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“THE GOD’S ARE ATTACKING!” A Viking came running to the temple, the new chief of Berk spun around and looked at his second in command, he snarled as he looked back at the Temple Guardian who laid on the marble floor wiping his mouth staining his white and gold clothes with blood
“What did you do?” He snarled
“Drago we have to leave! They are killing our men!” His second was yelling as he watched the browned haired boy back up against the large statue of the god he was marked by. The man knew why the god’s were there Drago has been abusing the temple boy since he took over the village no matter how much his mean pleaded for him to stop he would either brake their jaw or have them chained in the middle of town for a week without food.
“How dare you call for the gods!” Drago snarled as he back handed the boy.

He cried out as he held onto the statue and looked back at the man “I didn’t call them!” He snarled back at him “They are here because you spilt blood in this temple and not just my friends and family but my own do you think my intended would not know or stay by and let you hurt me!” Drago eyed him looking at the bruises and the cuts that litter the temple boy’s thin body. He thought back how he met the Temple Guardian at the time he was pulling a two headed axe out of the ex-Chief of Berk’s back then he went on to not only hit the boy but do the unthinkable he raped him but he wanted to show his control over the village by killing their chief and by defiling their temple boy but he had no idea how connected he was to the gods.
“You will go out there and tell them you fell and hurt yourself.” He growled as he grabbed the gem green eyed boy by the back of his neck and pushed him down from the platform.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!” Came a deep growl, Drago looked up to see his second dropping to the floor holding his stomach as it was sliced open by a tall dark haired man. He stood tall his green eyes glared at the large Viking who had just pushed his temple boy to the floor
“I own him and own this village, I had him screaming!” He snarled as he walked passed the brown haired boy and up to the tall man. Drago looked at the god up and down seeing the black scale around his eyes and down his face and neck his armour pitch black as his hair and scale.  
“Hiccup can you walk?” He asked
“Y…Yes.” He whispered as he pushed himself up and limped over him
“GET BACK HERE! YOUR BELONG TO ME YOUR MY TEMPLE GUARIAN!” The dark haired man yelled as Hiccup limped over to the Dragon god.

Hiccup called him Toothless when he was a child and the name stuck and now Toothless stands before him as he reaches out to cup his cheeks the boy flinches in shame “Go and wait with the other god’s my sweet and I will be with you as soon as I can.” He smiled softly as Hiccup nodded and limped out the temple for the first time in he was born.
Temple Guardian pt1
Hiccup is a temple boy and Toothless is a dragon god who picked him to be temple guardian and for Hiccup his life was perfect that was until his village was attacked by other Vikings 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Werewolves heal quicker in general, but and Alpha werewolf heals even quicker than you can blink as long sliver or monkhood wasn’t used in said bullet’s making. Hannibal was a lucky man but then again he always was “What will happen now that you told them what Jack did?”
“They will arrest him for shooting me and then they will search his house.” Hannibal said as he walked back over to Will who was sat on the very end of the bed looking up at him, the alpha sighed smiling softly at his Omega “I have a question for you my little wolf?” Will stared at him waiting for him to speak “When your heat comes do you want to have children now or wait until your next heat?” He asked
“Now.” Will said quickly before he blushed deeply “Ummm only if you want pups.” He added with a sad whisper.
“Do you know what I would like Will?” He asked as he walked over to him and knelt in front of his little wolf  
“No what?” He asked look into his alpha’s eyes
“I want to see you wearing one of my shirt with a plump around bump filled with our pups.” Hope filtered into Will’s eyes as he looked into his Alpha’s eyes blue steel eyes
“A littler?”
“More than one my sweet wolf.” he told him kissing his forehead and then his nose bore finely his lips.

