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Michael walks back to the main part of the den, in the pit of his stomach he felt sick…no I am sick… he thought as he looked up to see where Sam was still curled up a sleep. He was the youngest here now next to the frog brothers. Laddie would have been if Star and him hadn’t booked it about 6 months ago when David turned his eyes to Michael body rather than hers. He let out a deep sigh as he walked up to the pile of Pillows where the 17 year old now slept.

He knelt down and just watched his brother sleep he looked peaceful and beautiful, Michael briefly wondered what his mother would think. She was pissed off when she was turned she attacked Max at every turn for a whole year even time he tried to touch her she was slap him, but once she came to the idea of being the undead queen of Max’s King she was less slappy but she still cried because she missed her boys. …another reason for David to hunt his brother down… he thought as he looked back at Sam.  It will be a good while before Sam woke he knows his brother will be angry at him but he could handle that until he came around it will be him, David and Sammy because really he won’t share Sam with the others.

There was an itch under Michael’s skin it was deep and it was clawing at him making his dead pulse want to beat. His shaky hands reached out and touched the soft skin on Sam’s cheek watching the way teen’s turned into his touch …he won’t wake up we would make him comfortable take those nasty clothes off him.… his mind told him. His hands moved down his neck and fanned out over the teen’s chest and down to the slight dip where the rib caged ended to the smooth cures of his hips. …He’s our brother he belongs to us… he thought as he started to unbutton the shirt, more like pulling the buttons off one at the time until the shirt hunt open.

Scars, there was scars on Sam’s chest ones he’s never seen before his cool fingers reached out and touched the year old scar, he knew that Max had taken some anger out on Sam while trying to bend his mother’s arm into taking the bite but he was unconscious at the time or other way he would have stopped this…how could Sam ever look at me…the reminds of his human mind told him …We can take care of him now, Max won’t ever hurt him again and the next time you see Step-daddy you can punch him…the vampire mind seeping back in. The jeans were the next items that were pulled off him and his boxers and socks he would throw it all away and hand his brother the clothes his mother have kept for him when he returned to the family.

Family, he could have laughed at thought itself he had a step brother David and they fuck like rabbits and then there are Paul, Dwayne and Marko they were like… step- step brothers of sorts the three of them bonk like rabbits now they got the Frogs, and now there is Sam Michael’s real brother and soon to become his and David’s bed bunny…with fangs… he thought. He had turned his head when he heard moans and cry’s coming from one of the other hidden rooms and he really didn’t want to think about them as he turned back to Sam “Would you ever forgive me?” He whispered as he looked at young boy, he had forgot how young he it’s been year since they last saw each other but Sam hasn’t changed much maybe a little taller but still a skinny runt his hair was longer and messier like he clothes were. Living with the Frog’s was not good for his baby brother but whose fault was that Grandpa was dead and his mother was vampire along with his brother… yeah he didn’t have much of a choice. Again the pain of guilt kicked at him as he leaned down and kissed down Sam’s skin.

David walked back in to find Michael when he saw the dark haired vampire lapping at the small swell of blood that bloomed from a bite around Sam’s chest, Michael’s tongue flicked at the nipple that was coated in blood and it made David groan at the sight. “Starting without me?” David asked, making the dark hired teen frown as he looked over his shoulder at the blonde vampire who smirked at him
“I want him.” He said his voice was sounding confused and deep with lust
“Of course you do. How could not want him.” David purred as he came up behind him and kissed Michael’s neck as he kissed his neck “It’s okay Michael just do what you want he’s one of us.” He purred as he rubbed the curly haired teen’s stomach “Fill him up good like I’ve done to you.” He grinned
“I’m his brother.” Michael whispered
“To feel guilt is to be human, we are not human not any more we’re better than that. It doesn’t matter if he’s your brother he’s our brother.” He smirked as he moved his hands down Sam’s legs parting his leg’s open and rubbed his inner thighs as he watched Michael closely
“He will come around right?”
“Just like you did, it will take a while but he will.” The blonde smiled as he watched Michael take over in touching Sam.

