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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Chapter 5: Broken place

Derek stood holding the throat of a snarling alpha, when he felt the distressed, pain and panic coming from the small bond him and Stiles held.  He looked over to his uncle who just finished leaving another Alpha on the ground choking on his blood.  Peter looked at him seeing the Derek was trapped with a circle of wolves around him nodded running off towards the direction of Stiles while Derek was tackled down by oversized alpha. Peter saw the hut that has Alpha’s piling at the door way, he march over he heard here the cheers and the muffled screams though those cheers.

Snarling he flung the first few alphas behind him as he pushed into the hut, there he saw Stiles being held up by two alphas one hand their hands over the teen’s mouth while Deucalion raped him “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!” Peter snarled as he pulled the Demon alpha off Stiles. The wolves holding teen up dropped Stiles and went to help Deucalion. Peter roared as he rips an arm off another wolf sending the other alpha’s running mainly the younger alphas. Stiles pulled himself together by pulling his clothes wincing in pain as pushed himself up off the floor warping his arms around his middle trying to stop the pain that filled his body. Blood was seeping into his clothes and sticking to the wounds.
“There you are pretty thing.” Stiles looked up to see an Alpha with one eyes missing grinning at him
“Hell no!” Stiles said hoarsely as open the pouch around him neck and threw some mountain ash in his face. Said wolf fell back screaming in pain as Stiles ran out the hut as Peter laid into the Demon wolf.

Derek looked up when he saw Stiles run passed with a following alphas behind him, snarling Derek pushed the last alpha he was fighting to the ground knocking him out as he ran after his mate. Derek knew he already failed to protect once but he was pretty sure that the Demon wolf organised the alpha’s to attack him and Peter. He watched as they ran into the large hut that house more than 20 wolves at a time.

Stiles ran inside pushing the door open as he held the pouch in his hand before throwing up the mountain ash in to the air and stood still watching it settle around him in a circle. The horny hungry alphas stopped dead as they touched the mountain ash ring and snarled “Come on, come out to play.” One purred to Stiles who just looked at them before feeling his head bang at the noise and the sounds of the jeering wolves
“Stiles.” The teen looked up to see Derek standing there before everything went blank and his knees gave out and he laid there “STILES!” Derek cried out and he tried to reach him but the mountain ash ring was preventing him from getting close. He turned to the other wolves and growled before roaring at the others “BACK OFF STILES IS MY MATE!” He yelled making them back off.

Hours later the sun started to raise above the site, the rays of sun landed on Stiles still in his protective circle with Derek nearby. Stiles groaned as he woke up feeling lethargic, sore and achy, he wanted to lay there and forget the where he was “Hey.” Came a soft voice, Stiles eyes flew open and the bolted up right his ash grey clothes were covered in dirt and blood staining his clothes. “Stiles shihhh its okay your safe other Alphas are sleeping.”  Stiles looked around the small clearing to see if he could see any Alphas hiding he wanted to believe Derek but he was so scared and in so much pain.

“Deaton is in the camp he’s looking over the young wolves and to get your brother iut.” The wolf said as he moved closer to the mountain ash circle. Stiles sat up with a wince as he looked at him
“S...Scott?” Stiles whispered, his voice sore from screaming, the wolf nodded with a soft smile
“Peter stop them from well you know, I’m so sorry that we didn’t stop Deucalion from…”He felt himself growl as the words died on his tongue
“Don’t say it.” He whispered feeling hot tears burn his cheek, he didn’t want to hear it or know about…it was just a nightmare… he told himself
“He didn’t mark you.” Stiles didn’t feel lucky as he looked back at his mate
“C…Can you take me to Deaton?”  He asked Derek as he moved closer to the circle
“I give you my alpha spark if I’m lying.” Stiles just stared at him as he reached out his hand and let the mountain ash fly into the palm of his hand and he puts it into a small pouch around his neck before he passed out.

Deaton just saw a young blonde beta Isaac that has burn marks on his back, he helped the boy heal the wounds and took photos as proof of the Argents cruelty. “Okay Isaac just hang in there and I will get you out of here to be with Scott.” He smiled at the young boy, Isaac just nodded and pulled on his shirt before leaving the room. Deaton shook his head as he put the images onto his computer muttering about the hunters.