Week later….
When Will’s heat finely hit him it was hard and fast it was painful. One moment him and Hannibal was sleeping peacefully with each other when Will woke up in hot sweat and aching all over. He whimpered and clawed at the bed sheets as he kicked them off himself as Hannibal turned in his sleep as his nose was being assaulted by a sweet smell of his Omega in heat as deep growl left his lips as he open his eyes to see Will ripping his clothes off his own body as he gasped at the waves of achy need filled him “Will.” Hannibal’s voice was lust filled and deep as he pushed the bed sheets off the bed and pulled himself up to see Will’s amber eyes begging him
“Need…Hannibal ple… I need!” He could barely talk as his canines started to grow and Hannibal himself felt his own wolf start to claw under his own skin as he shredding his own clothes and climbed onto of Will forcing his legs wider making the wolf gasp
“Shhh my little wolf I will give you everything you need and more.”

Will’s heat lasted longer than they thought between the lull of heat waves Hannibal would cook for them and help Will into the bath to clean him before fucking him in the cooling waters. At some point one of them or both of them thought it was a good idea to have sex in very room of Hannibal’s home and they meant every room. Once Will’s heat calmed down they realised that a month almost had passed and Alana was pissed at Hannibal.

She turned up at their house a couple days after Will’s heat ended and it made Will’s day when she turned up with Winston. Hannibal open the door to the angry woman who slapped across the face the slap had rang out though the house making Will walk into view and walking over to Hannibal half snarling at Alana for attacking his alpha the young woman notices that Will was only wearing a black silk robe and it seem nothing else “S…Sorry but do you know how worried I’ve been. I came here and begged you to help me find Will and you had here the whole time!” She had tears in her eyes as she stood there and the omega looked towards his alpha who nodded to him and Will warped his arms around the woman’s neck and hugged her
“I asked him not to tell anyone because of Jack.” He told her as he pulled black looking up at her with a small smile.  Before he looked down at Winston and bent down and let the dog lick him “My poor pup.” He whispered
“I’m sorry Hannibal.” Alana said looking a little a shamed for slapping him
“It’s okay Alana try not to make a habit of it.” Hannibal smiled “Why don’t you join us for breakfast.” The ash blonde asked, she smiled at them as Will stood up
“I’m going to get dressed.” He said as he walked up the stairs quickly followed by Winston
“Don’t let him on the bed.” Hannibal called up before walking into the kitchen.

Alana looked between Hannibal and Will and saw how completely at easy they are with each other, she had never seen Will so submissive but he looked happy as Hannibal warped his arms around Will and feed him from his fork “Umm guys as cute as you two look please not while we’re trying to eat.” She asked with a little blush.  Will blushed a deeper shade of red as Hannibal kissed just under his chin where his mating bite was still fresh and red.
“Sorry we’re still buzzing from out mating.” Hannibal informed her
“I can smell, the house reeks of your two.” She grinned “I am happy for you both I do hope to be at the wedding and to be label as god mother?” She asked as she put her fork into her mouth with a smile. The alpha werewolf chuckled at her
“We would be honoured to have you as god mother to our pups.” Hannibal smiled as he looked at Will
“And Aunt.” Will added as he feed Winston from the table
“William?” The Omega looked up at his Alpha and bite his lip “Do not feed Winston at the table.”
“Sorry alpha.”
“Oh lighten up Hannibal, Winston was shot.”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Sebastian had ripped a huge hole in Ciel bed room wall, he walked up to the edge and looked around the hole and saw that it that there was ambers glowing in the dark. The bed room door banged open making the blue eye teen turned his head to look behind his father, mother and Bec as they came running into the room. The teen frowned at them as he watched his father look from Ciel to the hole in the wall. He saw the look of disappointment in his father’s eyes but the young warlock couldn’t find himself to care. There in the room as the moon came out of the over cast of clouds it show brightly on the teen and on his neck where Sebastian mark shone brightly like a diamond in sun light. “Ciel get away from there!” His father yelled
“You let him use a dark hex on my door.” Ciel said holding out his hand to them, he showed them the blistering burn and he heard his mother gasp in horror at the uncle wound that was sure to scar
“Vincent?” Rachel yelled as she turned to look at him her own blue orbs were dark with anger
“It’s for his own good!” He snapped at her as he turned back to his son “he suck out last night to a demon den and now he is marked.” Ciel watched before moving closer to the edge feeling something crumble beneath his feet “Ciel move away from the edge.” Vincent yelled at him
“You let him burn my hand!” Ciel argued as he looked back at the demon who stood there waiting for him
“Ciel please.” His mother begged as she held out her hand “Your father was wrong to let Bac do that to you.” She told him, the young lord looked back at her and saw her fear, worry and sadness in her eyes
“I’m sorry mother.” He whispered as he let himself fall
“CIEL!” She screamed as she watched him disappeared from sight.