Sam become aware that he was laying on something soft, he didn’t feel right something felt off like his bones pulled away from his muscle and everything ached with mad burned under his skin, his throat feels dry like he hadn’t drunk in weeks. His mind was fuzzy an heavy like a hangover…god I gotta stop drinking with the Frogs… he thought as he groaned into the pillow but as he moved he felt an arm that was warped around his waist pull him tighter to the body behind him.

Sam’s eyes flew open which was a bad idea because the light of the vampire’s den hurt his eyes he groaned  painful and flung his arms and legs about as he pushes himself off the pile of pillows. He tumbled down the small step and pushed himself away from the person that was spooning him. His eyes were taking it’s time to adjust to the dark haired blur in front of him “Sammy?” Came a sleepy voice. He gasped as his brother came into view and he found that his chest hurt when he tried to breath and he began to panic.

“Sammy?” Came the half sleep reply, the curly dark haired teen pushed himself up and looked down at the younger teen who was terrified out of his mind. His hand clutched his chest as he looked up at Michael “Sammy.” The older vampire whispered, as he pushed self-up showing he was only wearing a pair of dark jeans and his chest was littered in new and old bite. Sam felt the coldness of the ground on his backside and decide to look at himself and whimpered seeing he was naked. Angry tears began to fill his eyes as he reached out with shaking hands as he grabbed a blanket pulling it up to his chin as Michael started too walked over to him. “Sammy take deep slow breaths.” He said as he held his hands to show he won’t hurt him…you already have…
“Get away from me!” Sam cried out crawling backwards as his brother walked closer to him the older teen put his hands up and tried to calm his frighten brother down
“Sammy please calm down.” Michael said softly to him as he knelt in front of him as he back himself in the wall
“You fucking arsehole y…you turned me!” Sammy yelled at him crying, Michael saw the big fat pink tears rolling down his cheeks. The dark haired vampire felt guilt again and blinked as he reached out and cupped his cheeks, Sam flinched at his brother touch and saw the sad look flick across Michael’s eyes but the vampire just cupped his cheeks
“I need you and you will see it will be alright.” He smiled as he wiped his tears away
“You let him touch me!” He snarled at him and tried to pull out of his touch
“Very one here is touchy.” Michael said as he grabbed his brother and pulled him towards him.

Sammy cried out as he was pulled onto Michael’s lap he lashed out and tried to hit him in the chest and shoulder but all Michael did was to hold onto them in his older brother’s hold. He kept hitting him until he stopped and cried in his arms. The dark haired vampires pulled the dark green and purple blanket up around Sam’s shoulders making the blonde teen remember him that he as naked and he pulled back and looked up into his eyes “W…why am I naked?” He asked, Michael looked down at him rubbed Sam’s arms “D…Did you…?” Sam whispered, his voice was cracking up
“Yes.” Sam flinched and looked worryingly at him
“Why?” He choked, Michael wanted to lie to his baby brother and take back all the hurt but this is the tipping point Sam needs to know he will never be alone.
“Because I want you Sam, you will be okay it…it will just take some time.”
up date: One of us 2
I know I already wrote a part two but I pulled it down after I got yelled at by a few dozen people... so this is an update I will how ever will not pull it down and if you don't like  where it's going... I don't want to hear it

....Darksider/Kindred x-x-x
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Dumbledore felt old, as he looked up at the small group of people in front of him all wanting answered Molly sat there crying into her Ginny’s hank chief as Arthur sat in the sit quiet his hand were twisting in the other hand. Ron and Hermione stood on other ends of the room neither talking to each other, Hermione sat on a sit her head down facing the ground as Ron seem to be looking far off  “You told us he was guilty.” Arthur finely said, his voice was strained and broken as he looked up at the old man “You said he killed her that he was dark but he wasn’t was he Dumbledore?” The red headed man asked
“Arthur I am as shock as you are.” He said “I swear if I knew that he was a Phoenix…”
“Where is Forks?” Hermione whispered, everyone looked at her and she nodded towards the empty perch “That bird would not leave unless you done something dark.” She said as she looked down at feet “We jumped quickly to that thought he was guilty that he killed Ginny that we never stopped to ask did he?” She cried
“He did it he was the only one with her!” Ron snapped at her.