Turning around he cleaned his hands and the table as he heard the door crash open and an alpha running in with a young boy in his arms. He was shocked to see a boy from the Pass Though Zone in an alpha’s arms and not just any alpha Derek Hale and the boy was his owe, Emissary apprentice   “Deaton please help the other alphas attacked him last night.” Derek said as he placed the boy onto the table. The Emissary looked down at Stiles and felt his blood run cold
“How did he end up in the Red Zone?”
“I heard he hit Kate Argent and she sent him to Doctor Blonk before throwing him in the Red zone for a couple of night, me and Peter stopped them the best we could but alpha Deucalion raped him.” Deaton just he looked at the battered teen. He knew last night was the full moon and it mean that the Alpha’s were just waiting for something pretty to enter the zone.

Deaton looked up at Derek and saw the worried look in the young alpha’s eyes, he has known Derek and his family for a long time, but since the fire the reminds of the Hale pack scattered Derek and his sister went to New York while Peter stayed behind to heal while the youngest of the family Cora was sent away for her protection. Since Derek’s return he has hoped the young Alpha would work with his uncle to rebuild the Hale pack and they would need a younger and a livelier Emissary. “Okay Derek don’t worry.” Deaton said, his voice was clam as he could make it. “Derek.” Deaton stopped him making the wolf look back at him “Derek did Deucalion mark him?”
“No, Peter stopped him before he could and he…” He points to Stiles “…puts up a mountain ash circle around himself.”

The vet lets out a trouble sigh as he picks up he picks up a camera and looked at Derek “Cut his clothes I need to take photo to prove to the Council that the Argents for not doing their jobs right.” Deaton said with a frown as Derek rips the ash grey shirt open, Deaton twists his face in anger as he as he took a photo’s of the bruises and the long claw marks across the pale skin. Stiles whimpers as he felt the cold of the room touch his skin, Derek picked up a jug of water and poured it into a glass and brought to the teen’s lips like he knew that the boy need to drink
“Hey just take small sips, we will have you home soon.” He smiled, Stiles open his eyes a crack and looked at him as Derek whips the water off the busted lip
“Nice Alpha.” Stiles whispered “I think I will keep you.” He say as he closes his eyes. Deaton watches with a soft smile.
“What?” Derek asked as he looked up at the man
“You and him will do good.”

Deaton moved to his computer and up loaded all the images he took that day before placing them in a folder and putting them in an email telling the reader of this email what these photos are about. After clicking send he went back to healing Stiles “What now what’s going to happen?” Derek asked him, while cleaning a nasty cut across Stiles chest Deaton looked up at him
“We wait for my Council, Stiles is under the Council lore protection and if any harm is to come to him or me let’s say things move quickly.” Just as he spoke his phone rang.

Picking it up Deaton and moved away from the Derek and Stiles “Hello Luka.” He said, Derek watched him talk to this Luka
“These Photos isn’t that your Apprentice Deaton? What the hell happen?” Luka yelled down the phone
“He was trying to protect his step brother who is a young beta because the hunters were rounding up all werewolves because of one rogue. Stiles hit Kate and she dropped him in the red Zone.”
“You sure they put one of our own in a Red Zone?” The voice on the end of the phone side, Deaton sighed as he watched Derek place a blanket over Stiles to keep him warm.
“I’m sure I have Derek Hale and Peter Hale who watched as Doctor’s Blonk’s men dropped him in the zone. Look Luka I know this boy I’ve been training him for years and his step brothers works for me. I know the boy’s father who is the Town’s Sheriff and his step mother is the nurse, his mate is Derek Hale they are good people Luka and help us out a lot. Gerard Argent runs this place like the camps from the old wars. I have proof every file very photo of what these hunters have done, I have young betas who have been abused by them. I do my best Luka but I need the Councils help.” Luke was quiet on the other end of the phone for a long time before he spoke again
“Alright Deaton you have our support.”

Deaton put the phone down and looked at Derek who was quit as a stone “I am going to get him out of here and straight to the hospital can you go with him, he will need the comfort of his mate now more than ever.” Derek nodded as he looked up at him
“I will never leave him again.” Derek whispered, the vet nodded and pulled on his coat
“I am going to see Gerard and tell him we need to get him out of here.”
“Speak to Chris he will help.” Derek said “Peter’s mate.” He told the man when he got a strange look.