She ran to the edge and saw her son in the arms of the demon waiting below, the dark haired demon looked up at her and smiled “Don’t worry my Lady I will take good care of your son and you can see him any time you like.” He told her as he carried Ciel onto the carriage
“Our son is lost to the demons Rachel there is nothing we can do.” Her husband said as he placed a hand on her shoulder, she spun around and pushed him away
“And while he came home every time I knew his heart was still safe now his heart belongs to them!” She slapped him hard and pulled their wedding ring off and pushed it into his chest “I let you send him away to boarding school I let you have that woman and her ward come to his house for our son to marry her… and she is an awful girl if she can’t have something she wants she brakes things I let you do those thing but this…this is the last straw Vincent.” She yelled at him as she walked out the broken bed room.

Ciel was curled up on Sebastian lap nursing his bunt hand the demon gently ran his fingers though the teen’s dark hair trying to sooth the boy’s mind from the pain in his hand to having to leave his family “Let me look at your hand.” He whispered softly to him as he lifted his hand up to look at the deep wound. Sebastian looked at the dark hex that was embedded in his hand
“It hurts?” He whimpered
“I can only imagine.” He placed his hand over the burn and pulled the dark hex out of the angry skin, it was the only way to heal the flesh “It will heal better now it will just take a couple of days.” Ciel just closed his eyes and rested against Sebastian’s chest let the demon take care of him.

Alois looked up when Sebastian walked into the offices still carrying Ciel, a frown deepen on his face as the demon placed the sleeping form onto the sofa “Dare I asked what happen?” The blonde asked as he stood up and walked over to him seeing the injured hand
“His father used extreme measures to keep his boy home. The butler he has working for him a demon one that latches himself on the family and he used a dark hex to keep Ciel in the room.” The dark haired demon said, as he sat down on the sofa putting Ciel’s head on his lap Alois looked down at Ciel as he curled up on the demon’s lap before looking down at his hand “I have removed the hex.”
“Claude fetch me my blue potion bottle.” He asked his lover, the other demon walked to a large black cabinet with red lines running to the golden handles before he pulled it open and trailing his fingers over the shinning rainbow bottles before he picked up the pale blue bottle and walked over to the blonde “Sebastian I want you to take Ciel to your bed and nurse him thought the effects of this hex.” He said as he poured some of the blue potion on the dark haired boy’s hand.

Ciel whimpered in his sleep at the pain as the potion hissed and bubbled in his hand the hex maybe be gone but it seem to have left some of it’s dark magic in Ciel’s own magic “I shall.” Sebastian said as he stood up as he gathered up the boy in his arms before taking the healing potion into his pocket “His mother will want to know of this she was shocked to learn what his father had done?” Alois nodded
“I will send a letter.” He said “Claude be a doll and go shopping for our sweet boy.”
“Of course.” He smiled softly and kissed Alois on the lips before leaving the room.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Week later…
He had only been here a week and already he made friends with the pack he was glad of that because he really didn’t know how they would take him. He was shocked when he saw Scott his childhood best friend he cried as the wolf warped his arms around him and hold him ‘he never gave up hope seeing his him again.’ Then there was Isaac the blonde wolf shyly looked up at Stiles from where he hid behind Scott and Stiles hugged him to.