Hermione shook her head and wiped her tears away from her eyes as she looked up at them “I got a letter from Harry.” She said
“What?” The whole room yelled at her
“Why did he contact you?” Molly snapped at her, the young girl wiped her eyes again on her sleeves as Dumbledore’s door open, Molly smiled as she saw her twins “Fred, George you came back.” She with happy tears now running down her cheeks. Both boy’s looked at her before walking over Hermione. “W…What?” Molly asked
“Sorry Mother but we’re here to collect Hermione on Harry’s request.”
“Harry? Boy’s I think you need to tell us very thing.” Dumbledore said, as he stood up and looked at them.

Fred and George looked at each other as Hermione rested her head against George chest and cried as he hugged her “Why is Harry talking to you?” The old wizard asked
“We didn’t turn our backs on him, we didn’t tell everyone he was heir of Slytherin and that he was evil child.” Fred said, George hummed
“What was he said Fred ‘the face of evil hides behind an innocent child’s face.’” George said, very one was quiet as they talked “Harry has forgiven Hermione because he knows she was strung a long and blackmailed by you lost, we also been asked to take her somewhere safe.” The boy told them
“Safe? Hogwarts is the safest place in England.” Molly said
“No it’s not Toll’s, murderous teachers, giant snakes and finely you head master.” Fred said coldly “Oh by the way Harry wants his money back very last penny.”  They turned their backs and started to lead a tearful girl with them.

A tall dusty blonde hair man walked into the living room and stood at the door, he fiddles with this well-worn cardigan Sirius smiled at him and held out his arms as the amber eyed man walked up to the vampire and embraced him “Oh god Siri I tried to get back as soon as I could.” He said sadly, as he took in his scent, he could smell it all he could even smell Harry all over. He let out a little whimper as he buried his face into the man’s chest. Harry watches his eyes never leaving the wolf seeing him for the first time because any photos of Sirius and Remus with his mother and father were never shown to him, never put into that photo book Hagrid gave him, he felt guilty about his and Sirius inmate time together about the child they lost and about the one they will have.
“It’s okay I know that old man kept you away.” Sirius said “Come and met our mate.” He whispered as he led Remus to the young vampire on the chair.

The wolf looked down at the boy curled up on the sofa under a soft green blanket, it was painfully clear what the 3 years has done to Harry, bags under his eyes pale skin he looked like the worst case scenario for a vampire. He had seen the healer’s reports on both of them but he was violently sick. He walked over to Harry “Oh cub.” He whimpered as he dropped to his knees and laid his head on the boy’s knees and cried as he buried his head on the boy’s knees. Harry looked shocked as he placed his hand on the wolf’s head before looking up at Sirius he didn’t know what to say “I’m so sorry I wanted to adopt you when your mother and father died and Merlin I tried but Dumbledore wouldn’t let because I could hurt you.” He looked up at Harry with sad amber eyes “I would never hurt you and Moony never hurt you he loves you and when we heard what happen we…we tried to save you…”
“Remus I don’t blame you, they kept you from me I never even knew about you and Sirius. It’s me who should be sorry.” The wolf looked confused at him as Sirius sighed and moved sit on the arm sofa and let Harry rest against him as he closed his eyes
“You have nothing to feel sorry for my angel.” Sirius whispered to him
“I do, you and Remus are mated and I got in between you two, we lost a child and we’re going to have another…”
“Harry listen to me, me and Remus our relationship open yes we are Husbands and mates but Remus is mated to Severus and so was when we weren’t snarking at each other. You have not gotten in our way that would be Peter and prison.” Sirius said softly
“I don’t think professor Snape would see it that way.” Harry said as he rubbed his bump.

