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Vampires of the Shire pic by darksidermonents
Vampires of the Shire pic
base by :iconshadow-bases:

I am so sorry about how Thorin turned out, but I am trying to get away from the very hairy dwarf look but it just went horribly wrong...
Dark Harry by darksidermonents
Dark Harry
base by :iconRedSoraFox
I might write this idea but not sure yet, but image the Dark Lord instead of trying to kill harry after he kills Lilly he take him home and decided to raise Harry himself with the help from Bellatrix who hasn't gone that insane at that moment. Harry Potter becomes Harry Black after his adoptive mothers born name.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
The next days was woke up to the smell of bacon, coffee and the sounds of voices. Stiles hummed and stretched out in the spare bed feeling his bones click back into place as he remembered last night, he laid there for a moment with a smile on his face as his hand fingered the wolf bite on his shoulder before he sat up looking around for his clothes or what’s left of them, his shirt was in 4 different bits, biting his lips he see his hoodie he picks it up and finds it ripped and in shreds …son of a bitch…he whispered as he open the bed room door and looked around to see if any on was around before running to his bed room to put on clothes.

He got down stairs when he saw his dad and Derek talking in the kitchen, they seem to be rather pally he wasn’t listen to what they were saying but when his dad chuckled at something Derek said Stiles had to make himself know before they start making out “Ummm hi?” He said making them look at him both of them smiling at him
“How did you sleep?” John asked
“Good.” Stiles said looking at them as he saw Derek stand up and walk over to him and guide him towards the stool
“That good to hear, Derek was just telling me about what happen last night.” John said, Stiles eyes widen as Derek put a plate of food in front of him and a cup of coffee
“Eat up love.” He whispered making Derek blush, before he walked over his seat “Yeah I was saying how we came cross Kate.” He said, Stiles looked at the wolf before taking a sip if his coffee
“O…Oh yes yes of course Berserkers.” Stiles lied
“Yeah they attacked Scott and Kira.” Derek smiled into his drink. The Sheriff hummed at them as he drinking the last of his drinks
“Oh come on you two I maybe not be a werewolf or a Kitsune but I know when people are lying.” He said standing up “I came home earlier and found you two a sleep in the spare room.” Stiles was bright red and looked down at the hot plate of food. “Now if you two don’t mind I’m going to bed.” He said as he kissed Stiles on the top of his head. “Please keep all noises down to a low hum.”  He told them as he walked out the room.

Later after Stiles had showered and put on some more clothes, before he went back down stairs to find Derek sat on the sofa waiting for him “What?” Stiles asked as Derek smiled at him and held out his hand waiting for Stiles to take his hand.
“I was thinking of how you looked last time as you came.” Derek grinned as his hand closed around his hand his mates and pulled him close as Stiles turned bright red “I could see your fox and I never saw just a beautiful sight.” He purred into the teen’s neck as Stiles sat in his lap
“Derek come one, I can’t be that beautiful I’m a dark Kitsune…I…I don’t want to be like it was before I could kill you or everyone I care for!” He cried out feeling his hand’s sweat and his heart beat quickly as he looked out the window.
“You are not going to be like that.”
“How do you know that?” Stiles asked quietly as Derek nuzzled the fox’s neck
“Because I smell just you I don’t smell anything else.” He smiled as he turned the whisky eyed teen around and looked at him face to face “Well apart from me.” He gave him a cheeky grin.

Couple of months later…
Stiles started feel more at home in his Kitsune skin and he started to enjoy when Derek would get possessive when Scott or…well anyone else who touches Stiles got the wolf’s hackles up and he would grab Stiles and hold onto him and wouldn’t let go as he nuzzled his little fox. It seemed that Stiles had again a sexual aura about him, this change was subtle but it was notices by very one as Stiles settled into his Kitsune skin the Kitsune settled into Stiles skin.

The changes were only seen if you were looking for them, his eyes were a richer warmer brown that held promises of wicked things, his skin had a healthy glow even his clothes were a little different. Stiles walked into the loft with a smile on his lips as he came up to Derek and dropped himself into the wolf’s lap “Hello my handsome mates.” Stiles purred as Derek looked up at him placing his hands on the teen’s hips watching at how low the jean’s now hang on his sweet mate
“You smell of him again.” Derek said with a slight growl on his voice
“Oh stop worrying he was being nice and poor guy is a little freaked out finding fire didn’t kill him and his eyes glow ambery red, you can’t hardly blame him wanting a little comfort.”
“As long as it’s not sex comfort he wants.” Stiles smirked at him and kissed his lips
“I think Lydia is more his type.” He purred as he cupped his face, Derek smiled as he nipped Stiles’ bottom lip
“Good, I don’t share my mate.” He growled as he span Stiles around pinning him to the sofa.

Stiles looked up at him batting his eyelashes at him as he looked at the wolf out Derek growling down at him “Even if the alpha wants you I will fight him.” Stiles frowned cocking his head to the side
“Scott doesn’t like me like that, we’re brothers and that’s all.” Stiles smiled at his wolf trying to calm him down as much as he loves Possessive sex he would like to be able to walk home without looking a like he’s been riding a horse
“Of course he wants to fuck you, have you not seen how they look at you now you like….candy and they all want to eat you, suck you swallow you. Your fox is are making us men crazy over you.” Stiles frowned at him and looked at the button on his shirt and picked at it
“W…Why would my fox do that?” He asked, even tho he is comfortable with his Kitsune he still a little scared of it. It was Derek’s turn to cup his cheeks and kiss his cute little nose  
“You want a family and large pack and your Kitsune want’s same so he is trying to do that.” Derek smiled at him “You’re a guardian, a lover and a good mate and soon a good mother.” He grinned
“Mother?” Stiles asked, the wolf’s grin widen as he placed his hand on Stiles stomach pushing it under the thin shirt and rubbed the soft skin.

Stiles looked up at him with wide eyes, his mouth become dry but he could feel his fox purred happily…he knew…he thought. “Y…Your joking right? How can I be and- and oh god what if’s those hunters!” Stiles panicked. Derek leaned down and kissed him kissed him to stop him from freaking out even more. Stiles whimpered into the kiss and closed his eyes warping his arms around Derek’s neck. Derek pulled back and ran his fingers though the soft brown hair
“I’m not joking I can smell it on you, and well your Kitsune but there wouldn’t have mattered you’ve been around werewolves long enough to pick up some hormones to alter your body.” He grinned at the teen’s confused look “And no it’s not the hunters it’s mine.”


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