Derek was happy that they were getting on but he worried about Jackson the kid is an arse too big for his boots and has made some digging comments like he had done with Isaac. But when Stiles had enough of Jackson’s bullshit he walked up to the wolf and whispered in his ears and within minutes Jackson was cumming in his jeans Stiles smirked and walked away. So far since then Jackson has left him alone which Derek was grateful for.  Finely Deaton found someone to help Stiles about the abuse he suffered over the years “Derek I don’t want to see the head shrink.” Stiles mumbled as he laid on the bed, the wolf smirked as he leaned against the door frame holding his shirt
“Stiles we talked about this.” He smiled as he watched the naked teen rolled onto his back pulling the bed sheet with him
“I know Derek but… I…” The large wolf walked over to him and sat on the bed cupping his cheeks before kissing his forehead
“Listen I know you scared to relive you painful past but for you to get better you need to.” He told him, Stiles looked down at the bed before looking back up at Derek
“Okay I will go but you will have to do something for me?” He asked as he wiped the tears out of his eyes
“Okay what?” He whispered as he looked at Stiles eyes
“Take me to my father’s grave.”
“You didn’t need to blackmail me for that my little fox.”

He really didn’t want to the head shrink but made a promise to Derek that he would at least try…not to killer…She was ready in the room with a cup of tea by her side on a small wooden table, she had a Dictaphone out on another table that stood between her and another chair. She smiled as he looked up at the teen her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she wore glasses that liked to slip down her nose. “Hi Stiles my name is Laurell James, please take a seat.” She told him softly but it held a firm told that made the fox move into the room as he tail warped itself around his waist
“Hi.” Stiles mumbled as he climbed into the seat pulling his legs onto the sofa and looked at her
“So these sessions are in aid to help you, it will require living some own painful memories and trying to move pass them. I will tell you now you won’t get over all of them but you will find ways to deal with their pain.” She told him as she took a sip of her tea “So let’s start. How out something simple.”
“I guess that is okay.” Stiles mumbled, she nodded
“What was your father like?” She asked. Stiles was still as a rock as he looked at her he held his breath to afraid that if he let it out it might be his last
“You said simple.” Stiles finely said after a long minute
“It should be a simple question unless you can’t remember him? Do you remember your father Stiles?”
“Yes I remember him, it’s not that I can’t it’s because… my last memory of him was him dying.” Stiles told her as he let his hand’s grab the glass of water. She nodded and wrote something down in a note book
“Is that when you and your fox become two minds?” She asked him, Stiles wanted to snarl at her but was the fox that spoke.

He leaned back in his chair and smirked at her, this is when Laurell realised that the fox was in control. He licked his lips as he picked up the glass of water and took a sip “I took over when he watched his father get blown away. It was easier for Stiles to retreat into himself where his mother’s memory would take care of him while I deal with the real shit.” He told her, as he placed his glass down
“Did you like the Sheriff?” She asked
“He was my father to!” The fox snapped before he sat up straight and tilted his head “I’m not stronger than Stiles we are the same strengthen we are one. It hurt me when our dad died.” He growled “We just lost our mother and then a perverted lizard murder our dad and then hurt us before he had enough of us.” The fox’s face grew dark like he was ready to kill someone before he laughed “But it doesn’t matter anymore he can’t hurt little boys. Since he become a lizard he couldn’t even get it up.” He chuckled darkly. Laurell hummed before writing her thought down before speaking to him
“What do I call you?” She asked
“No you’re different from Stiles.” The dark haired woman said softly, the fox looked at her before leaning back
“Void, call me void.”

They spoke for an hour before their time was up and by then Stiles was in tears and ready to kill or hurt someone so he ran out the room the moment her beeper told them they were out of time. He ran upstairs to his and Derek’s bed the Alpha wolf stood there at the bottom of the stairs looking at Laurell “That well?” He asked her
“There are many areas that will be unpleasant for him to remember, his fox well is normal I would say but with years of trying to protect the human side it’s has been bleeding for a long time, there may be no way for those two be just be one person.” She told him softly “Derek listen his fox will bite back if he thinks Stiles is being pushed too much or hurt, just treat him normally, don’t be afraid to do that.” She smile before handing the wolf a card “I will be back in a week.” She told him before leaving the house.”

