you out of here before the full moon until them you can stay close to me don’t go wondering. Deaton always arrives after the full moon to look at the betas.”
“Speaking of Betas I need to see my brother he’s in the beta zone.”
“There is a small fence area you can speak to him if he’s there but the hunters check that area.” Stiles nodded “Follow me.”

Stiles stood there looking into the Beta zone hoping to see the dark locks of his step brother and he was in luck when he see Scott standing nearby, it looked like he had the same idea as him “Stiles!” Scott yelled happily as he ran over to the fences, they couldn’t touch the fence not without getting a shock “Oh god what did they do to you?” He asked seeing the bruise and the blood on Stiles
“I’m fine most of it from the hunters and whatever you do don’t go to doctor Blonk the man is two brain cells away from become a rapist.” Stiles growled,
“Oh god they did the Omega exam on you.” Scott said, Stiles didn’t even want to know how he knew that.
“I need to get out of here Scott, the full moon is in two days and Demon wolf is here.” Scott’s eyes widen as he looked at his brother in shock
“They won’t keep you in there will they? Not during the full moon?”
“Scott I call your ex a slut and her Psyco Aunt a perve who likes young boys I think the blonde bitch wants me dead.” Scott was quiet for a moment before he saw Satomi standing not far off, Stiles looked where Scott’s eyes were looking “She by bodyguard for two days.”
“They can’t do this to you, you’re an Emissary in training the Emissary Council will destroy them!”
“And how do I tell them? Deaton doesn’t know I’m here or you yet and they won’t let him in here until after the full moon…I need mountain ash.” Scott frowned and looked around him
“Stiles the whole place is made from mountain ash.”
“Look all I need is a small handful at the most look your close to the pass thought Zone ask one of the witches in there if they have some.” Scott sighed and nodded
“I will do my best, tomorrow same time?” Stiles nodded as he watched Scott run off just as a hunter walks passed the fence.

The hunter looked at Stiles before he could recognised him and them stood a step back “You can’t be in there.” He said, Stiles looked at him coldly before he took a step forwards
“You sister has different ideas.” Stiles hissed as he watched the male hunter look him over
“Stiles I will see what I can do…” he stopped and looked around him “Find Peter or Derek Hale they will look after you or if Peter is being a dick tell him Chris told you to go to him. You can’t stay with Satomi.” Chris then walked off.

Stiles frowned and walked back to the female wolf “Why is he helping me.” Stiles asked as they walked towards one of the hunts, the alpha chuckled slightly as she led him inside
“He’s Peter’s mate and is currently carrying his pups, but let’s not tell the other hunters.” Stiles stood shocked as he looked at her
“You’re joking right?”  She looked back at him
“I don’t joke about these kind of thing, now would you like some tea?”


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