He walked up to the offices of Gerard and pushed the door open “Deaton welcome would you like some coffee.” The vet looked over to see Chris standing there supporting a black bruises on his face and busted lip
“No, I need transport the boy that was place in the Alpha zone was attacked last night he needs to go the hospital to have his wounds look at.”  He told him. Gerard just looked at
“What is this about Deaton?” He asked the man as he stood with a file in his hand
“I just told you! Your daughter dropped my Apprentice in the Red Zone where he was attacked and raped by the alphas.” He told him, Gerard turned to his daughter who stood there with a smug look on her face
“Ooosp. I left him with Doctor Blonk.” She told him “He must have open the wrong door.” She grinned. Chris fisted his hands into his jacket before turning to the blonde before slapping her
“CHRIS!” Gerard snarled “Pull yourself together!” He yelled as Deaton threw the file on the table
“I told you to get him out of there and what do you do, you sick your thugs on me!” Chris yelled back before he walked over to the door “I will drive the boy to the hospital Deaton.”  The vet nodded
“Derek is going with him.”

Chris nodded and walked out the door, Gerard looked at the vet with a blank look before Deaton started speaking again “You already knew he was an Emissary in training and he should be treated with the same respect you show me!” Geared sneered at him as he looked up at him
“He’s just a boy a trouble making child who shot his mouth off and go in way over his head.” The large wooden door was pushed open as another hunter came in
“Emissary Council are here!” He yelled panting out of breath. The elder hunter turned and looked at Deaton
“You called the Council?” He growled, slamming his fists onto the table
“Your whole family a part from your son are worse than half the Alphas that are imprison here!”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
There was a knock at the door, Abbie groaned as she pulled her pillow over her head to drowned out the nose but whoever it was going to wake the neighbours. “ALRIGHT!” She yelled as she and pulled herself from her warm cocoon bitching under his breath “Been up all night chasing Henry, at least the gods could do is let me sleep.” She hissed as he pulled her robe on before walking over to the front door pulling it open “What!” Abbie growled at her sister. “Don’t you sleep?” She asked
“I need to show you something. You know all those prophecy about the two Witnesses well I found one. We already have has 3 of the 5 signs.” Jenny said, looking at Abbie holding this weather worn book out for her
“I say it again don’t you ‘ever’ sleep?” She asked, looking like she is ready to slam the door in her face
“Abbie are you not listening to me, this is about you and Crane annnnnd Henry!” Jenny yelled, as her as she pushed passed her and walked into her sister apartment shoving the book into her chest making Abbie warp her arms abound it “Read the marked page.”

Abbie looked at her pushing out her bottom lip as Jenny flicked the table light on that sat nearby in her living room making Abbie wince at the bright light “Alright.” She said as Abbie open the book up and started reading the page “Blah blah blah second Witness blah blah end of days blah blah with child blah….With child?” Abbie said, stopping to look at Jenny who nodded, her eyes drifted back down to the book “Now you said we already had 3 of the 5 signs? What are they?” She asked
“Yeaaah there 5 for this prophecy, so you remember the Aurora Borealis two months ago that is one,  people dropping dead from thunder strikes in the middle of the day when there was no clouds in the sky and my favourite water turning into blood. All this in the last 3 months and there are only two more to come from dried up river to snow in August.” Jenny tells her
“I am not sleeping with Crane! One he’s married and I don’t want his witchy wife on my arse it bad enough with Henry!” Jenny sighed and stood up and walked over to her and took the book out of Abbie’s hands and looked down the page looking for something before nodded
“Right read this part then.” She told her as he turned the book back around and pointed to the one line the page “The Horseman of War will have a child with the Second Witness… Like hell I am letting Henry anywhere near me! I rather take Crane to a gym.” Abbie growled
“Yeah well it will happen unless the First Witness and the Second Witness bump ugly and have a baby. Do for the record do you really think that Katrina didn’t know about this? She whole mission was to keep that poor English man here in America fighting this war.” Jenny said, watching her sister frown deepen
“I won’t sleep now.”