Derek found Stiles on their bed curled up around a pillow the wolf walked over to him and laid behind him warping his arms around the fox and held him close. Stiles turned around his arms and buried his face into the wolf’s chest they didn’t speak a work as Derek let the teen cry. After an hour Stiles pulled back his eyes red and puffy as he wiped his eyes “S…Sorry.” He whispered
“What for?” Derek whispered
“I must seem like an mad person.” He told him as he pushed himself up before looking at him
“Stiles you’re allowed to be what you are after everything you went thought, I just hope that our mating bond will help heal some of the damaged.” He told him as he sat up with him “But I will not leave you and I will only love you and our pack.” Stiles smiled at him and leaned in kissing him
“Thank you.” He whispered
“Do you want to visit your father’s grave?” The wolf asked, Stiles shook his head
“No not yet I want to make some cakes.”
“The pup’s will love that.”

Scott was sat watching Stiles from the table as the fox baked some cakes. It’s been a long time since he’s seen Stiles and the boy had changed a lot and he couldn’t blamed him but he could still see his best friend “Hey Stiles what cake are you making?” He asked
“Chocolate I love chocolate cake.” He smiled as he looked around him
“Ummm sounds good, you will have to hide it from Boyd he is a secret eater and it doesn’t help that Erica helps him.” Stiles smiled at Scott as he put the cake tin into the oven before he walked over to the table and sat in front of him.

The wolf looked up at him with his puppy eyes and it made Stiles sigh “Scott please don’t, I know my pasted if you want to ask something ask.” He told him, the dark haired teen rubbed the back of his head before nodding
“I’m sorry I never tried to find you.” He whispered
“Scott we were 10 what could you have done? The man is sick he…I had my own room and I hated it. There was another child there a girl. It was his granddaughter and he won’t let me talk to her play with her, he didn’t want her to know what he did to me.” Scott was quiet as he watched Stiles face
“D…Did he ever go too far?” Stiles looked at him oddly “I mean did he…”
“Ohhh yeah whenever I didn’t want to play his games he ended up beating me up and the only person there that would take care of me his son Chris.” Stiles smile sadly “He was a nice man, he tried a few time to get me out of there but… Kate always fucking got in the way.”
“Kate?” Scott asked him
“I promises you Scott most of that family are fucking nuts. Chris is normal but he is married to a bitch in heels… well flat heels. I think he was forced to marry her…
“Who Kate?”
“What? No… Kate his sister.” He said “I don’t want to talk about it anymore why don’t you tell me about the odd foursome you got going on?”
Troubled PT2
sorry it's a bit shorter 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
His summer was perfect, Sirius was cleared of any wrong doings and was only given his old job back but was given a nice sum of money for any wrong doings on the Ministry’s part which Harry snorted at along with Remus who was stood next to Harry when said Minister of Magic handed Sirius not only his pardon but the documents that made him Harry’s adoptive father. But some part of Harry thought this was too good to be true and he was waiting for his world to be pulled out from under him.

He woke up one morning laying in his soft comfortable bed the smell of bacon being cooked not by his for a changed, he smiled and buried himself under the covers he just felt happy to be somewhere that he knew he wasn’t going to hurt and forced to work hours on end as it seems he was pregnant. …fucking Tom… he thought as he heard the bed room door open and footsteps enter the room he waited until he felt something jump onto the bed making his breath hitch a little before he felt a cold wet nose and it made him shrike and bolt upright as he started giggling at the furry face nuzzling his neck “Sirius stop!” He giggled as he felt the dog’s wet tongue attack his neck “Dad please!” He giggled louder and then it all stopped.