Snape had walked into the house he didn’t know what to think as he moved towards the voices and he felt his chest tighten as his mates reassure Harry that he wasn’t getting in the way “I don’t think professor Snape would see it that way.” Harry said, Snape stood in the door way looking at the scene before him and saw a broken child and it made him feel sick to think how horrid he was to the boy.
“You’re not in the way.” He found himself saying, Harry looked up at him with wide eyes as Sirius and Remus looked up at the dark haired man “Your…You’re not in the way and your welcome in our wired pack.” He said, he spent enough time with Remus to know what to say, but he swallowed as the boy looked at him as if he was reading him
“You hate me?”
“If I didn’t pretend I hated you and if Dumblefuck knew I wanted to pick you up and hug you when I ever saw you cry, he would have made sure you were never near me.” Severus said, Harry blinked at him before he sighed “I dislike James and I had dislike Sirius but I loved your mother as sister and I was so happy when she asked me to be you uncle.”
“My uncle?” Harry whispered as he watched Snape walk closer to him
“Yes, it was even put in their Will that if anything happen to them you were to come to me, Remus and Sirius.”

Tom stood at the door and smiled at the small pile on the sofa, he walked in and watched a large try of tea popped onto the table, Harry looked up at him “The rest of your new tutors will arrive in a two weeks if that is alright with you?” Tom asked him, Harry nodded as watched the man moved around the room to the sofa and sat near Severus. The other untangled themselves from Harry, Sirius picked Harry up and placed him on his lap as he sat down on the sofa warping his arms around the teen. “I’m sorry Harry.” Tom said, the dark haired boy looked at him confused
“Sorry?” Harry asked
“I’m sorry I didn’t take you with me after you passed out from the phoenix tears.” Harry frowned at him
“Why didn’t you?” Harry asked
“I was still weak and if I was caught they would have killed me.” Sirius hissed at him as he nuzzled Harry’s neck
“So you let him take the blame for something you did!” It was Remus who spoke up, Tom looked blankly at him before taking a deep breath
“I didn’t think they would, Harry was their golden boy Dumbledore’s little puppet. I regret what happen which is why I worked hard to get you out and turn the tables on your old friends.” Harry nodded and leaned back in the vampire’s hold watching him
“What about our… our deal?” Harry asked, Remus looked up from where he was on the floor still and frowned
“What deal?” He asked looking worried,
“I will Marry Tom when I am of age.” Harry said, Remus and Snape looked around at the Minster of magic and with a shock look on their face
“How could you? He just got out of hell and you are black mailing him?”  Severus asked, he felt very protective of Harry and he wish he was from the beginning
“I’m not black mailing him.” The Dark Lord said
“Harry’s is a Dark Phoenix and he will need someone who is as strong as he is one he reaches of age and Tom is the best person for him.” Sirius said, Harry looked up at him and smiled at him softly
“It was me who asked about the marriage.” Harry told them.

Week later…
Harry spent most of his time a sleep or drinking blood and Sirius was worried. He knew what Harry went though he spent many night hearing his pup cry he had watched as the guards abused him. He just wanted to protect his small family the best he can. Sirius didn’t hear the fire place light up nor did he hear the front door open but Tom and his healer appeared in the living room where he was pacing. “I came to see Harry?” The Healer said, Sirius looked at him and nodded
“I’m worried about him.” Sirius said as he ran his fingers though his hair “Can you check him out again, he’s always sleeping and drinks only blood, I know he’s new born but he should be able to eat some solids.” The healer nodded
“He will need time to adjust to this life but I will look at him.” He told him as he walked out the room. Tom watched the healer leave before looking back at the older vampire
“I had Lucius check Harry’s vault as he is your Lawyer.” Sirius looked at him and waited for him to continue “It seem that Dumbledore took it upon himself to drain Harry’s vault and gave everything away.” The vampire was about to open his mouth when someone answered
“I want it back.” Both men looked around at the young man at the door leaning on the healer, Harry still looked tired and very pale even compared to Sirius
“I was just going to say that.” Sirius smiled at him as healer guided Harry over to him and Tom
“I want it all back I don’t care how but it’s mine he had no right.” Harry snarled as he looked up at the new Minster of Magic
“Oh don’t worry my little phoenix I will make them pay.” The man grinned.