She was right sleep did not visited her for the rest of the night. The sun rose hours later as Abbie made her into the archives where they have set up base for the fight against Henry. She was wearing sunglasses because of a massive headache that now was blooming thanks to her sister, not even the strong black coffee in her take ways cup will make her feel any better. Abbie’s  plan was not to tell Crane about what her sister found but unfortunate Jenny was already there standing next to him showing him the book.  “Jenny!” Abbie yelled as she matches over to them. Ichabod was quiet as he looked though the book his hands placed either side of the book
“What?”  Jenny shrugged as turned around to look at her “He’s has a right to know, it’s about him as well.” She pointed out, Abbie rolled her eyes and put her coffee down and walked over to her
“Don’t you think I don’t know that but I have very little sleep and I wanted one night before we told Crain about it.” Abbie argued. Ichabod looked up at them hoping this won’t end in the sister fighting.
“Miss Jenny is right Lieutenant I did need to know about this.” Ichabod said as he looked up at her, with those damn puppy eyes
“Yes I know that, but I would rather brake it to you gently after I had more sleep.” Abbie hissed as she looked at her sister. Jenny throw her arms up and went to grab her jacket
“I will leave you two alone… just let me know when I should start buying nappies.” She chuckled as she left the room before her sister could shoot her.

There was a quietness that come with the awkward knowledge that someone out there predicted that they will have sex and have a child together to stop the apocalypse. Ichabod was the first one of the two to speak making Abbie winced at his voice, not because he was loud or his voice was off putting but because in the quietness of the room it seem to carry volumes though out the room “Lieutenant let’s not dwell on this possible prophecy, yes as your sister said there are some signs that have shown themselves and we still have time to prove that this could be a fluke.” He tells her as he places his large hands on her arms in a comforting manner.
“I know I know it’s… and prophecies only hold stock if you let them but really if we don’t… Henry will...” She winced, stopping herself from finishing those words, the English man gave her a small smile
“It does seem that the fates have gave us no way out doesn’t it?” Abbie looked at him
“Is there any way that Katrina would know if this prophecy is real or are we over thinking this?” Ichabod thought for a moment, giving that far off look he often gets when he thinks of his wife which makes Abbie feel guiltier about this prophecy
“I do not know she may do but unless we talk to her we will not know.” He say  
“Look your right let’s not think about it now, we have other things that should be on top of our list.” Abbie said trying to change the subject quickly, he smiles at her and claps his hands
“You’re right let’s get to work.”

Katrina frowned as she overheard Henry and the Headless Horsemen talk about Abbie, at first she didn’t understand why they would talk about her, after all their talks were about Ichabod and herself but it didn’t take her long to figure out what they were plotting and it frighten her and hurt her at the same time because if she sits back and does nothing it will being the end of the world  but if she tells Ichabod the truth she will lose him…maybe he was never mine to have… she thought “Do you think they know about the Prophecy?” The first Horsemen asked, this broke Katrina out of her thoughts and back to the two men well one headless man and one warlock.
“No I don’t think so. If they did I would have a new sibling already, Ichabod would fall on his own sword if he thinks it would save fates of the mortal world.” Henry smirked as he walked around the small kitchen “No they are still in the dark and I want to keep it that way, but we will still have to wait for their time to be over before I take Lt Mills for myself. I think she would make a lovely bride.” Henry said as he looked down at his watch with his smile falling to a grim line “I best be off I have a man to see about a book.” He told the headless man.

The red head witch bite her lip and closed her eyes as she walked into her room, hearing the door front door clothe and her captive leave the house for five minutes to attend to his horse she walked over to her desk and stood there looking down at the blanks paper in front of her before he picked up a quill and started to write on piece of paper. Holding back her tears she singed the note with her love before folding it up and stood in front of the window holding on to the paper she whispered to it “Find Ichabod Crane.” She tells the paper before letting it fly among the wind “Forgive me my love.” She whispered as she watched her note fly out of sight “It was for the best.”
If you believe what you read
Okay I couldn't stop myself... and because I can and I want to slap Katrina hard she a bitch really! She meant to be this powerful witch but she SUCKS all this end of days thing is her fault if you think about it.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
It was the day after the full moon. Tom was sat in his office reading a book that he thinks his beloved fire bird would love, he hummed at a paragraph that reminded him of Harry
‘His heat burn always never being smothered by the ice cold of darkness,                                                                    The fire burns thought his body touching every sorrow song to every joyous trill,                           When the fire is still, the ash is cooled he spreads his new wings watching the world with same old eyes.
He smiled as he read this. He was quiet for a moment as he put the book down marking that page, waving his wand he warped the book up and smiled before his fire become roaring into life and Severus Snape came running thought.