Sirius looked down at the boy with his large doggy like eyes before changing back into his human form, he sat back pulling the covers around his waist looking at the teen “What did you call me?” He asked in shock. Harry bite his lips as he sat up. His hair was mess and he had dog slobber on his cheek and neck
“I…I’m sorry I…I just wanted it slipped out and-and if you don’t…”  Sirius pulled him into a hug grinning like a loon
“Oh cub you have no idea how happy that makes me to hear you call me that!” He told him as he looked into the teary eyed boy, he ran his fingers though Harry’s hair and smiled softly at him “I didn’t want to push you into calling me that.”
“I don’t want you to be disappointed at me.” He whispered as he looked away from the man
“Why would I be disappointed?” Sirius asked feeling confused, “Is this about the baby?” He asked
“No… Sir…Dad I did something.” He whispered
“What? Whatever it is me and Remus will still love you. You are our cub.” He said softly, Harry started to cry as he looked up at the stormy blue eyes
“I can’t tell you I want to but I can’t.” Sirius frowned at Harry’s distressed
“Harry?” He whispered “If you can’t tell us is there someone who can?” He asked him, the teen nodded and wiped his eyes
“Cedric.” He hiccupped as he pulled into the naked man’s chest.

Trying to talk to ‘Cedric’ wasn’t easy his father wouldn’t leave him alone so when they were all in the library when Harry turned to him “Cedric we need to talk.” He said, Tom looked at him seeing the younger teen eyes looking pleadingly at him before flicking at his Sirius and Remus
“Oh I knew it your!” Mr Diggory started to sneer “I knew that you weren’t carrying my boy’s child I knew…” Tom sighed and sent a sleeping spell towards the man. Sirius and Remus sat there froze as they watched the 17 year old let out a sigh and stretched
“Thank god for that I have no idea who Cedric ever put up with the blow heart.” He said as he looked towards the two other men before looking Harry. “So Harry what have you been saying?” He smirked
“I…I don’t want them to be disappoint with me when they learn the truth.” He said looking down at his hands feeling his hormones come to the surface again
“What is going on?” Sirius was the first to ask, Tom looked up and smile flashing his red eyes
“Cedric is dead I am Tom.” There was a quiet that dragged out and Harry coughed at him
“They don’t know who that is?” he whispered
“Tom Riddle?” Tom tried again as he stood up, Harry could imagine the sound of crickets playing before he sighed
“Tom you hid your muggle name no one knows it part me and Dumbledore.” Harry was feeling more and sicker as the seconds passed
“I’M LORD VOLDEMORT!” He yelled before falling back into the chair.

Both men stood up and pointed their wands at him, Harry pulled himself up on the sofa and looked down at the sofa thread “I am not hear to kill any one!” Tom yelled as he heard Mr Diggory snore on the chair next to him “Well maybe him if I have to hear what a whore my Harry is.”
“He said what?” Remus snapped
“Remus we will deal with him later we have ‘him’ here!” Sirius pointed to the wolf but Remus frowned at him but pointed his wand at Tom again “Harry go and call Dumbledore!” Sirius snapped, the dark haired teen looked up at him before he stood up
“Sit down.” Tom said firmly but softly and Harry sat down. “I said I wasn’t going to kill anyone. This have changed quite a bit let me start with the grave yard. I had Peter killed Cedric and then he performed a ritual and I’ not sure what happen I ended up in this body.” He told them they were quiet for a moment before Remus started growling at them
“You raped him and then forced him to take a wizard oath didn’t you!” The wolf snarled. Tom just smiled and tilted his head
“Harry come here.” He said, the teen stood up and walked over to him and felt Tom pull him down onto his lap “Harry can’t fight me, the blood I had Peter take from him will tie him to me and if you send him to Dumbledore that old man will hurt him and our baby now you don’t want that?” He smiled at them.

Remus sat down and looked at Harry was looking away with tears running down his cheeks “Why did you help us?” Remus asked, Sirius looked at his mate before looking at Tom who was now playing with Harry’s hair
“I wanted to show my future wife that I can do nice things for those I take care off, I wanted him to have a nice family that won’t abuse him as I promises I won’t marry him until he is 17 at the moment I have pretend to be a nice boy who knocked up the gold boy.” Tom grinned as he pulled Harry down and kissed him on the lips making both men growl
“What do you want from us?” Sirius asked, The Dark Lord looked at him from the corner of his eyes before looking at him fully
“Keep my secret and very thing will be okay, Harry will be safe your mate will find plenty of work and you will remain as free man.” He let go of Harry and the teen stood up still not looking at any one
“Harry we not disappointed with you.” Remus whispered, the green eyed boy looked up at him with watery green eyes
“I told you cub we will never be disappointed in you.” Harry ran over to them and cried in their arms.