The healer coughed making them remember he’s in the room, Tom took a seat pulling the 15 year old down onto his lap while Sirius sat next to them and pulled Harry on his lap leaving his feet on Tom’s lap. “Well one the child you’re carrying is draining you of your magic which is why your tired all the time you need spend more time with the baby’s father.” The teen frowned at him and looked back at Sirius
“I do.” Harry said
“No I mean…” Harry’s eyes widen and made an O shape with his mouth
“You mean sex.” Sirius grinned as he nuzzled Harry’s neck as the teen tried to look anywhere but Tom’s face
“I know what you been though has been… well there is no words to describe it really, but you survived Harry with your soul and sanity intact and I know of your lost but this child will survive.” Harry watched the man before smiled at him as he slipped off the men’s lap and walked over to the healer and leaned down and kissed his forehead.

He felt a soft gentle heat spread from the kiss on his forehead and it filled him with a happiness and a sound of a song filled his soul. He open his eyes and looked up at Harry and blinked at the red ring around his eyes “Thank you.” The dark haired teen whispered to him before walking back to Tom and Sirius
“Well someone was blessed.” Tom smiled as Harry rested against Sirius who placed his hand over the bump and rubbed small circles
“Thank you Harry.” The healer smiled at him as he stood up “I will leave some more potions for you to take and…and I will be back in a week to check on the baby.”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
He spent 300 years watching Jack Frost, and before that he spent 10 years watching Jackson Overland Frost for the Man in the Moon. He watched the boy grow watched him and he entertain the young children and protect his sister even when kids older than him would beat him up he would still get back up and fight back “The boy is perfect for Frost, even his name fits.” Pitch tells the man. The yellow face man smiled as he watched the brown haired boy pushed himself up after a large kid punched him.

“Ummm I like that he would do anything to protect his sister and the other young kids, he would almost make Spring Spirit to.”
“You got one of those the rabbit…Remember?” Pitch said dully, The Man in the Moon chuckled as he looked up at Pitch as the Nightmare King watched Jackson hand a small coin pouch back to a young boy and smiled at him ruffling his hair.
“You want him don’t you?”
“I’ve watched him for a long time, he has a beautiful soul.” Rounding over the yellow face man grinned at Pitch
“All that darkness and you want a little more light.” Pitch frowned at him
“I never asked for the darkness.” Pitched as his eyed went back to the boy, he was now limping home with his sister.
“Umm true. I tell you what I will let you have my Ice Prince if you limit your Nightmares Pitch and think about joining the Guardian.” The Nightmare King looked back at the man and frowned
“Blackmail my old friend now how unlike you.” Pitch hissed as he stood up “Alright find for the Ice Prince.” Pitch said as he walked off
“Until we meet again.”

Pitch even watched as the boy saved his sister from the cracking ice on the lake…how fitting… he thought as the boy feel thought the ice and into the icy cold water. He felt bad he had seen many good men and women die but to see a child die it was hard to see. Once the ice had frozen over and Jackson Overland Frost took his last breath Pitch started to walk over to the lake when the moon light fell on him and Pitch froze and tilted his head up at the large around moon “What do you mean I can’t take him now?” Pitch frowned “I guess your right fine but I will come back for him.” and with that Pitch disappeared leaving the scared spirit to come to term to his new life.