Snape stood there looking wide eye, there was blood on his face his clothes looked torn, but that is not what shocked the Dark Lord was the large bundle in warped up in Snape’s cloak, the dark haired potion  master placed the being onto the sofa “Severus what the…”  Snape took back shivering from head to two he looked paler than normal…if that was possible… Tom thought
“I didn’t mean to… I didn’t want to hurt him I thought the spell…” Snape rambled as he ran his fingers though his hair
“Sev what are you talking about?” Tom asked and he stood up and walked over to him and when he saw that there was a child on his sofa who was naked and warped up in Snape cloak “Who is this?”
“Remus Lupin.” Snape said
“Remus Lupin is a 45 year old werewolf.”
“34…but that’s him. He snuck into the Shrieking Shack thinking he was still human it was still day light when I got there he shouldn’t have been a wolf!”  He cried out as he rubbed the back of this head
“I don’t understand?” Tom asked “How did he become a werewolf in day light?”
“Ablus.” Came the voice from the door way.

They turned to see Lucius standing there, the blonde walked in and stood next to the two men and looked down at the dusty blonde on the sofa “Who else would force a man to become a wolf before the moon was full.”
“Oh merlin he went thought my private potion collection.”  They both looked at Snape who staggered back and sat down  
“I thought you would have that locked up with dark spells?” Lucius asked
“I do, very band and out dated potion I made. I made one vile and then I lock it up.”  Tom frowned as he looked back at Remus
“What spell did you use?” The Dark Lord asked, Severus sighed rubbing his eyes
“It was a stunning spell to knock werewolves out.”
“It must have interacted with the potion. Lucius get the Malfoy healer.” Tom asked him, Lucius nodded and walked out the room.

Harry was sat in the living room when he saw Lucius hurry by, he didn’t look to happy and it made the young teen stand up and walk down the hall to Tom office. He head Snape and Tom speaking and as he pushed open the door he stood there looking at the dark haired potion master sat in a chair by Tom’s desk looking worst for wear and Tom looking stun  at the sofa. Walking into the room he looked down at the sofa and saw a young man on the sofa, it took him a couple of moments to realise that it was Remus “What happen?” Harry asked the two men looked at the teen shocked that he walked into the room without them know
“We think Dumbledore used a band and out dated potion on him forcing into his wolf form, Severus casted a stunning spell and this happen.”
“Why is there so much blood on his face?” Harry asked
“He was attacking himself.” Snape said, Harry walked closer to Remus and unwrapped Snape’s cloak and gasped
“Sev!” Harry whimpered, the potion master stood up and walked over to him and froze at the cuts along his skin
“Those are not done by him.” he whispered as he took his wand out and started to heal the wounds.

Tom pulled Harry back and warped his arms around him Harry turned around and held onto Tom burning his face into his chest as Snape healed his wound, he was now in tears as he heard Remus whimper in pain “Shhhh my fire bird Remus will have the best care I can give him.” Harry looked up at him
“You promises.” Harry whispered tightening his hold on Voldemort’s arms
“Of course.” He smile softly at him as he leaned down and kissed him on the lips, Harry sighed into his mouth before they pulled part hearing
“Oh…” from Snape suddenly said, Harry and Tom turned to look at him
“Oh oh doesn’t sound good?” Harry said looking at him, Snape looked over his shoulder just as Lucius and the healer. Snape looked at them as he stood up and sighed
“What is going on here?” The healer asked, the man has dark red hair that tied back into a pony tail Harry frowned when he realised that man was a vampire
“I was healing his wounds, I knew they were not from himself but from Wizards wands but while I was healing him I notices… two more magical signature.” Snape said, Harry frowned and watched as the vampire knelt down and waved his wand over Remus whimpering figure
“Yep you not wrong Lord Snape the young wolf is pregnant with twins.”


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