After Tom and Mr Diggory left them, they sat around the table in the kitchen Harry had a cup of Remus famous Hot Chocolate and the other two men had fire whisky “We still could go to Dumbledore?” Sirius said
“No he would want to kill anything that is Tom related.” Harry said looking down at his drink
“He’s right Sirius we can’t trust him on this and he was the one to placed Harry that home?” Remus told him, the dark haired man groaned as he took a mouthful of his drink
“Okay oaky so we don’t tell Dumbledore, but this man…child or whatever is a murder and now a rapist we can’t stand by and do nothing?” He asked them, Harry looked up at them
“I am bound to him I can’t say I can’t fight, it’s like veela’s.”

Once the summer was over it was back to Hogwarts by then he was only two and half months pregnant which was confusing most people if he was meant have been knocked up 4 months before. He hardly saw Tom and even if he did he was never alone with him it made Harry snort at very one’s way of thinking, they had no idea who Tom was they all still thought he was Cedric but there was one man that was looking a little too deep into what happen.

He found himself in Dumbledore’s offices after the feast in the Great Hall. The old man paced as he looked at the 15 year old in front of him, Harry thought Dumbledore look like he aged another 100 years “Umm sir I would like to go to my dorm room I need to unpack and get ready for tomorrow.” Harry said
“All in due time Harry. Why not have some tea?” The old wizard asked, Harry shook his head
“I had my fill of liquid today sir, thank you all the same.” Dumbledore hummed as the door open and a man walks in, Harry looked up to see Mad eye standing there
“All right Albus let’s get this done I don’t have all night.” He said gruffly, the white haired man nodded and smiled  
“Of course Alastor this won’t take long.” He turned back to Harry “Now Harry we need to talk about that night at the grave yard.” The teen froze as he looked up at the twinkling blue eyed man
“Why?” Harry asked, Dumbledore sat down behind his desk and pushed the cup of tea in front of Harry but the green eyed teen pushed the cup away the smell making him feel sick
“We think something else happen to young Mr Diggory he is not acting himself his mother and father are worried about their son and when he returned to Hogwarts today he asked to be rehoused.” Harry was quiet as he listen to Dumbledore talk and his eyes drifted to Mad eye who licked his lips out of habit.

The dark haired teen turned back to the old wizard frowning “I see and how could I help with that? He came face to face with Voldemort.” Harry told him, Dumbledore smiled and looked down at the untouched tea before pushing it forward to Harry, but then screwed his nose up at it and pushed it back away from him making Dumbledore frown at him.
“Harry did something else happen that night?”
“Nothing happen.” Harry yelled a little louder as he rubbed his bump
“Listen I know you’re scared but we need to know.” Dumbledore tried again…I can’t tell you please just stop…Harry thought to himself “Harry?”
“Alright fine Voldemort used the Imperius Curse on him and forced him to…to…”
“Yes yes go on tell us Harry.”
“That is enough Albus you putting too much pressure on him.” Mad eye suddenly said “The boy is pregnant he doesn’t need this stress.” Harry was grateful for the man jumping in because he was sure Dumblfuck would have dragged this out though the night
“Alastor I just want to know why Harry keep this from us, we knew that Young Mr Diggory raped him why not just tell us?”
“IT WASN’T HIS FAULT!” Harry screamed at the man as he stood up, “HE DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT!” He was quiet again and looked down at his hands “We agreed to keep it quiet it wasn’t his fault.” Dumbledore frowned
“Go back to your dorm room Harry rest up.”


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United Kingdom
I hAvE lOsT tHe AbIlItY tO bE nOrMaL

Current Residence: Happy Town England
Favourite genre of music: rock, emo rock
Favourite photographer: Gillian wiearing
Favourite style of art: dark
MP3 player of choice: I pod
Favourite cartoon character: courage the cowley dog, Mandy from the Grim adventer of Billy and Mady
Personal Quote: life is emtpy unless you fight for it
New series of hannibal starts in june

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