But after another 150 years of the Man in the Moon stopping him from claiming Jack Frost.  He kept saying ‘He isn’t ready.’ Or ‘He needs more time.’ In the end Pitch screamed at the Man in the Moon “When will he be ready 150 years have passed and you have denied me the simple things, friendship, love and joy, laughter. No you gave it to the others but me… me you denied me this a simple thing why! When will he be ready?” He cried, the yellow face man played with the string on his jacket before looking up at the Nightmare King
“He will never be ready…for you.”

His anger and hate grew in the next 150 years as he stalked Jack Frost waiting for his chances to speak to the boy and to weaken the Guardians. But when he had a chances to speak to Jack he blew all when the boy yelled at him and Pitch yelled back and hurt him. He let his anger towards the Man in the Moon and those Guardians poison what they could have had. But he left knowing once the last light was dealt with he would come back for Jack and try to speak to him.

But that didn’t work out for him either and that left Pitch alone in his darkness with his own chance of light fading, until the idea of the Black Arrow came back to his head like the one he used on Sandy “Though the heart.” Pitch whispered to himself as a smile grew on his face as he realised that is what he was going to do. “If I can’t have a ‘little more light’ then I will have a little more darkness!” Pitch yelled out to the moon above him “You will know loss when I take your Ice Prince and make him my Snow Queen!”

He began to wonder if he shouldn’t have lied to Pitch if he kept his promises and let the Nightmare King have the boy to being with then Pitch’s loneliest  and darkness consume him with hate and anger. He sighed sadly knowing that he won’t be able to stop Pitch from shooting that arrow but maybe-maybe he could save Jack’s light and in turn it might save Pitch.

It was a year after the battle with Pitch and Jack was all smiles and grins as he played with children at his lake creating snow balls and an ice castles for them to play with. But he notices a fearling moving around the lake and he frowned as he threw a snow all at hit sending it on its way. So when the children were called home Jack make sure they all went home safely. Jamie looked at him and saw Jack looking around worried clear on his eyes “Jack what’s wrong?” He asked, the snow white haired spirit looked around at him and smiled
“Nothing it’s just me… look take this.”
“North’s Orb?” Jamie asked looking confused at the snow globe placed in his hand, Jack nodded
“Yeah, if… if you see something you don’t like use it okay.” He said as he kissed Jamie on the forehead and flew out the window.

Jack was right to be fearful when he saw the fearling because as night fall fell North, Bunny, Sandy and Tooth turned up at the lake. He frowned as he watched them “Guy’s what is going on?” Jack asked as he walked over to them
“Manny say Pitch is back.” North said, the Ice Prince stopped and frowned
“The fearling… I knew something was wrong.” He whispered as the sound of hooves make very one stiffen as they looked around at the black sand horses appear and surrounded them.

Something shot though the storm and into Jack’s back though his hair. The white haired Spirit let out a scream of pain as his bright blue eyes widen in pain and fear. Thought the dark storm Pitch walked though grinning at the Guardians “It’s so good of you to come to the coronation.” He told them. Jack’s scream burned their ear drum as they watched the black sand cover the white haired spirit as his blue orbs were screwed up in pain as he arched his back in pain as he tried to fight the darkness that was seeping through his body and appearing under his skin like hideous black veins. “Don’t fight it Jack let the darkness take over and become your soul.” Pitch grinned as he stood there grinning from ear to ear as the screams become choking sobs and then there was nothing as the black sand block the other Guardians from view.
“JACK!” Bunny cried out as he tried to get pass the sand but only to been stung by the black grain
“Oh this is perfect.” Pitch smiles as he watches the Guardians watch in horror as it seem hours before the sand storm faded finally revealing Jack hovering in the air that beautiful snowy what hair was now dark as night. He hung limp as Pitch walked over to Jack and scooped him up
“Pitch don’t do this, he’s still young.” North plead, the Nightmare king smirked as he pulled Jack closer to him and nuzzled the top of his head
“Oh North you foolish fat man if you only knew how much I’ve wanted this boy for 311 years.” He purred as he pressed his lips to the top of Jack’s forehead and watched how Bunny snarled at him.

Pitch smirked as a Fearling handed over Jack’s staff into the man’s hand as he held Jack with the other hand as the young spirit groaned in a gain. His mind had become feverish with nightmares and all around Jack knew they were trying poison and take over his mind, this made making Tooth whimper wanting to help the young boy “You can thank our dear old friend for this, I am sure he will tell you why. You will be seeing us soon once my Queen is up to it.” He chuckled “I might even invite you the wedding.” He said before disappearing in another sand storm.
I need a little more light
I started this yesterday and wellll.... let me know what u think 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Jack had been missing for years, the other guardians searched high and low for the snowy spirit but found nothing they all blamed Pitch that must had had done something to boy but the nightmare King wouldn’t speak a word about Snow Prince he just said “I’m sure he will turn up.” He said as he sent them away. 50 years and still no sign of Jack and the man on the moon was no help and Bunny felt guilty he remembered the last time he spoke to Jack and it words of anger and he spoke the young’s heart.

Bunny was hiding the eggs when he caught the scent of something fresh and grassy he followed the scent and stooped as he saw a boy with dark brown hair was walking through the long grass wearing a blue hoody and dark jeans. He moved closer out of the bushes snapping some fallen braches making the boy turn around to see where the sound come from. Bunny held his breath as bright blue eyes landed on him but they seem to look right though him “He can’t seem me.”  Bunny whispered as he watched Jack turn back
“JACKY!” Came the small cry, Bunny’s ears peaked up and watched as the young man bend down and scoop up the small boy up
“What are you screaming about?” He asked
“I found this.” The boy held up a small pink egg and Jack picked it up and looked at it, his eyes wounded all over it as if he was remembering something
“Well why don’t you go and see if you could find some more and you and your friends can share.” Jack smiled as the boy groaned
“Yes Jay share.” He spun the boy around and send him on his way.

Jack watched him run off calling to his friends before he turned around and looked at the area where Bunny stood frozen and then he threw the pink egg. And Bunny caught him and held the small egg close to his chest before looking up at the smirking boy “Will I knew on day you will find me.” Jack said as he leaned against the tree
“You can see me?” Bunny asked in awe at the boy
“Of course I can, just because I am human doesn’t me I lost my mind.” Bunny frowned as moved closer to Jack sniffing the air around him and in need Jack was human
“Why? Why are you human?” He whispered as he cupped Jack’s cheek feeling the warm skin on his paw. Jack smiled at him and nuzzled into the large paw
“I was upset with what you said and it hurt so I just flew for a while then I ran into Pitch. He took hurt me and when I finely stopped fighting he let me go. I didn’t know how much time had passed but when I finely stood up I wounded down to the nearest town and I was seen by the adults and I knew I was human.” Bunny felt his heart break even more as he warped his large furry arms around his waist and held him
“I’m sorry Jack.” Bunny whispered “I’m so sorry.” He cried over and over again and Jack ran his fingers though the pale blue fur
“It’s not your fault.” Bunny pulled back just ask Jay came running back.

Bunny moved away and hid making Jack smile as he turned around to look at the small group of children “Wow you have lots of egg there.” He smiled “Why not go home and into your tree house I am going to go and take some photos.” He told them
“Okay Jacky.”
“By Jack.” The others call out one by one as they left the field and head down the short path to their homes. Jack turned around and ran his fingers though his dark brown hair and smiled at Bunny badly hidden ears
“They are gone now.” Bunny jumped back out and moved closer to Jack
“Come home with me frost bite.” Jack smiled at him as feel back into his embrace
“I thought you never ask.”


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Thank you
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Happy birthday. ^^
darksidermonents Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Student Filmographer
thank u
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